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Valentines Day Style

I’m single, yet again this year but I actually love Valentine’s Day. I work in the city centre and I love seeing people walking around with flower and even balloons, it always makes me smile.

On valentines days, I think it’s a nice to add something red into your outfit. Now it doesn’t have to be a red dress it could be a handbag or even a red lip.

Here are my Valentines inspired picks.

If you are brave enough to go with the red dress.

River island have an amazing wrap dress €80. Click here to buy

Zara also have a an amazing wrap dress with a sexy split €49.95 click here to buy

If you are not a dress fan perhaps a red top, Penney’s/Primark have an amazing animal print top for €8, just add black jeans, black over sized blazer and heels, you are sorted.

If animal print isn’t your thing, how about a Zara polka dot blouse €19.95 click here to buy.

If you are looking for a small splash of red, what about a handbag.

The bag I picked, it’s a little different but I love it, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day its from Penney’s/Primark €10.

A big trend this year, is a belt bag and this bag is also perfect for Valentine’s Day €19.95 Click here to buy

As for a red lip, I love Mac ruby woo lipstick and lip pencil. It’s perfect red for Valentine’s Day. The lip duo is €34.95 Click here to buy

Hope everyone has an amazing Valentine’s Day.

Lots of love




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Zara Haul

I went a little mad in Zara last week, I ended up buying six dress now they are for my holidays so I don’t feel to bad.

When I ordered them online, I was expecting that I would be sending maybe two back but I loved them all and can’t wait to wear them.

striped midi dress €39.95


striped jumsuit dress €49.95


creased affect dress  €49.95

1639099305_1_1_1Striped off the shoulder dress €49.95

4043095400_1_1_1Floral print linen tunic €49.95 its out of stock at the moment


Polka dot dress €49.95 3048194017_1_1_1

The polka dot dress is my favorite, its very pretty woman.

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Zara Shirt Dress

Around Christmas I fell out of love with blogging, I’m not really sure why but I decided I just didn’t want to do it anymore.
I carried on posting pictures on Instagram but I started missing blogging so I’ve decided to give it another shot but this time I’m not going to worry about stats and putting up posts on time.

Last weekend was the bank holiday weekend and it was also sunny so I got to wear my new dress, I got it for my holiday which isn’t till September. It’s a Zara Mustard shirt dress and its €39.95 click here to buy, as the buttons go to the side its very flattering on. I wore it with basket bag that I picked up last year in the Zara sale.


On Thursday evening, I also went into just look at runners and of course I ended up buying a pair of Adidas Superstars priced at €94.00 click here to buy I really wanted a pair trainers that I could wear with a dress and these are perfect.


I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Lots of Love



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Zara Party Season

I just love December, I love getting dressed up for a night out and lets be honest in December you have alot of nights out.

So nights out mean a new outfit is needed and at Christmas you always need something with the wow factor and Zara are just killing it at the moment, so here are some of my favourite outfits.

I love this zara dress and it would be perfect for Christmas day or a night out and its €49.95 click here to buy 


This outfit is a skirt and a top, so you could add black jeans/leather trousers or a black top with the skirt if you have a few christmas partys on. The top is €59.95 click here to buy the skirt is €69.95 pre order now .


I love doing something a little different than a dress and this velvet culottes suit is perfect the velvet jacket with sash belt is going to show off you waist perfect and its €69.95 click here to buy and velvet culottes are €39.95 click here to buy .


Sequinns jumpsuit lets be honest you are going to stand out from the crowd in this one and its prized at €89.95 click here to buy 


Maybe you already have the perfect outfit at home and our just looking to up-date it with the perfect clutch.

embroidered clutch €39.95 click here to buy


Feather cross body €15.95 click here to buy 


Happy Shopping,

Lots of Love,



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New Season New Clothes

I am not a lover of summer fashion, I prefer winter clothes so I always get excited around this time of season when the winter clothes start coming back into shops and here are some of my favourites that are in my wishlist.



Checked jacket €79.95 click here to buy  this will look amazing with jeans and statement t-shirt if you don’t want the matching trousers.
Checked trousers €49.95 click here to buy  .


Biker jacket now I have this already in black but I do love this colour and its €89.95 click here to buy .


I love pearls so of course I am going to pick a pearl jumper €29.95 click here to buy .

River Island

Don’t forget before you shop in River Island to pick up a copy of Elle magazine for 25% off online and in store.


Red Lace frill sleeve top €45 click here to buy  also check the pound as this top is £35 so it is cheaper to buy in pounds.

Black tweed coat, the detail on the sleeve is so pretty €113 click here to buy  .


White pussybow blouse, I am in love with this blouse and its €50.00 click here to buy .



Kind of like the Zara suit but a different print jacket is €69.95 click here to buy 
Trousers €35.95 click here to buy 

Embroidered bag €49.95 click here to buy.

Marks and Spencers 

I spotted this Mac in the shop, this picture does not do it any favours its €110 and Navy but it is stunning and look at the detail on the turned up sleeve click here to buy 

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Zara Sale

Zars Sale has started, sadly I can only window shop at the moment so here is what I am drooling over and wishing I had money to shop.

Pink tweed coat perfect when ita a little cooler it was €59.95 now €39.99 click here to buy


If your heading to a festival this summer and our looking for something to keep you warm in the evening this jacket is perfect it was €59.95 now €39.99 click here to buy .

Floral print tunic was €49.95 now €29.95 click here to buy 


My obession with anything gingham lives on in this dress it was €39.95 now €25.99 click here to buy 


I love jumpsuits and this red jumpsuit is perfect for a night out or a wedding it was €39.95 now  €25.99 click here to buy


Striped blouse with pleated sleeve detail it was €39.95 now €25.99 click here to buy 


Shirt with round buckle it was €29.95 its now €19.99 click here to buy


Mules they wore €59.95 now €39.99 click here to buy 


Leather Sandals with pom poms they wore €29.99 now €19.99 click here to buy 


Cossover handbag was €17.95 now €12.99 click here to buy 


Contrast stripe city bag was €29.95 now €19.99 click here to buy 


This handbag just screams summer holiday to me and it was €49.95 now €29.99 click here to buy 

Dying to see what everyone picked up in the sales.

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Zara Jacket 

I spotted this jacket in Zara and I couldn’t say no.

 This jacket is perfect for an Irish summer and it’s priced at €49.95 Click here to buy

Style with jeans and a simple top as it’s all about the embroidered detail on the jacket. 

Happy Shopping, 

Lots of Love



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Designer -vs- High Street

I love coming across an amazing High Street item that looks designer and of course I love the price even more.

I love Acne Studios but I can’t afford it and one item really caught my eye, of course its a jacket I am obessed with Jackets and Coats.

Its a black shearling oversized biker jacket priced at €2,300

1al164-z32_gclick here to buy or even to just lust after 

I have wanted something like this for a while but haven’t come across anything on the highsteet just yet, River island have white one in and are getting a brown one in soon, but I wanted black.

Than I spotted this faux fur biker jacket in Zara for €89.95 when i looked online they wore sold out but since have been restocked. I called Zara in Henry Steet and they had the jacket in my size and they very kindly kept it for me.


click here to buy

This jacket is so expensive looking and warm. I really can’t wait for the cold weather now.

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Zara Jacket

This was a spur of the moment buy, I was cold and had no jacket.
I admit I wasn’t planning on spending as much but when I seen this jacket I had to have it.

It also has turned into my work jacket as I seem to be wearing alot of navy at the moment to work its €79.95.

I have had strangers come up to me and complement the jacket,

click here to buy 


Happy Shopping

Lots of Love


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Zara Haul

I have been meaning to do this blog post for weeks as I picked this all up in May on holidays in Portugal.

Zara isn’t really a shop I go into but for some strange reason I loved it in Portugal.

The first item i spotted was a bomber jacked, I know I am obessed by them and i love te two tone pink and grey this is €69.95 I think I paid €59.95 but i could be wrong.



Click here to buy 

White halter neck top that is open at the back €39.95

Click here to buy 

I than spotted a pair of cropped pink trouser’s €39.95 which look amazing with the bomber jacket and white top


Click here to buy

I also got them in Khaki also priced at €39.95


Click here to buy 

I also picked up this tweed top to wear with the khaki trousers €39.95


Click here to buy

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love