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ASOS Faux Fur Scarf

I spotted this faux fur scarf a few months ago on and I really wanted it but I just couldn’t justify spending € 50 on a scarf know matter how stunning it was.


So I waited and waited and kept looking at it and thinking how it would really finish off certain looks and my patience paid off and it was reduced to € 30 so I just had to have it and it’s even prettier in person and so soft.


The colors in this scarf are amazing the pictures don’t do it justice.

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Lots of Love


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Perfect Cape

I have found it the perfect cape and no it’s not the Burberry Cape that I am no longer lusting after ok I am lying I still want it but it’s not gonna happen.


I found this cape by accident when I was in Dunnes Stores in the Gallery section which is a new designer for Dunnes Stores as far as I know dunnes is only in Ireland but I could be wrong, ok how can I describe Dunnes they have ladies, men’s children fashion and they also sell food there not like Tescos as the clothes are bit more expensive and they nearly always on different floors. Dunnes to me has always been more for an older lady my mam loves it and I just googled gallery Dunnes stores and it also informed it’s for discerning woman who is 40+ .


So I was taken a short cut in Dunnes to get down stairs and I seen this amazing cape I done a double take and than I seen the price and nearly fell over €25 for this amazing cape did I mention it is amazing.


I wore it out on Sunday for the first time and it’s really warm and so perfect two people stopped me and asked me whereI got it from and they wore surprised to so I will be keeping an eye out in Dunnes Stores from now I didn’t see it on there website




Love Carol

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River Island Cape

I know we are still in July but I couldn’t help myself when I seen this new season cape from river island I love capes I just think they look amazing on and are so sophisticated

I love the fur trim on this cape and of course the tartan I am even looking forward to winter this is €45


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Love Sasha haul

Ok so I am back shopping I am not sure why I even believed I could do it  and in January its depressing enough with out been able to shop.

I was randomly looking around the internet for a faux fur cape and found one on I really wanted the black cape but they wore sold out so I went for the camel cape instead.

The cape arrived yesterday and I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get home from work to try it on and I wasn’t disappointed.

imageimageThe cape is £ 59.99 so I wasn’t really expecting much but I was very surprised by the quality it looks expensive now its not very warm and there is only one hook at the top and I am thinking I might put in a few more how it doesn’t blow open but apart from that I love it.