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Primark/ Pennerys Skirt

Last week I put up a Primark/ Penney’s haul and I got this amazing blue midi skirt for €12.00 I still can’t believe it was only €12.00 it really is amazing.

I was planning on wearing it with a white top but then I had a little think about it and decided it would look amazing with a navy top and cream shoes which I am not too sure about I think I will rethink the shoes all from Penney’s/Primark and an navy blazer and blue bag from Riverisland which are all sale items


I really loved wearing this outfit on Sunday I felt very lady like in it.

Lots of love



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Sorry from Benefit

Well I received a letter from benefit yesterday with 8 products enclosed as sorry for the Advent Calendar.


Anyone who has not been reading my blog I got the Benefit Beauty Advent Calendar and I was really not happy with some of the things in this calendar I received paper clips on the first day and three hair bobbins and two sets of post its I wanted beauty products to me this calendar was for young teenagers who are just starting out with makeup if I was thirteen and got this from my Mam I would be delighted but I don’t think my Mother would pay €90 when I was thirteen for a beauty advent calendar for me :).





So to say sorry benefit sent me

Fake up hydrating crease control concealer.


Total moisture facial cream.


Its potent eye cream


Creaseless cream shadow love the colour

010 012

Benetint rose tinted lip and cheek stain


They’re real remover


They’re Real Mascara


Stay flawless 15 hour primer

015 - Copy


15% off and order I won’t be using this as they don’t deliver to Ireland so the code is FD1E-C8EA


Before this I swore I would never step foot in benefit but I have calmed down now I would buy their products again but I would not buy there advent calendar no way was it worth €90 and as well none of the products I got really excited me I can honestly say there was nothing there I was dying to use I have already packed everything up and put it in a little bag to use at a later date and put the non beauty products in my junk drawer where I keep clips, bobbins, buttons and safty pins.

Lots of Love



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Benefit Advent Calendar day 24

So today is Christmas Eve so it’s the last day I wasn’t really expecting much from Benefit and they didn’t disappoint they really didn’t put much effort into it.


so I got hydrating crease control concealer it looks a good size well till you open it and than it’s so small but the packaging is nice.

image image



carol x

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Benefit Advent Calendar Day 22

Today I received


Mascara which is the second mascara in the benefit advent calendar but it’s a good size so I am happy.



I also received a reply from benefit and I am very happy with there reply and have forwarded on my address so we will wait and see below is the reply I received.

Hello Carol

I have been forwarded your email by our Website Customer Care Team and I am so sorry for your disappointment with the Advent Calendar you purchased recently – it is such a shame this year that the inclusion of the six non-Benefit products have caused dissatisfaction amongst our customers. I am sure you will know that this wasn’t our intention… We don’t manufacture the products here or ‘assemble’ the Calendar in the UK, so we can only apologise on behalf of the Product Design Team in the States for seemingly being the Christmas Grinch this year! I hope we can help ‘save Christmas’ by sending you some extra Benefit minis to make up for the non-Benefit items and if this is acceptable please let me have your address details so we can get sending?

I have listed below the actual products included in the Calendar with their value per grms or mls so that hopefully you will see from this that despite the hair ties and pads etc, there really was some product value to the Benefit Calendar this year and hope to hear from you again soon. If there is anything more we can do to help, please just let me know.

Day 1: Heart shaped paperclips Day 2: Ultra plush lip gloss (a-lister) – £6.28 Day 3: They’re real mascara – £6.88 Day 4: Stay don’t stray – £5.13 Day 5: It’s potent eye cream – £5.10 Day 6: POREfessional – £8.35 Day 7: Silvery hair tie Day 8: Beauty sticky notes Day 9: Ultra plush lip gloss (dandelion) £6.28 Day 10: Stay flawless primer – £4.74 Day 11: Benetint – £4.90 Day 12: Total moisture facial cream – £5.26 Day 13: Posietint – £4.90 Day 14: Elastic hair band with rose gold bow charm Day 15: Ooh la lift – £6.25 Day 16: Highbeam – £3.75 Day 17: Doodle pad Day 18: That gal – £15.34 Day 19: Polka dot hair tie Day 20: Ultra plush lip gloss (fauxmance) – £6.28 Day 21: Watt’s up – £6.52 Day 22: BADgal lash – £8.24 Day 23: Chachatint – £4.90 Day 24: Fakeup – £6.94

Total Worth Value = £116.04 (excluding 6 beauty accessories) **Worth value based on RRP per ml/gram of standard sized product. Price correct as of November 2014

See more at:

Jane Marshall
Customer Care UK
Benefit Cosmetics UK & Ireland



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Benefit Advent Calendar Day 17

So today I got


More post it’s just what I wanted not and even has written in it laughter is the best cosmetic at the moment it would be nice to get some cosmetics in a beauty advent calendar



If you have been following my blog about no7 and benefit advent calendars you may notice on the  No7 post I compare benefit vs No7 everyday I felt today it was insulting a good beauty advent calendar to even compare it to this.

I also resent my complaint to benefit today I complained on the 8th December and have not gotten a reply.