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Talika Bubble Mask Bio Detox

I got this mask in look fantastic it’s priced at €9.95, it’s a little pricey for a mask.

This is a foaming charcoal mask, charcoal is fantastic for helping with blocked poses and blemishes and Korean Rice Wine balances the skin tone while soothing damaged skin and replenishing vital moisture.

You leave the mask on for ten minutes and it’s foams a lot, If you are looking for a sheet mask for the plane, do not buy this one. After the 10 minutes you remove the mask and massage the excess foam in and rinse.

It’s a nice a mask but it left my skin feeling dry, I prefer a mask that makes my skin feel more moisturised.

The most important question would I repurchase and no I wouldn’t.

Lots of love



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Look Fantastic December Beauty Box

I’ve been getting the Look Fantastic beauty box, for the last 5 months and I have been really enjoying it.

Each month you receive 6 make up and skin care products for €17 this includes postage, of course it’s a beauty box so some of the products our mini sizes which doesn’t bother me as they last ages.

Illamaqua Hydra Veil – Mini 7ml, primer and perfect for party season, it’s priced at £6.80 for a 7ml and small amount goes along way.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 10ml lavender, chamomile and vetiver infused pillow spray it helps you to get a relaxing sleep. Lightly spray on pillow and relax it’s priced at £7 for 10ml

Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox 50ml, this detox’s and exfoliates your scalp and helps stop product build up. I’ve used this before and it felt a little strange at the start but I liked it and it also has cooling effect on your scalp which feels lovely. Priced at £6.49 for 50ml.

Karl Lagerfeld -ModelCO Brow Pencil full-size product, I’m lucky as this is a dark shade as my brows our dark but of you have light brows this would be annoying it’s priced at €22.

Exclusive lookfantastic Beauty Sponge, I was happy to see this as I needed a new makeup sponge. I’m not sure of the price as they only seem to include them in beauty boxes.

Dr Botanicals Apothecary Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum 15ml, again this is a full size product and something I needed. It helps with puffy tires eyes. Its infused with Pomegranate Extract, the serum delivers a potent dose of antioxidant activity to the delicate tissue surrounding the eyes, smoothing and brightening for radiant-looking skin. This all sounds perfect to me. It’s priced at €21.95

Happy shopping

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Give Your Feet a Treat

I came across these Pedicure socks in Primark/Penney’s in the P.S Love this range for €1.50 now a few years ago I spent about €15 on a pair of moisturising socks which of course got lost in the wash and I know my €15 socks are now been worn as normal every day socks by someone (my mother).


I can’t say I noticed the difference between the two pairs of socks to me they both felt as soft as each other if my memory is right. So to use these socks of course you have to wash your feet 🙂 and then apply a good amount of moisturiser I like to go a bit over board and just pop the socks on I also do this just before I go to bed now I have gotten up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and didn’t slip just in case it is something you are worried about.


The next morning you pop the socks off and moisturiser will be evaporated into skin now I noticed the difference in my feet in about two days they are so much softer and bye bye dry heels I stopped using it this week as my feet got badly cut from a pair of shoes again I have noticed my feet aren’t as soft and am looking forward to using them again and let’s be honest for €1.50 it’s a nice treat for your feet.


Lots of Love