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My Week

My week has turned into my last two weeks as always I seem to get a little lazy.
The first week was all about food, all I seemed to be doing was eating.

Monday I met with a friend for lunch. We went to the church bar I had the pulled beef brisket sandwich with fries, it as nice but messy.


Than that evening I decided to call into off beat donuts on Georges Quay  and got two donuts, carmel toffee ring and a white coffee donut. They wore both nice but I did prefer the coffee one more.


This weeks nails wore No 7 gel finish, I got this in the No7 set I got for Christmas. I am very impressed with this nail polish it didn’t chip and had a nice finish.


The 52 book challanage is still going strong last week was book 4 of 52. Finally a book I really enjoyed, The Associate by John Grisham again I picked this up in a charity shop for €3. The main charcater is Kyle McAvoy he is legal student one of the top legal student’s in the country and is blackmailed into taken a job most law students would dream of doing except this was not Kyle’s dream. I didn’t want to like Kyle at the start but he was one of the good guy’s, Also the ending I just wanted more, I wanted to know what happened with his life.


On Sunday I cooked first ever roast dinner, and it was nice and I managed not to burn the house down.

The secound week, I didn’t really get up to much mid week, but my new skin care products arrived from The Ordinary.
I am going to do a quick post hopefully this week and than a real review in about months time to let you know how I am getting on.


Saturday was all about hair and make-up as I was heading out. I wore my new dress from Penneys, which was abit to low cut for my liking, I felt it was a little to much so next time I will be putting a black cami top under it.


The night didn’t go very well as I got very ill it was’t the drink, as I didn’t even get to finish my first drink and had to leave but I did feel fab before I was ill.

Lots of Love



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Red Dress

I was 30 in December and I needed the perfect dress and for once in my life I wasn’t stressed about what I was going to wear I just knew I was going to find the perfect dress.

The reason why I knew I knew I would find the perfect dress was I came across a Shop on facebook called Lulubelle Pin up Boutique  which is based in Lucan Village.

So me and my sister headed off early one Saturday morning when we arrived in to the shop we wore gretted warmly by the two shop assitants and I explained I was looking for a red dress for my thirty something with the wow factor.


When I was handed this dress the first thing I said was no way but i will try it and of course I fell in love this dress even has a name its the Monica dress. I think it was €180 but I could be wrong.

Its an off the shoulder dress that makes you feel like Marlyn Monroe and the dress is very flattering thanks to ruched fabric.

This was the first dress I put on and I couldn’t believe how easy it was there was no tears or worries about not getting the dress and I wait to go back to Lulubelle Pin up Boutique.

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love