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My Week

The last two weeks haven’t been that exciting at all mainly as like most people I am broke. The joys of being paid monthly and having a shopping addiction, this year I will save, I think I will be writing this every week to just remind myself the importance of saving how next January will not be like this and I have already started. I have been doing the 52 week saving challenge so week one I put €1 into a savings box week 2 €2, week 3 €3 and on week 52 well that’s if I last that long it will be €52, I know it will kill me doing this every week but I think that might be the handbag fund or even a holiday fund, something fun that will make me do this every year.

I have also been doing the 52 week book challenge so one book a week for the year, I love reading but last year I didn’t read as much as I would of liked so this year its’s going to change,

Week One Cross the Line by James Patterson
This book is from the Alex Cross serous. The book begins with a murder on a quiet road of course this is just the beginning, than District Chief of Detectives and his girlfriend are murdered in the middle of the day, Alex Cross is on the case.  The book takes a few turns but it just wasn’t that great I normally love James Patterson books but I was abit bored halfway into it. It all came together a bit too nicely like the ending was rushed and just abit boring.


Week Two Night School by Lee Child
This book is from another serious the Jack Reacher books. I love Jack Reacher serious and hate the films who ever decided to cast Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher needs there head checked and also needs to read the books. This book takes you back 20 years ago and is set in the mid-90s when Reacher is still in the army he has been sent back to school but of course that is only what they want the outside world to think in fact he is on a joint mission with FBI, CIA and the national Security Council to stop a terrorist attack .This book again was not up to Childs normal standard it was good but I could put it down and to me that’s the most important thing about a book.


Week three Edge by Jeffery Deaver
This is an old book which I picked up in the local charity shop for €3, you really can’t go wrong. The main character is this book is an agent called Corte who works in a secret organisation that protects people who have deadly secrets, some of these people are not even aware of the knowledge they know. Henry Loving is the bad guy of this book and the person after the knowledge and someone you do not want questioning you. This book is a cat and mouse game between the pair. There are some surprising turns in this book but at times it is abit to detailed.


Last week I decided to use a voucher I got for Christmas to buy myself a new watch, I knew what I wanted before I went into the shop but the watch I wanted did not suit me at all, it was to chunky for my arm. I than spotted the Rosefield watch in rose gold with a black strap and I can also change straps which is always handy. The watch is €89 and a new strap is €35 which isn’t too bad I already have my eye on the grey leather strap.


I also had another voucher that I won on Facebook for my favourite burger place, Bobo’s burgers. It’s one of the nicest places to get a decent burger in Dublin everything is made fresh and the staff are all so friendly, its always busy which is a good sign. It’s not like most fast food places as you are shown to your seat and handed a menu and they take your order there is no queuing which I love.


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PS Dark Circle Reducer

Thid is from PS beauty range from Penneys/Primark its priced at €1.50 and you get four disks in one packet so this means two uses which for this price its great value.


You have the choice of leaving them on all night or for 30 minutes.

The first time I used them, I left them on all night. It was a little uncomfortable at the start but I did manage to fall asleep but one came off and the other disk had moved down my cheek. So next time I just used them with a face mask and left them on a bit longer.

The first thing you notice is the cooling effect and you can also pop them in the fridge for a few minutes if you feel  like your eyes need a bit extra TLC.


Did I notice big differance, nope not really.I enjoyed using them my eyes felt refreshed and these would be perfect after a long week or with party season just kicking off these would be perfect before putting on your make-up.

Lets be honest for €1.50 you can’t go wrong.

Happy Shopping

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Paris Day One

A few months ago I managed to get tickets to Paris for €20 return, flying out on a Monday and returning on a Thursday, flying from Dublin to Beavais, which is about 80 minutes from Paris.

The flights wore the only thing I managed to get cheap, I decided I wanted to stay in a nice hotel so I spoke to a friend who regularly goes to Paris and he suggested Terrass Hotel in Montmartre.
I would like to say I was organised for this trip but I really wasn’t, in the airport I finally picked up a book about Paris to read on the plane. I did book a few things beforehand but I was unorganised mess.



Our flight to Paris was at 6am which meant we had to be in the airport at 4am so of course I got a little bit excited the day before and got about an hours sleep. The flight itself was quick and I didn’t manage to get any sleep.


As I said I was a little organised and decided to book a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel, this is a shared service your driver is waiting for you in arrivals with a sign but you than have to wait for other passengers, the limit is 8 people and the service drops you to the door of your hotel.
We wore left waiting about an hour which was a little annoying and it was also very cold, I was so glad I packed a warm coat but we wore dropped off first.
The shuttle service cost us a total of €141 for two people return with Super Shuttle  

From the outside the Terras Hotel didn’t look great but as soon as you walk into the hotel you notice all the small touches and our greeted warmly by all the staff. Our check in was fast and our room was also ready, we wore also given a map on the city which was our lifeline for our stay.

We headed straight up to our room which I’m not gonna lie was a little disapointing it was on the small side but as I have been told most Paris hotel rooms are.
The reason we booked this hotel was because of the view but again it was disapointing our view was of a wall. I know this all sounds very bad and on my first day I was exhausted so all I could see was the negatives.

We left are bags in and headed straight out, we dedcided we would go straight to The Lourve and went to reception with are map and asked the best way to get there, we wore told to get the 95 bus and get of at The Lourve stop and it would cost €2 per person and the bus stop was across the street.
Anyone who knows me well knows I get lost very easy so managing to get to The Lourve with out getting lost is shocking.

When we arrived it was about 1’o clock and we needed food badly, I didnt take any pictures as it wasn’t great as soon as we wore finished we headed into the The Lourve there is two enty points we decdied to use the Pyramid entrances which there is always a que but it was quick so if you want to miss the que enter the shopping mall entrance.


Now security is tight but you expect it to be someone looks in your bag and than you go through a metal dector, we didn’t buy tickets before hand so we had to que to get tickets which was very quick and priced at €15 per person, we did get mixed up and ended up back in the shopping centre which I didn’t know was part of the Lourve, as i said my reseach on Paris was hardly anything at all so we had to go through security again.

We finally managed to get into the Lourve which is so big. I did know this beforehand, I am not that bad. I should of planned what I wanted to see before hand I think that is your best bet but of course we didn’t.
We went in a little blind to where we wore going, we just knew we wanted to see The Mona Lisa.

I’d say it took us about four hours to find her, but The Lourve is amazing place and I do wish I wasn’t so exhausted that day. I don’t think you could possible take in everything in one day apart from four hours.





We finally found the Mona Lisa, again i knew this painting would be small but because there is so many people around her you can’t really take it in. Its also very uncomfortable in this section as people are pushing to get to the front.


As you guessed I wasn’t a fan of the Mona Lisa to me there is so much more to see of The Lourve than just this painting.

As soon as we wore finished seeing the lady herself we decided to get out before we dropped and headed for the exit now we found are away out of the museum with no issue and headed into the shopping centre and grabbed a quick coffee.
This is where the fun began we couldn’t find an exit so I learned the most importmant word to know when in Paris is Sortie which is exit.

Again the public transport was no issue we hopped on to the 95 bus and headed back to the hotel where we ended up in bed at 9 we wore so exhausted.

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Life update

I’ve become so lazy with my blog lately, as I am loving instagram and the stories. I never got into snapchat but I still do use it, I think because I seem to have a lot of men following me on their. Which is strange and I get a lot of message from them informing me I shop way to much lol.

So gonna also use my life update as my bits and bobs shopping that I haven’t shown you yet, this weeks bit and bobs, is PJ’s and Slippers. I picked up a few weeks ago from you guessed it Penneys/Primark. I’m just loving the rabbit ear slipper, I even picked up a secound pair.img_5968-1

 I have been living in the bath latly after I paid a visit to lush, I just love bath bombs and they are so relaxing.

The first one I used was you’ve been mangoed bath oil, I have never used a bath oil from Lush before, first thing you notice is it is very small compared to the bath bombs and it smells amazing very citrus which maked me think of holidays. Now their is no bubbles with this one but the smell makes up for it, also left my skin feeling very soft only thing is it left the bath with a green making where the water was, I kinda thaught I was that dirty turned out it wasn’t me lol.


Up next was Karma Bubble bar, I love bubbles so this was perfect again its citrus smell which I love and the glitter which I like. The day I used this Karma, I was wrecked and had the bath just before bed to help me relax and it worked a treat.

Next up is Sakura bath bomb  which is disapointing the smell isn’t that strong and didn’t change the bath water that much just to a pinkish colour so was very disapointed.

So last week in Ireland and again this week is a bus strike on Thursday and Friday, so I have been on the 6.15am train in the morning that explains my tiredness. On Friday I ended up going to work with no make up on, don’t worry it was still dark out and I done my make up when I arrived in so because I was so early I had loads of time to do it and take my time.

I’m loving No7 lipstick I’m going to do a proper review on it.


Also I finally wore my new shirt from Penney/Primark and sleevless Camel jacket from River Island which I love and is perfect in this weather.


On Sunday I headed out to Howth for a walk.

I ended up in the market, hich is held every weekend in Howth where I picked up these amaing mini cupcakes which are €1.70 each they wore yum


Hope everyone had a great week

Lots of Love



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Argan Oil Hand Mask Review

Last week my brothers children came to visit so I stopped off to a pound shop to get loads of sweets and that’s when I seen Argan oil hand pack priced at €1.50 I can’t see them online for this price but found them for £1.99 in ebay link below. › … › Manicure & Pedicure › Hand Creams & Treatments


All you have to do this is wash your hand and put the gloves on for 15 to 20 minutes and relax as soon as the gloves went on my hands felt cool.



imageWhen I took the gloves off I rubbed any excess moisture into my hands, my hands felt so soft and smelt amazing the next day my hands were still so soft I even went back to the shop and stocked up on more.

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My three favourite products from June

I decided to pick three products that really stood out out to me in June also I wanted to pick three products under ten euro.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Shampoo €3.29

Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Conditioner €2.96image

I was nervous trying this product out because of the price I used a cheap shampoo and conditioner before and it ruined my hair it made it greasy it was horrible and I started using Moroccan shampoo and conditioner which is amazing but expensive and than I tried mane n tail which I reviewed before but I ran out of this at the start of June and I was in Tescos and there was a deal on Garnier Ultimate blends two for five euro so I decided to risk it.

I really like both of these products the shampoo lathers well my hair is shinning and feels so soft and it smells amazing and it only cost me five euro and it lasted ages I went to boots to pick them up this time and it was still a great price.

Vaseline Spray and go body moisturiser CoCoa Radiant €6.15image

I tried this moisturiser in America last year and I loved it and I was delighted when I found this in boots I know it’s been out a while but I wanted to wait till I was out of body moisturiser and I was in June I love the cocoa smell and it really lasts and it’s so easy to use just spray and it dries so fast what I really love about this is I can reach it on my back, my back has never felt so moisturised 🙂 and it’s great using it after a day in the sun