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Talika Bubble Mask Bio Detox

I got this mask in look fantastic it’s priced at €9.95, it’s a little pricey for a mask.

This is a foaming charcoal mask, charcoal is fantastic for helping with blocked poses and blemishes and Korean Rice Wine balances the skin tone while soothing damaged skin and replenishing vital moisture.

You leave the mask on for ten minutes and it’s foams a lot, If you are looking for a sheet mask for the plane, do not buy this one. After the 10 minutes you remove the mask and massage the excess foam in and rinse.

It’s a nice a mask but it left my skin feeling dry, I prefer a mask that makes my skin feel more moisturised.

The most important question would I repurchase and no I wouldn’t.

Lots of love



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February’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box

As always the look fantastic beauty box, looks amazing it came in pretty pink box, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Look fantastic beauty box comes with 6 products, Elle magazine and beauty box magazine it’s priced at €17 month including delivery. Click here to buy

Sleek make up face foam pallet full size

I’m a fan of sleek make up, I have this contour palette already and would use it most days. The only thing if you have darker skin this product would not suit you at all sleek palette is priced at €13.99

Lord Berry Matte Lipstick full size

Matte lipstick, I haven’t worn it as of yet but looks nice and is priced at €18.00 and promises to last all day.

Philip Kingsley Maximiser 60ml

This is ideal for fine, limp and fly away hair which is not my hair type at all so I’ll be giving it to a friend. 60ml is priced at €8.55.

Doucca Punk Volumizer Mascara Mini

This promises to define lashes one by one, adding extreme volume and thickness all sounds amazing. Priced around €10

Emite Rose Gold Eyelash Curlers.

I don’t curl my eyelashes but I am going to start and it’s rose gold. The curlers are priced at €20.

Erno Laszlo Deep Sea Cleansing Bar Mini

This is a product I am excited to use, its blended with 26 minerals and is made using 97% natural ingredients it’s enriched with Dead Sea mud which detoxifies, hydrated and restores skins mineral level. Now I am thinking about putting this up for my holidays in September, these little minis are great for bringing on holidays. It’s priced at around €10

Overall, I didn’t love this months beauty box. I just wanted a bit more skin care than make up.

Lots of love



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PS Dark Circle Reducer

Thid is from PS beauty range from Penneys/Primark its priced at €1.50 and you get four disks in one packet so this means two uses which for this price its great value.


You have the choice of leaving them on all night or for 30 minutes.

The first time I used them, I left them on all night. It was a little uncomfortable at the start but I did manage to fall asleep but one came off and the other disk had moved down my cheek. So next time I just used them with a face mask and left them on a bit longer.

The first thing you notice is the cooling effect and you can also pop them in the fridge for a few minutes if you feel  like your eyes need a bit extra TLC.


Did I notice big differance, nope not really.I enjoyed using them my eyes felt refreshed and these would be perfect after a long week or with party season just kicking off these would be perfect before putting on your make-up.

Lets be honest for €1.50 you can’t go wrong.

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Life update

I’ve become so lazy with my blog lately, as I am loving instagram and the stories. I never got into snapchat but I still do use it, I think because I seem to have a lot of men following me on their. Which is strange and I get a lot of message from them informing me I shop way to much lol.

So gonna also use my life update as my bits and bobs shopping that I haven’t shown you yet, this weeks bit and bobs, is PJ’s and Slippers. I picked up a few weeks ago from you guessed it Penneys/Primark. I’m just loving the rabbit ear slipper, I even picked up a secound pair.img_5968-1

 I have been living in the bath latly after I paid a visit to lush, I just love bath bombs and they are so relaxing.

The first one I used was you’ve been mangoed bath oil, I have never used a bath oil from Lush before, first thing you notice is it is very small compared to the bath bombs and it smells amazing very citrus which maked me think of holidays. Now their is no bubbles with this one but the smell makes up for it, also left my skin feeling very soft only thing is it left the bath with a green making where the water was, I kinda thaught I was that dirty turned out it wasn’t me lol.


Up next was Karma Bubble bar, I love bubbles so this was perfect again its citrus smell which I love and the glitter which I like. The day I used this Karma, I was wrecked and had the bath just before bed to help me relax and it worked a treat.

Next up is Sakura bath bomb  which is disapointing the smell isn’t that strong and didn’t change the bath water that much just to a pinkish colour so was very disapointed.

So last week in Ireland and again this week is a bus strike on Thursday and Friday, so I have been on the 6.15am train in the morning that explains my tiredness. On Friday I ended up going to work with no make up on, don’t worry it was still dark out and I done my make up when I arrived in so because I was so early I had loads of time to do it and take my time.

I’m loving No7 lipstick I’m going to do a proper review on it.


Also I finally wore my new shirt from Penney/Primark and sleevless Camel jacket from River Island which I love and is perfect in this weather.


On Sunday I headed out to Howth for a walk.

I ended up in the market, hich is held every weekend in Howth where I picked up these amaing mini cupcakes which are €1.70 each they wore yum


Hope everyone had a great week

Lots of Love



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Curly Look

I had heard amazing things about the Curly look Salon based in the Proud Salon in Glasnevin. I got in touch with them through Facebook on 26th May to make an appointment I was asked to send three pictures of my hair down and curly, one front picture, side and back which I done straight away.

I wanted my appointment for the 11th June, so I booked well in advance and I was told on the day of the appointment to wash my hair using conditioner only and leave abit in and style my hair with conditioner as well.  I was told to wear my hair curly which have never been told this before by a hairdresser, of course I was very excited and I informed my normal hairdresser I would be cheating on her, she took it well.

hair styled with conditioner  only

My appointment was at 11am but of course I arrived 10 minutes early and couldn’t wait to get my hair done. Saulo my hair dresser was in the middle of cutting a lady with amazing curls and ten times curly than my hair so I kind of assumed he was nearly finished as my appointment was at 11, this was only the beginning of her treatment. As I was waiting another lady arrived again with amazing curls and she was in a hurry also both lady’s wore regular clients I was asked kindly would I mind if she skipped me, as there was a mix up booking. Now I had made my appointment back on 26th May so I felt like I had given enough notice for this not to happen. I of course smiled and said yes, after all this man is going to cut my hair I want him to love me. At no time was I offered a coffee/ tea or water thankfully I had a book and a bottle of water. About an hour and half later it was my turn.


 Of course my hair has been straightened a lot so my natural curl is not as curly as what it used to be. Saulo told me I needed to stop straightening my hair and start using the curly method he informed me I needed a good bit cut off but he would only take a small bit of as he understood how hard it would be, I told him to take abit more but not as short as he would like. The cut itself was done with my hair dry and curly.

My hair was than washed I was handed a mirror to hold how I could see how he washes my hair, no shampoo was used instead a Cleanser was used.

There is a lot to take in and I do think it would be a good idea if he handed you out a leaflet at the end of your visit. So here goes and I may have gotten bits wrong lol.

I am to stop using shampoo straight away as it’s all about keeping my hair hydrated and shampoos contain sulfate and these chemicals are too harsh for curly hair and strip the hair of your natural moisture. I am now to Co-wash

Co washing is using only Conditioner to wash your hair. As moisture is very important to my hair I am to rinse water on my hair for at least two minutes.  A cleanser is than used on my hair this is massaged into my scalp, Cleansers are gentler and help hydrate your hair unlike Shampoos and contain no sulfates so this helps balance my hair without stripping the natural oils. The Cleanser is than rinsed from my hair.
Than I am to use conditioner on the bottom of my hair and with my hands I am to detangle my hair, this means no more using a hair brush madness I know. I am also not to rinse out all the conditioner I am to leave some in my hair. As you may have guessed this is a lot to take in as you are getting your hair washed.

After my hair was washed a micro fibre towel was used to squeeze out water but you can also use an old cotton t-shirt or a pyjama top. Than Saulo split my hair into four sections, sides, back and top and evenly applied silicone-free gel evenly to my hair and scrunched it.
Saulo added small clips to lift roots of my hair and put me under a dryer while he moved on to his next lady.

I’d say I was about 30 to 40 minutes under the dryer. I was told to sit back on the chair, at this stage I touched my hair and it felt kind of hard but when Saulo put his hands in my hair and shook it the hardness left, he then gave it another trim and my hair was ready to go.

This visit cost €50 he Saulo had no product left to sell me and told me to call back on Thursday but after a bit of research online, I have ordered what I want from Amazon as you can’t seem to get the products in Ireland. I will let you all know how I get on.

When I got home I wasn’t happy with my curl on the front of my hair at all it just didn’t look curly as I was going out that night I didn’t want to wash my hair so I quickly washed just the front bit and used my own product and it worked out well.

as you can see I am not happy as all

Below picture is how my hair normally looks.
There is a big differance and also as you can see in the picture above me hair looks hard which is something I hate


I’m still not sold on the Curly look Salon for my type of curl but if you have a very tight curl you will love it, I picked up some great tips but you can find them all here Curly method. Saulo was very warm and talkative and seems like a lovely guy but at the end I just felt my hair didn’t look amazing and I would of liked if he done something with the front. I’m not sure I will be heading back but you never know.


After I washed the front of my hair

Since my visit I have been only using conditioner and haven’t used a hairbrush and its been going good, I’m looking forward to using the cleanser but I know I am going to find it hard not to getting a blow dry as I love the sleek look.

Lots of Love


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Lush Lip Scrub

I have always had horrible dry lips from the  Irish weather and central heating and have always kept a toothbrush to lightly brush them, but over Christmas I was in lush and picked up a lip scrub for €6.95/£5.50 .
I went for the seasonal Santa’s Lip Scrub its a cola flavered lip scrub and comes in a glass jar.


click here to buy


Take a small amount using your fingers and apply to your lips, you can than use your fingers to gentle scrub or just rub your lips together. Oh and its also ediable so when finished you can either wipe away or lick it off, I went with wipe as its full off dead skin and just couldn’t do it.

The main thing did I notice a diffeance?
Yes I did a big one my lips wore soft and just perfect to apply my lipstick for a big night out.

I have started doing this twice a week to my lips before bed and just applying a bit of vasline afterwords or if I’m going out on a night out and want my lips looking kissable this is perfect to do before you clense and tone your skin.

Lots of Love



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Knightsbrook Hotel and Spa Review

Last week I turned dirty 30 as I am now calling it, I took a week of work to celebrate and on the Tuesday my sister booked us all into Knightsbrook hotel for the night to celebrate in style.


When we arrived we wore greeted by the receptionist who informed us are room was ready early as we had our massage booked in for 2 o’clock and what a room it was, it was beautiful perfect for all three of us.




When we arrived into the room a bottle of Prosecco on ice strawberries dipped in chocolate where waiting for me and a box of cholates and card wishing me happy birthday from all the staff which of course wore all extras my sister added which made the day so special.



After having a good look around the room and taking are swim wear out of our case we went down to the spa and wore again greeted by one of the spa therapist and showing into a beautiful changing area and shown were are lockers wore with robes and slippers. We got changed and sat out on the sofa wore we wore each introduced to our therapist and taken into separate rooms.



I have to say treatment room was so calming and the massage its self was amazing I felt so relaxed afterwards and at the end I loved that they put hot towel on my back it really was amazing.

After the massage my therapist suggested I drink loads of water and I went into the relaxation room where there are beds and a choice of herbal teas, water and juices it was a perfect ending but it didn’t end there.



We went back into the changing area and put on our swimwear and went down stairs to the Thermal Spa where they have special designed cabins which have Laconium, Salt Grotto, Herbal Sauna, Steam room which are all very relaxing and very hot and they also have two Experience Showers which you pick your setting to help cool you down.






After we wore finished we got changed and decided to have a coffee and scones in the bar area which again is very pretty the scones came with cream and jam and wore so nice.


Than before we knew it, it was time to get changed for dinner in the Rocco Restaurant.


The food was perfect and I forgot to take a picture of my starter which was pork for the main, I want with steak and its was cooked perfect and the vegetables wore amazing and for dessert we ordered a cheese board and ice cream sundae and they also dropped out a birhday treat for me, now if I was to go again I would eat in the bar as the restaurant is very bright and if I’m honest let the hotel down it reminded me of a buffet restaurant which makes sense the next morning.





The next morning we went down for breakfast and the Rocco Restaurant was turned into a buffet breakfast area and it was horrible the hot food was all lying around since early and it looked it, which was a shame I have to say I would skip the breakfast maybe head into trim town and find something much nicer.

We didn’t make it to the pool area but I have heard it is all lovely even though I didn’t like the breakfast I will be heading back to Knightbook and have already booked another spa day.

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Sleek Barekissed Illuminator Review

Gone are the days when you would just use foundation abit of powder and some blush now it’s all about countering and highlighting.

I started using Sleek Barekissed Illuminator a few months ago I have to say I was excited about trying these highlighters out I decided to go with Monaco and Pompeii they are priced at €13.49/£9.99 .


Click here to buy in Ireland
Click here to buy in UK


I love nice packaging and the Sleek Barekissed Illuminator is impressive for the price it’s a gloss bottle with an easy to use pump which stops you from going a bit OTT as a little goes a long way.



Monaco is perfect for pale skin and there is no trace off glitter which I love and it leaves an amazing glow to your skin. I used this the way I would when countering my face so under my eyes, forehead. Nose and chin where you want the light to hit your face.




Pompeii is a little scary looking and I was nervous using this when I had no fake tan on but again I used it under my cheekbones and on my jawline and then blended and it looked amazing.


How to apply

How to apply, I have used it two ways the first is applying it straight to your skin and using a brush to do this and then blending with foundation.
At the moment I am applying my foundation first and then applying the sleek Illuminator and then blending with a sponge and I prefer this way you can also mix to into your foundation which I haven’t tried yet.




This is one product I will be repurchasing and I have to say it lasts a little goes along way I don’t use it every day as I don’t have the time but at weekend I would always use it including in the day to give my skin an added pop.

Lots of Love




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Clinque Super Rescue Night Moisturizer Review

I have been using this night moisturizer priced at €54 for a while now and I have to say it lasted a long time a little goes a long way with this product when I picked it up skin was very dehydrated and flaky began using it at night with in a couple of days I began to notice the difference in my skin.


Click here to buy

What it promises to do
No matter how well you protect your skin, sun, stress and pollution bring daily damage. Now a moisturiser delivers a unique complex of eight rapid and delayed-release antioxidants to defuse this free-radical activity. Helps keep skin looking strong and prevent visible signs of ageing.

My Opinion
The office I work in I am right beside the window so I feel my skin getting dehydrated as the day goes on or even the heat the office drying my skin out so I enjoy using this cream in the evening. It absorbs quickly into my skin so my skin is never sticky when going to sleep as this would annoy me nothing as bad as your face sticking to your pillow and I feel my skin is hydrated straight away and it never clogs my pores which is something that is important to me.  The next day my skin feels so soft and flaky skin is in my past it’s something I never have to worry about but the smell is only ok but that’s not something I care about.

I have just run out of this product I have decided to try something new but I know I will re purchase this night moisturizer again.

Lots of Love



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Curly blow dry

I booked my hair into be strightend for the long weekend I would normally get a curly blow dry but as I was heading out early on Saturday I booked my hair into be done on Friday and decided I would just run the straightners over my hair on Saturday my amazing hairdresser suggested I get my haired pinned up so she curled my hair the way she normally would and than uses a bobby pin to pin my hair up and I just take the pins out.


I’m not gonna lie I was very worried this wasn’t gonna work out and also it was fine to sleep on, on Saturday it took me about 5 minutes to take all the Bobby’s pins out and just sprayed some hair spay and my hair was perfect for Saturday and lasted all day it cost €35 have to say I will get this done again.



Lots of Love