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Give Your Feet a Treat

I came across these Pedicure socks in Primark/Penney’s in the P.S Love this range for €1.50 now a few years ago I spent about €15 on a pair of moisturising socks which of course got lost in the wash and I know my €15 socks are now been worn as normal every day socks by someone (my mother).


I can’t say I noticed the difference between the two pairs of socks to me they both felt as soft as each other if my memory is right. So to use these socks of course you have to wash your feet 🙂 and then apply a good amount of moisturiser I like to go a bit over board and just pop the socks on I also do this just before I go to bed now I have gotten up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and didn’t slip just in case it is something you are worried about.


The next morning you pop the socks off and moisturiser will be evaporated into skin now I noticed the difference in my feet in about two days they are so much softer and bye bye dry heels I stopped using it this week as my feet got badly cut from a pair of shoes again I have noticed my feet aren’t as soft and am looking forward to using them again and let’s be honest for €1.50 it’s a nice treat for your feet.


Lots of Love