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My Christmas

I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas. Christmas is all about traditions, in my house you always got one present Christmas Eve and of course Christmas Eve pyjamas.

This year I went for the grinch pyjamas and I just love my Christmas Eve box

It alway has things for a relaxing Christmas Eve, face mask, nail polish, shower gel, grinch sock and my favourite jelly’s.

Christmas Day, I have to say I was spoiled rotten this year, with all my favourites.

On Christmas Day, I wore my Warehouse sale outfit. That just arrived on Christmas Eve and I love a co-ordinate.

On Christmas night, I always have new pyjama. I’m a little bit obsessed, with pyjamas.

St Stephen’s day, is always a fun day. It’s is nearly like a second Christmas Day, as we alway have another big turkey dinner.

I wore a suit, I picked up in Penney’s/Primark, a few months ago. This suit had to be taken up the joys of been 5’1. I also picked up a white knit jumper also from Penney’s/primark.

I did pick up a few bits in the sales and I cannot wait to show you, it’s abit annoying as it all has to be taken up first.

Happy shopping

Lots of love



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Birthday Outfit

Last weekend was my Birthday and of course I went out for dinner with the girls, which of course means a new outfit.

Well kind of new outfit, I got this jumpsuit in the sale in River island all the way back in August and as soon as i got it, I was like thats my birthday outfit sorted.

This is a culotte jumpsuit but on me its just a jumpsuit, that fits me. Its also dark green but looks black in all the pictures.



Now you can see how short I am, as its nearly at the models knees.

We want for dinner in Tuscana in Temple bar the food was yum and the staff wore so friendly, I didn’t really take any pictures, which is not like me. I do have one picture of my main, which was steak.


I have to say, I was spoiled rotten on the Sunday and had a lovely day of just chilling in front of the TV. img_3759

Happy Friday,

Lots of Love,


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Corset Belt

I picked up the corset belt in Penney/Primark for €5 I went for the black one but also come in khaki and cream.
As soon as I picked it up I knew I wanted to wear it with a man’s white shirt and guess what Penney’s/Primark have them for €7.


This look is very different from what I normally wear as its very low cut and you can see my bra, which is something I normally don’t like but as soon as I spotted the belt this was the look that popped in my head.



I also added a pair of fishnet tights under the jeans to just to finish the look of, I know a lot going on in this outfit but I have to say I loved this look.


Lots of Love



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Primark/ Penneys Suit

Last week I showed you the suit from asos  priced at €118.92 so it is expensive and this week I’m showing you a more budget friendly option.

The suits are very different, different colours and this is a trouser suit not culottes but if you like the tailored look this is perfect for a total of €38 which is a big saving.


The Jacket is €23 and is Penney/Primark at the moment.


The Trouser’s are €15.


I added a fluffy River Island bag which is old and my favourite heels from New Look.


Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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ASOS suit

I adore anything tailored and when I spotted this suit in ASOS I know it had to be mine.

What I love most is the fact it’s a culottes, as I am short it fits me perfectly, oh and the colour is amazing.

The culottes are priced at €51.35 Click here to buy and the blazer is €67.57 Click here to buy.

It’s also very comfortable to wear, I kept it simple with a black top and heels

Happy Shopping



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Confirmation,Communion and Wedding Outfit Ideas

Everyone I know seems to be stressing over Confirmation, Communion or Wedding outfits. Last year I was the same and stressing out over being a sponser for my Nephew at his confirmation, I hadn’t a clue what to wear as lets be honest it’s in a church so you don’t want to show of to much skin.

My first choice is a budget friendly outfit for €96.
The dress is a pink bardot midi dress and it would be perfect for any event and also a night out with the girls its €65 click here to buy 
Shoes are €19, bag €10 and necklace €2 all Primark/Penneys.

I am in love with this dress, it’s very pretty and could be mistaken for a self portrait dress and its €59.99 click here to buy .
The shoes and bag above would also look amazing with this look but just in case you don’t have the time to run into Penneys here are some online picks.
Pink strap heel €32.99 click here to buy  cream clutch €22.99 click here to buy

The next outfit is something I would wear, as the other two dresses would show of my problem area my stomach. Now this dress looks nothing on but with the right shoes and bag it can be dressed up.
The dress is €39.99 click here to buy 
I’m gonna keep the above bag and shoes for this outfit.


This dress is the most expensive at €111 but it really is a show stopper click here to buy and if you have a few events this summer this is perfect. I have paired it with a bag from penneys €10 and the above shoes for €32.99


The next look, I’m going for is a jumpsuit which to me are very flattering on and I love this one from warehouse at €64 click here to buy .  Gold ankle strap sandles these are perfect if like me you are not great in heels and they are €37.99 click here to buy  Rose gold glitter clutch priced at €19.99 click here to buy.


My last outfit is the most expensive but its an investment buy as far as I am concerned its a jumpsuit and its priced at €170 click here to buy, I know but it’s so pretty it goes up to size 18 also I think Marissa Carter had this on her last night at the image awards. The shoes and bag are Penneys and are €14 and €8 so there not as expensive.


Happy Shopping

Lots of love



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Primark/Penneys dress Dress

As soon as I seen this dress online I knew it had to be mine.

The dress is in store’s now and is priced at €14, its drop down hem which I wasn’t sure if I could pull of but it was very flatterning on and I felt confident which is the main thing.

What I love most about this dress is its perfect for winter and summer.

At the moment I’m wearing it with tights and boots but in the summer it would be perfect with sandals. 

Happy shopping 

Lots of love 



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Valentines Outfit Idea’s

If your lucky enough to have a date for Valentines day or just heading out with the girls for a few drinks why not add a bit of red into your outfit or go all out and wear a red dress.

If you are brave enough to go for a red dress
Zara have you sorted €49.95
click here to buy 

I would add leather jacket, Primark/Penneys have an amazing selection at the moment this one is €30.
If I was wearing this, I would keep it more rocker and add open toe boots these are priced at €69.95
click here to buy
Bucket bags are going to be a big trend for 2017 from New Look and its €22.99
click here to buy2375775600_6_1_1


If your not as brave but want a hint of red in your outfit this top from Primark/Penneys is perfect and its only €9
Jeans €11, Boots €21, bag €8 and choker €3 all from Pennys



My favourite way to add red to any outfit, is of course red heels

New Look killer heels €39.99  click here to buy

River Island €45 and these are a wide fit, click here to buy


Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Penneys/Primark Top

So this month I have been trying to stay out of Penneys, it is killing me.
I did end up having a little walk around.

Of course I ended up buying a top and it was €11.00.


This top is so pretty and I love of the shoulder look but its short, not a crop top but if you wore to lift you hands in the air your gonna show everyone your stomach. Which I would not feel comfortable with, so I am wearing it tucked into high waisted trousers and its perfect.

Look One

Top €11
Skirt €12.00
Bag €8.00 All Penneys/Primark
Shoes €27.99 New Look (click here to buy)

I love this look it’s very girly and would be perfect for a BBQ or date night, this whole outfit comes to €58.99.

Look 2

Day time Look

Nigh Out Look

Top €11
Dungarees €21
Backpack €14
runners €11
Shoes €22
Bag €12 All Pennerys/Primark

I love this outfit and love how easy it is to take it from a day time look to an evening look.

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love Carol

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New Look Haul

I picked this outfit up for Easter Sunday.

I think I have mentioned a few times now my love of culottes, I really wanted a dressy culotte jumpsuit and I spoted this in New Look  priced at €39.99 a few weeks back and knew this would be perfect.

What I love about this jumpsuit is it will bring you from the bar to the office on friday evening and all you would have to do is change your heel and add a clutc.

One thing I will say is the zip on the back is a nightmare its so hard to get it up so I am thinking about replacing it.


Click here to buy 

I have been looking for a pair of block heels for a while again I spotted these and new they would be perfect with the jumpsuit, I love that they are lace up as I wanted a pair of these with a block heel for a while they are priced at €34.99.


click here to buy


Happy Shopping

Lots of Love