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My Christmas

I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas. Christmas is all about traditions, in my house you always got one present Christmas Eve and of course Christmas Eve pyjamas.

This year I went for the grinch pyjamas and I just love my Christmas Eve box

It alway has things for a relaxing Christmas Eve, face mask, nail polish, shower gel, grinch sock and my favourite jelly’s.

Christmas Day, I have to say I was spoiled rotten this year, with all my favourites.

On Christmas Day, I wore my Warehouse sale outfit. That just arrived on Christmas Eve and I love a co-ordinate.

On Christmas night, I always have new pyjama. I’m a little bit obsessed, with pyjamas.

St Stephen’s day, is always a fun day. It’s is nearly like a second Christmas Day, as we alway have another big turkey dinner.

I wore a suit, I picked up in Penney’s/Primark, a few months ago. This suit had to be taken up the joys of been 5’1. I also picked up a white knit jumper also from Penney’s/primark.

I did pick up a few bits in the sales and I cannot wait to show you, it’s abit annoying as it all has to be taken up first.

Happy shopping

Lots of love



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Zara Shirt Dress

Around Christmas I fell out of love with blogging, I’m not really sure why but I decided I just didn’t want to do it anymore.
I carried on posting pictures on Instagram but I started missing blogging so I’ve decided to give it another shot but this time I’m not going to worry about stats and putting up posts on time.

Last weekend was the bank holiday weekend and it was also sunny so I got to wear my new dress, I got it for my holiday which isn’t till September. It’s a Zara Mustard shirt dress and its €39.95 click here to buy, as the buttons go to the side its very flattering on. I wore it with basket bag that I picked up last year in the Zara sale.


On Thursday evening, I also went into just look at runners and of course I ended up buying a pair of Adidas Superstars priced at €94.00 click here to buy I really wanted a pair trainers that I could wear with a dress and these are perfect.


I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Lots of Love



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My Style

My style is nearly always Pennys/Primark, I just love the prices and you can’t go wrong if you want to change your style or try out a different look with out breaking the bank Penneys is the place to go.

The first outfit is perfect for a night out with the girls or a date night, I just love the style of the dress and the whole look is penneys


Again this look is from Penneys/Primark, I love the co-ed set. The denim jacket I wasn’t sure of as I think I am way to old but I love it and i just decided to feck it and go with it the bag and shoes are also Penneys.

As you may notice my hair is alot longer theses are extension but they are the clip in once as I have curly hair, extensions would be a nightmare. These are great and so easy to pop in.




Top and shoes is Pennys and the trousers are sale River Island and the basket bag is Zara Sale, I love these culottes they are so comfy to wear.


I picked this jumpsuit a few weeks ago in littlewoods and I love it, its so easy to dress down or up again the bag is zara sale and shoes are penneys


This is my favourite look t-shirt is topshop and I just love it, culottoes and bag are penneys the sliders that look like slippers are EGO shoes.




Happy Shopping




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What I got in the Sales

Happy New Year !!

This is what I picked up in the sales, I didn’t go to mad for once.

River Island 

I was really disapointed by there sale this year, I gave myself €100 budget for river island how I couldn’t go to mad but that really wasn’t going to happen.

Khaki handbag on sale for €14 I think it was €28, I love this colour and bag looks very expensive.


Grey soft tie tapered trousers these are for work they are comfortable but look smart and they are on sale for €20 I think they wore €44.


Black stripe soft tie tapered trousers, you can’t see the stipe in this picture, but they are kind of sliky. I did buy them for work but they are to shinny ,I decided to keep them as I will wear them on a night out instead they are on sale for €20 again I think they wore €40. I know, I need to keep receipts.

Again another work buy, Black patent tassel loafers these are so comfortable on and perfect for work, I’m not really a heels type of girl in work and these are smart looking on sale for €24 they wore €44.



I ordered these online just before Christmas but of course they didn’t arrive till after Christmas. I have never had a pair of New Balance but always wanted a pair and I seen these I knew they would be perfect, I paid for them in pounds they are on sale for £40 reduced from £69.99
click here to buy 


Dorothy Perkins

Rant Alert, this dress I picked up in the shop and it was on sale for €20 it was €45 again this is for work. I was so happy with this find and the dress is lovely on. So today I check online to link it on here and its on sale for €26 but onsale for £20 on the uk site that is €6 extra its always the same with Dorothy Perkins they always rip you off in euro, this really annoys me about retailers.
click here to buy 


That’s everything, I didn’t go to mad and as you can see most is for work which I always find sale time is the perfect time to up-date your work look.

Happy Shopping

Lots of love



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River Island Sale

The River Island sale started when I was on holidays so I quickly went on and purchased two items which is very good for me.

At the moment the pound is very bad so if you are shopping purchase in pounds as it works out cheaper.

The first item i picked up is Chanel inspired slingbacks, these shoes are amazing and very expensive looking. I think they wore £50 I paid £25 as I paid for them in sterling sadly they are sold out .



Next up I went for black pinstipe dungarees they wore £65 now £25 these are so nice on and very flattering, I’m thinking about keeoing these for Christmas day. I know I’m thinking way to ahead now. Also planning on wearing a white or cream blouse under this.
click here to buy but only size 16 left.



Happy Shopping

Lots of Love


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Life update

I’ve become so lazy with my blog lately, as I am loving instagram and the stories. I never got into snapchat but I still do use it, I think because I seem to have a lot of men following me on their. Which is strange and I get a lot of message from them informing me I shop way to much lol.

So gonna also use my life update as my bits and bobs shopping that I haven’t shown you yet, this weeks bit and bobs, is PJ’s and Slippers. I picked up a few weeks ago from you guessed it Penneys/Primark. I’m just loving the rabbit ear slipper, I even picked up a secound pair.img_5968-1

 I have been living in the bath latly after I paid a visit to lush, I just love bath bombs and they are so relaxing.

The first one I used was you’ve been mangoed bath oil, I have never used a bath oil from Lush before, first thing you notice is it is very small compared to the bath bombs and it smells amazing very citrus which maked me think of holidays. Now their is no bubbles with this one but the smell makes up for it, also left my skin feeling very soft only thing is it left the bath with a green making where the water was, I kinda thaught I was that dirty turned out it wasn’t me lol.


Up next was Karma Bubble bar, I love bubbles so this was perfect again its citrus smell which I love and the glitter which I like. The day I used this Karma, I was wrecked and had the bath just before bed to help me relax and it worked a treat.

Next up is Sakura bath bomb  which is disapointing the smell isn’t that strong and didn’t change the bath water that much just to a pinkish colour so was very disapointed.

So last week in Ireland and again this week is a bus strike on Thursday and Friday, so I have been on the 6.15am train in the morning that explains my tiredness. On Friday I ended up going to work with no make up on, don’t worry it was still dark out and I done my make up when I arrived in so because I was so early I had loads of time to do it and take my time.

I’m loving No7 lipstick I’m going to do a proper review on it.


Also I finally wore my new shirt from Penney/Primark and sleevless Camel jacket from River Island which I love and is perfect in this weather.


On Sunday I headed out to Howth for a walk.

I ended up in the market, hich is held every weekend in Howth where I picked up these amaing mini cupcakes which are €1.70 each they wore yum


Hope everyone had a great week

Lots of Love



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Pyjama Top Trend

Wearing Pyjamas as outerwear is a huge trend at the moment.
I’m not sure I could pull of the full pyjama look so I’m sticking with the top, now this does not mean I’m wearing my PJ top out.

Of course when their is a new treand I want to try, I always go to Penneys/ Primark first and I picked up three PJ style tops at €11 each.


To me this style is about keeping it about the top so keep it simple, by adding delicate necklace or a choker, jeans, heels or backless loafers which is another treand that is huge at the moment.

pictures from Printerest

Or even a pencil skirt


I have already worn the white top out with choker and black jeans and heels.
I did get one or two comments about wearing a pyjama top out but it was mainly from men lol.


Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Zara Jacket

This was a spur of the moment buy, I was cold and had no jacket.
I admit I wasn’t planning on spending as much but when I seen this jacket I had to have it.

It also has turned into my work jacket as I seem to be wearing alot of navy at the moment to work its €79.95.

I have had strangers come up to me and complement the jacket,

click here to buy 


Happy Shopping

Lots of Love


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€25 Penneys/Primark Budget Haul

This was meant to be a twenty euro budget haul but it went a little over so I am changeing it to twenty-five euro this week.

As soon as I spotted this skirt in faux leather baby pink I knew I had to have it,  than I spotted it in a kinda green colour and I was sold on both, they wore shockingly only €14 each there is also a two pockets one either side that to me makes this look more expensive. Its also high waisted which is more slimming on me as I am 5’1 its not short on me and comes just to my knee which is perfect.


Styling wise the pink skirt with a simple white top and wedge heels for me but would look amazing with killer heels.

As for green/blue not sure what colour to call this, I would go with black and add a chocker.

All these looks are from  Penneys/ Primark

Total €24 for two skirts

Happy Shopping

Lots of love


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New Suit

I spotted this outfit a few weeks ago on line, on Top Vintage Retro Boutique and decided to get it for work as I’m trying to find something a bit different for my office look.

The Jacket is priced at €84.95 which is expensive but the peplum detail is very flattering but I was expecting better quality.


Click here to buy 

The Skit is priced at €79.95 which again is  expensive but I love the fish tail detail.


click here to buy

Also it comes wrapped in a very pretty box which i loved.


Now I love this Suit on, I feel very sexy (which is a word i would not use about myself at all) when I put it on to the point I can’t wear it to work and just want to wear it on  a night out now if I was wearing it to work there would be a shirt on under the jacket.


Happy Shopping

Lots of love