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H&M Valentine’s Day discount

Don’t you just love a shop that shares the love and H&M our definitely sharing the love, with 14% off everything just use discount code: LOVE.

Here are some of my top picks:

Khaki green jumpsuit add heels to dress up or trainers to dress it down. This is a perfect outfit for a weekend away as it can be worn both ways it’s priced at €34.99 with the discount it’s €30.09 click here to shop

Snakeskin dress, I love animal print and this trend is not going anywhere it’s €89.99 with the discount code it’s €77.39 click here to shop. Be warned not many sizes left.

Blazers are always a good buy and this light blue blazer is just stunning. Wear with a white t-shirt again heels or trainers and you have the perfect outfit for nearly any occasion. It’s priced at €39.99 with discount it’s €34.95 click here to buy.

White wrap over blouse, again this is another great buy, as it can be worn to work and you could go straight to a date night after all it is Valentine’s Day. It’s priced at €34.99 with discount it’s €30.09 click here to shop. I’d say it would look amazing with the blue blazer.

I am a big fan of H&M jewellery and layering chains, this necklace is perfect it’s priced at €9.99 with the discount it’s €8.59 click here to shop.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Lots of love



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My Christmas

I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas. Christmas is all about traditions, in my house you always got one present Christmas Eve and of course Christmas Eve pyjamas.

This year I went for the grinch pyjamas and I just love my Christmas Eve box

It alway has things for a relaxing Christmas Eve, face mask, nail polish, shower gel, grinch sock and my favourite jelly’s.

Christmas Day, I have to say I was spoiled rotten this year, with all my favourites.

On Christmas Day, I wore my Warehouse sale outfit. That just arrived on Christmas Eve and I love a co-ordinate.

On Christmas night, I always have new pyjama. I’m a little bit obsessed, with pyjamas.

St Stephen’s day, is always a fun day. It’s is nearly like a second Christmas Day, as we alway have another big turkey dinner.

I wore a suit, I picked up in Penney’s/Primark, a few months ago. This suit had to be taken up the joys of been 5’1. I also picked up a white knit jumper also from Penney’s/primark.

I did pick up a few bits in the sales and I cannot wait to show you, it’s abit annoying as it all has to be taken up first.

Happy shopping

Lots of love



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Glossy box advent calendar day 16 to 25

Day 16 Pop beauty pure pigment, metallic copper

Day 17 Luxie beauty, highlighter brush

Day 18 Lollipops Paris, liquid highlighter

Day 19 Crabtree & Evelyn London, rose water and pink peppercorn hand cream

Day 20 Steve Lagrant lip gloss

Day 21 Pixi by Petra, blush

Day 22 Zelens dr Marko Lens, face mask

Day 23 Eyeko London, Fat eye stick satin

Day 24 Mitchell and Peach, face oil

Day 25 Huda Beauty, winter highlighter palette

Happy shopping

Lots of love



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It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I’m really getting into the Christmas spirit this year. I spent yesterday cleaning, don’t worry I will never show you cleaning products as I hate cleaning, I did get the Christmas tree up.

This year we needed a new tree, of course I decided we needed new decorations too, any excuse to go shopping. I ended up getting all the decorations in penneys/primark 40 baubles for €9 you really can’t go wrong.

As you can’t really see the baubles when the lights are on.

Happy shopping

Lots of love



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Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar’s

I love beauty advent calendars, I look forward to opening them every year. It’s so much fun getting a little present everyday.


This calendar looks so pretty, I think it’s there first year doing a beauty advent calendar. It was £99 so I think it was about €120 which is expensive but it looks amazing.

Day One

Nars lip gloss

Look Fantastic

I got this calendar last year and I loved it, now I can help but compare it to last year and I was a little disappointed by the packaging. It’s priced at €75 and worth €300 Click here to buy .

Day One

I was not disappointed at all by this calendar, HD brow Colour Pro Palette.

Morris & Co

I got this calendar as a present. I have to say I’m very excited to try this out, as all the products are free from parabens and sulphates. This calendar also smells amazing.

Day One

Golden lilly body lotion

Happy shopping,

Lots of love,



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My style 

As I said in my last post I am having a love affair with pink at the moment.

Everything I seem to pick up lately is pink, I showed you my star buy last month a duster coat from penneys.

I have styled it with river island pearl jeans I got on sale and topshop tshirt and my new pink penneys shoes.

Lots of love



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Being an outpatient

I hope you don’t mind me breaking the story up like this as if I didn’t it would be a very long and boring post.

My first appointment with the gyno team went well in October 2015, they didn’t examine me or anything but they don’t seem to do that in clinic at all. It was decided they would take the wait and see approach and I had read online that with cysts that’s what they do so I was happy enough. I did ask about the pill to help but was asked if it was for contraception reasons and I’m not seeing anyone so I said no, so they decided there was no point and I went on my way with another appointment in three months.

Now I  didn’t complain about sore periods as I assumed it was normal also I was given out to about not getting a smear test done they did not offer to do one either, I know it’s important but I am a chicken.

My next appointment in December 2015 I went to with the gyno team they couldn’t do anything as I was meant to have an ultrasound beforehand, they do not have their own ultrasound machine and they do not do it on the day, madness I know also the wait for an ultrasound can be months so I was sent privately.

Another appointment was made for a scan and an appointment with the gyno team was made a month later again the cyst was still growing.

While this was all going on cysts wore bursting inside me instead of going to the hospital I was dealing with it at home, as I felt it was better than having to stay in hospital and nothing being done.

This meant night outs wore ruined as I had to leave as a cyst burst inside me. After your period the danger zone is the next two weeks that’s when a cyst is most likely to burst, again this is what I have been told so my life was constantly on hold and then my period pain always starts the week before my period so I felt like I had no escape from it.

These appointments went on and on till April 2017 and I was also told to go on the pill as it might help even though I suggested it instead of just going to the doctor myself I listened to them, at no time did any doctor examine me during these appointments.

In between all this in 2017, I finally got sense and went for a smear test and it hurt so much there was blood and tears, no one told me this could happen. I done it at lunch time and I was in pain all day, also a sign of endo something you are not told.

In April this year when it was decided I urgently needed to be operated on and I was given a note to go to the bed management, I think that’s what you call them and I went straight down to them. I was told it wasn’t urgent by them and I would have to wait a year. I just started crying then and there the lady dealing with me said the doctor had not wrote urgent on my file and unless you have cancer it won’t happen and suggested I start going to A&E in pain which is something I didn’t want to do.

Now the Beaumont gyno team are only there on a Tuesday, so I had to spend a week waiting to call them regarding the wait and it was very stressful, thankfully it was decided it was urgent and I was told I would be operated on in the next three months.

I got given another appointment to see a nurse for bloods and blood pressure and told I would be sore but I’ll only be a day in the hospital and someone will need to collect me and I was to rest.

On Monday 13th March I got a phone call from Beaumont and was informed the operation will be tomorrow the 14th thankfully I have an understanding boss.


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My Month

 Can’t belive it’s August already another month gone.

July has been a fun month loads of food way too much and shopping of course.


I’ve also started baking again, its been going well but not helping with my diet at all that starts on Monday and last’s about an hour.


I’m also loving everything disney at the moment in Penney’s, I am way to old for it still can’t stop buying pyjamas and of course the famous chip cup.


Last month has also been all about Love Island. My friend and I watched the final together and had a little party with way to much food and of course matching t-shirts.

As always I want a little OTT on stationery, a new Dealz opened in Clarehall so I couldn’t say no and priced at €1.50 each it would be rude not too.


Last but no least I got my hat for Ladies day at the Horse Show next week in the RDS and my dress can’t wait to show you all.

Happy August

Lots of Love



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My Health 

Anyone who reads my blog knows I applogised for lack of posts as I was sick, I didn’t go into detail and I really thought long and hard if I wanted to write about what was wrong with me and I decided maybe it can help someone.

I have endometriosis.

First off I’m not a medical professional or even an expert on this,this is my story.

Let’s start with what endometriosis is, I had never heard of it either.

 So tissue that is meant to stay in the uterus grows outside of it. Mostly on your ovaries, bowel, bladder, and elsewhere throughout the pelvic cavity. So that sounds shite but it gets worse because it’s uterine tissue it bleeds once a month and your body cannot clear it. This than leads to swelling, inflammation, and continued growth of the tissue which may lead to cysts growing and in my case it did.

As you may have guessed this leads to very painful periods and bleeding heavily.

The pain would wake me up at night my back my stomach and my legs. At times I would just sit in work praying the pain would end no pain killer’s seemed to work. If you wore to look up my google search the main question I asked does period pain get worse as you get older, I never seemed to be able to find the answer.

 The heavy bleeding, I’m going to be as honest as I can  even if it is embarrassing. No matter what I used towels tampons, I had to run for the bathroom in the morning as the blood would just run out of me and I would destroy everything .

Also ovulation is a killer you can feel it happening it stops you in, in your tracks.

Than the mood swings with me it was like I had a voice in my head telling me no one liked me. I would sit there and look at my wrists thinking about cutting them and dreaming of the blood running down my arms but I just put this down to having your period and everyone has PMS.

Than the worse thing is lack of energy,  I am exhausted all the time it even hurts to just think of doing things.

How to find out if you have endometriosis, well the only way to do this is by having a laparoscope.

So over the next few days or even weeks I’m going to tell you my story. I’ll start at the beginning my first A&E visit and what’s going on now.

Lots of love