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Happy New Year

Wow what a year, this year has been a major learning curve for me I have found out so much about myself which sounds strange I found out I was stronger than I knew and I need to stop looking at the past and focus on my present and future.


I would like to thank you all and wish everyone a happy new year and I have to say blogging has really helped me this year it some times has been the escape I needed so if you are reading this and thinking or always wanted to blog just do it you won’t regret it.

Happy New Year

Heres to an amazing 2015.

Lots of Love



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Perfect Cape

I have found it the perfect cape and no it’s not the Burberry Cape that I am no longer lusting after ok I am lying I still want it but it’s not gonna happen.


I found this cape by accident when I was in Dunnes Stores in the Gallery section which is a new designer for Dunnes Stores as far as I know dunnes is only in Ireland but I could be wrong, ok how can I describe Dunnes they have ladies, men’s children fashion and they also sell food there not like Tescos as the clothes are bit more expensive and they nearly always on different floors. Dunnes to me has always been more for an older lady my mam loves it and I just googled gallery Dunnes stores and it also informed it’s for discerning woman who is 40+ .


So I was taken a short cut in Dunnes to get down stairs and I seen this amazing cape I done a double take and than I seen the price and nearly fell over €25 for this amazing cape did I mention it is amazing.


I wore it out on Sunday for the first time and it’s really warm and so perfect two people stopped me and asked me whereI got it from and they wore surprised to so I will be keeping an eye out in Dunnes Stores from now I didn’t see it on there website




Love Carol

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Perfect Holiday Read

The Perfect Retreat by Kate Fosterimage

this book is a perfect holiday read it’s funny and romantic a nice light read perfect for the beach.

The book is about an actress called Willow her life is falling apart her soon to be ex husband has spent all there money and hasn’t seen there three children in months Willow and the kids need to escape London from the papanazis as the kids call them the children’s nanny Kitty also my favourite character in the book suggests they stay at her family home Middlemist Manor her crumbling ancestral home that nobody has lived in since her father passed away three years ago the house now belongs to Kitty and her older brother Merritt who just happens to decide to head home the same night as Kitty.

I really don’t want to give to much away but I really liked this book it’s sweet story this book is €4.95 or three books for €10 in Tesco’s.