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River Island Black Friday Warm Up

Black Friday is the 24th November this year and I can’t wait. I love getting a discount or a sale item, it just makes shopping more fun.

River Island have started a black friday warm up sale today, its perfect time to get your christmas outfit sorted and here are my top picks.


Black studded ankle boots they wore €87.00 reduced to €40.00 click here to buy 


White Lace frill blouse it was €45.00 reduced to €25.00 click here to buy img_3463Pink snake skin handbag was €60.00 reduced to €40.00 click here to buyimg_3465Black studded tote was €65.00 reduced to €45.00 click here to buy 

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Summer Jacket on a Budget 

Last week I showed you the Zara jacket, so this week is more of a budget friendly purchase from surprise, surprise Penny’s/Primark.

First up it is a little expensive for penneys but it’s a faux leather jacket with embroidery detail and studs for €35.00 which isn’t bad when you think of it like that .


This jacket is perfect for a cool evening or a cold day in Dublin.

I wore it  already with an over the shoulder gingham top and black jeans but of course forgot to take pictures.

Happy shopping,

lots of love,



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I always have this vivid memory as a child of going to my first concert, I was ten years of age and my sister brought me to see boyzone in the point (3arena). 

The counting down the days telling everyone in school and deciding what to wear, which of course was my Boyzone t-shit.

The day of the concert we got the train into town the whole family wore excited for me. My sister had a few surprises to make it even more special, Instead of walking to the point we got a boat down, 

I remember been shocked and little nervous by all the people when we got to our seats, I was so small I could hardly see anything as everyone was taller than me. 

Now you have to remember this was 21yrs ago so health and safety wasn’t as big an issue, so are seats wore right at the stairs so my sister got me to stand on the stairs how I could see the gig, security did come over but my sister explained I couldn’t see and it was my first concert so they let me stay there for the night. 

The concert lived up to everything and more, I remember everyone stamping there feet and feeling the vibrations on the floor and being so a excited when my sister got me a program and just thinking this was the most amazing night ever. 

After the concert we got back on the boat and my sister took me to Eddie rockets it was my first time eating there it was even more exciting being in town so late. 

Thinking back on this memory today brought tears to my eyes, thinking that children lost there lives going to there first concert instead of it being a happy evening it was a nightmare. 

My parents waited up to hear all about my first concert, last night parents stayed up because they couldn’t find there children and prayed they wore still alive. 

Like most people yesterday’s attack shocked and sickened me as children wore targeted. I have to wonder what kind of world we live in, I hope and prey this never happens again. 

I know this is very different from my normal posts but yesterday we lost so much innocence in one night, I felt like it was only fitting. 

Lots of love 



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My life update

I was meant to do this once a week, of course life got in the way. I haven’t written one of these since February .

So expect loads of pictures and I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.

This week has been a busy week it was my nephews confirmation and I was his sponcer which is a big deal. I was up early and got my hair done.

I decided to wear culotte baby blue suit I picked up in river island last year.  

After the church we all headed to the Harvest pub in Balbrigan for a meal. I decided to go for chicken wings for starters and steak for main and it was all yum.

My friend had a beautiful baby boy two weeks ago, she hadn’t been well so I had to wait to meet the new baby which meant baby clothes shopping so I headed to Next.  

Yesterday I went shopping for a swimsuit for my holiday I booked a few weeks ago to Algrave in May.

Last few weeks,  quick update loads of shopping.


Fun days out looking at war ships, coffee and drinks

 New make up review to come very soon

 I’m also on snap chat

Have a great Sunday

Lots of love