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Paris Day One

A few months ago I managed to get tickets to Paris for €20 return, flying out on a Monday and returning on a Thursday, flying from Dublin to Beavais, which is about 80 minutes from Paris.

The flights wore the only thing I managed to get cheap, I decided I wanted to stay in a nice hotel so I spoke to a friend who regularly goes to Paris and he suggested Terrass Hotel in Montmartre.
I would like to say I was organised for this trip but I really wasn’t, in the airport I finally picked up a book about Paris to read on the plane. I did book a few things beforehand but I was unorganised mess.



Our flight to Paris was at 6am which meant we had to be in the airport at 4am so of course I got a little bit excited the day before and got about an hours sleep. The flight itself was quick and I didn’t manage to get any sleep.


As I said I was a little organised and decided to book a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel, this is a shared service your driver is waiting for you in arrivals with a sign but you than have to wait for other passengers, the limit is 8 people and the service drops you to the door of your hotel.
We wore left waiting about an hour which was a little annoying and it was also very cold, I was so glad I packed a warm coat but we wore dropped off first.
The shuttle service cost us a total of €141 for two people return with Super Shuttle  

From the outside the Terras Hotel didn’t look great but as soon as you walk into the hotel you notice all the small touches and our greeted warmly by all the staff. Our check in was fast and our room was also ready, we wore also given a map on the city which was our lifeline for our stay.

We headed straight up to our room which I’m not gonna lie was a little disapointing it was on the small side but as I have been told most Paris hotel rooms are.
The reason we booked this hotel was because of the view but again it was disapointing our view was of a wall. I know this all sounds very bad and on my first day I was exhausted so all I could see was the negatives.

We left are bags in and headed straight out, we dedcided we would go straight to The Lourve and went to reception with are map and asked the best way to get there, we wore told to get the 95 bus and get of at The Lourve stop and it would cost €2 per person and the bus stop was across the street.
Anyone who knows me well knows I get lost very easy so managing to get to The Lourve with out getting lost is shocking.

When we arrived it was about 1’o clock and we needed food badly, I didnt take any pictures as it wasn’t great as soon as we wore finished we headed into the The Lourve there is two enty points we decdied to use the Pyramid entrances which there is always a que but it was quick so if you want to miss the que enter the shopping mall entrance.


Now security is tight but you expect it to be someone looks in your bag and than you go through a metal dector, we didn’t buy tickets before hand so we had to que to get tickets which was very quick and priced at €15 per person, we did get mixed up and ended up back in the shopping centre which I didn’t know was part of the Lourve, as i said my reseach on Paris was hardly anything at all so we had to go through security again.

We finally managed to get into the Lourve which is so big. I did know this beforehand, I am not that bad. I should of planned what I wanted to see before hand I think that is your best bet but of course we didn’t.
We went in a little blind to where we wore going, we just knew we wanted to see The Mona Lisa.

I’d say it took us about four hours to find her, but The Lourve is amazing place and I do wish I wasn’t so exhausted that day. I don’t think you could possible take in everything in one day apart from four hours.





We finally found the Mona Lisa, again i knew this painting would be small but because there is so many people around her you can’t really take it in. Its also very uncomfortable in this section as people are pushing to get to the front.


As you guessed I wasn’t a fan of the Mona Lisa to me there is so much more to see of The Lourve than just this painting.

As soon as we wore finished seeing the lady herself we decided to get out before we dropped and headed for the exit now we found are away out of the museum with no issue and headed into the shopping centre and grabbed a quick coffee.
This is where the fun began we couldn’t find an exit so I learned the most importmant word to know when in Paris is Sortie which is exit.

Again the public transport was no issue we hopped on to the 95 bus and headed back to the hotel where we ended up in bed at 9 we wore so exhausted.

Lots of Love



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Its Comming

I have been lusting after this dress/ cover up for months and have been hoping it would hit Penneys/Primark before my holiday and rumor has it, it will be in stores next week so here’s hoping its in before Thursday its priced at €20.

This is a perfect cover up for around the pool or beach.


If anyone see’s it in stores let me know

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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New swimsuit 

I booked my holiday this week I’m of to the Algrave for a week in May for a relaxing holiday with my Mam.

So I had to buy my first swimsuit of 2016 today, the one I wanted was sold out in black but found my size in the khaki. I love it and the rushed detail gives you a slimming effect and its priced at €14 from Primark/Penneys.


                          Happy Shopping



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€6 Riverisland Sunglasses

I promise I am not being sponsored by River Island (I wish) but it is my favourite high street shop so again I was in the sale section and spotted some amazing sunglasses and I couldn’t believe they are on sale.

So Ladies if you are heading away or just looking for treat check these out for €6.


Click here to buy 


these are my favourite
click here to buy 


Click here to buy

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Barcelona and Sitges Review

Well I have been home since Tuesday but I have been so lazy and kept meaning to do a review on my holiday but just kept putting to off.

Last Friday we flew into Barcelona for a wedding in Sitges we decided to spent our first night in Barcelona and stayed in a hotel in  La Rambla sorry I cannot remember the name of the hotel it was an ok hotel clean but small and it had free wifi I woundnt stay there again we arrived so early are room wasn’t ready so we left are bags and went sightseeing we ended up in a lovely food market and had a quick look around.image

We decided to do a sight seeing bus we decided to go on the red line which cost €27 I would not recommend this to anyone they just seemed to want you to shop and we really didn’t want to shop which is a first for me we stayed on the bus till we got to the Sagrada Famila church and there was thirty minute queue and general admission is €14.80 this church which is still being built outside is one of the most craziest church I have ever seen and it’s well worth a look.imageimageimageimageimage

After the church we went for ice cream in the shop just across from the church it was amazing and we got back on our bus and went back to the hotel and finally checked in and had a sleep we wore all exhausted and than we got ready for dinner and dancing again I didn’t get the name of the restaurant but we got a taxi to the port and went for tapas it was cold and horrible we wore all still hungry and than we went back to La Rambla and went for cocktails and than to a club.

I didn’t like Barcelona I didn’t feel safe I have done Thailand, Cambodia, Sydney, America and a good bit of Europe so I have traveled but everyone kept telling us to watch our bags our hotel going into the club people I told I was going and even that night walking home men kept pulling up in there cars and stopping I just didn’t feel safe.

The next day we made are way to Sitges by train which cost us €3 it took us a about thirty minutes by train to get there and we got a taxi to our hotel which was called hotel Sitges the hotel is boutique hotel located in a residential neighbourhood  five minute walk from beautiful beach and 10 minute walk to nightlife as soon as we arrived I felt like we wore on holidays.image

Our room was perfect size the bed is big and comfy and as there was three of us they put in a fold up bed and we had a lovely balcony which I loved doing my make up on the shower was amazing I could of lived in it but there was only one mirror and that was in the bathroom so with three girls getting ready it was a bit annoying.imageimageimageimage

Sitges is a gay friendly resort so I was thinking it was going to be mad but it was full of Spanish families on holidays and there is one strip which was good fun we went to parrot bar and had amazing cocktails which are priced at €7.50 and they wore very strong but we loved it and had a great first night in Sitges.image

Sunday was the day of the wedding and we meet for the bus at four and it wasn’t to hot that day it was just perfect the wedding was held in Casa Felix this house is amazing it was like something from the hills the wedding was amazing the ceremony held in the garden was stunning the wedding planner who is Irish was amazing when the ceremony was over we wore served tapas and there was a Spanish dancer and band playing in the court yard it and than we wore taken into the pool were everything was set up for dinner we had a lovely hazelnut, pineapple, mango, goat cheese salad to start fillet steak for dinner and dessert table it was perfect.image

imageThan it was time to party free bar all night serving amazing strawberry mojitos and an amazing band playing soul music and the lead singer Sinead savage happened to be Irish and after that a DJ it was an amazing night it beautiful venue.image

On Monday we went back to Casa Felix for a BBQ and wore given a tour of the house by the bride and the house is amazing well worth a google it is stunning house I would love to live thereimageimage

imagethe BBQ again was a lovely day so relaxing everyone was either in the pool or lying around and that night we had the guitars out and wore singing around the pool


later that night we ended up in parrots bar having more cocktails.imageimage

Tuesday was our last day and we finally made it to the old part of the town which is so pretty there is an old church and cannons it’s just a beautiful town and of course the day we wore leaving was the first day of the strikes in France thanks god are plane was only delayed by 2 hours.image

I had an amazing holiday and would recommend Sitges for a holiday it is a lovely town there is no mcdonalds, KFC or Burger Kings it is a relaxing holiday with amazing beaches and friendly people.



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What I am bringing on holiday

I really can’t belive I am doing this as I am the worse packer ever I bring way to much I even booked in a suitcase and I am only going for four nights I just can’t help myself.

i am planing on getting changed when I get to Barcelona as my flight is at 6am so I am planing on wearing black maxi dress, kimono, and necklace riverisland handbag newlook.image

Friday night is girls night out and I am bringing two dresses as I haven’t decided what to wear yet I know I am a nightmare

choice one red off the shoulder dress from miss selfridge and red water melon bag new look.

imagechoice two blue river island dress bag primark.image

Saturday riverisland dress and bag from first outfitimage

Riverisland cardigan for evening.

imageSunday is the wedding so I am wearing dress from warehouse bag from primark.image

Monday is Wedding BBQ I am wearing dress forever 21 bag and rings primark necklace is from macys .imageimage

Tuesday Dress from Guess and bag from first outfit. image