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Hair clips

Hair clip trend has around for a while now and it’s a trend I really like but you don’t want to break the bank.

I always look for cheap alternative’s for trends like this, AliExpress is the perfect place to look. Just type pearl hair clips into the search bar and thousand come up. The main tip I have from buying from Aliexpress is always read the reviews before buying and of course expect a long wait.

They wore €1.22 each

€ 1.12



This clip is my favourite €1.21

As you can see, the most expensive clip I got was €1.22. The quality is amazing for that price and the wait didn’t bother me.

Happy shopping

Lots of love



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Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Diamond Crystalli Liquidi Review

Alfaparf is an Italian brand and my hair dressers Introduced me to there products, this is my first time ever purchasing an Alfaparf product.

My hair dresser had always used this oil on my hair and the smell is amazing, it’s the reason I bought it.

So let’s get down to the benefits, gives your hair instant gloss, protects against humidity and harsh external agents that leave the hair dull and brittle. Hair looks, feels and smells amazing. It also reduces blow dry time.

After washing your hair you apply a small amount to your hair before brushing, this also helps to reduce knots.

Now I haven’t got a clue of it helps reduce blow dry time, as I don’t blow dry my hair. I have naturally curly hair, I wear it curly well except when the hair dresser straightens it. Curly hair needs hydration, I find using an oil after washing gives it an extra boost. I did notice a difference in my hair when using this, my hair was more glossy and silkier also did I mention the smell.

I’ve also used it between washes, to give my hair a bit of shine, help with frizz and to freshen up my curls.

The main question will I buy again, yes I will be buying it next time I’m in the hairdressers.

Price point for 50ml, its priced at €19.95 and it lasts ages Click here to buy.

Happy shopping

Lots of love


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Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioners

I have naturally curly hair just in case you didn’t know this.
Over the last seven month’s my hair has been sulfate free.

What are sulfates otherwise known as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)  , don’t worry I hadn’t a clue either till I found out about the curly hair method and that Sulfate is not good for curly hair and even worse it’s in most Shampoos and Conditioners.
So Sulfate is basically the foaming agent that makes the suds in our shampoo and it is a surface-active agent which reduces the tension of water so this helps your shampoo loosen the grease and sebum from your hair and scalp which all sounds good to me but then when you think about it, it’s just a detergent for your hair and do I really to use a detergent in my hair.


Sulfates does help clean your hair but they are also strip your hair of natural oils.
Which in curly hair you need those natural oils to hydrate your hair so sulfates are stripping your curls of the moisture they need.
Ladies who colour their hair and spend a fortune in the hairdressers like myself sulfate fades the colour of your hair.

The first difference when using a sulfate free shampoo is the suds, you do miss them and it takes a while to get use to no suds and you do wonder if you are really giving your hair a good wash but don’t worry you are.

I have no noticed a difference since going sulfate free my hair is curlier healthier and my colour lasts longer. My hairdresser has also noticed a difference she said it was less frizzy which is a big thing for me.

Read the labels of your shampoo and conditioner before using them and check if they have sulfate.

At the moment I am using Shea moisture Shampoo and Conditioner I picked these up in boots and they are €14.99 each so wait till they are on three for two. I am going to do a full review but at the moment I am not sure if I will re-purchase this one or try something new.

Lots of Love



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Aurora Band Rate or Slate 

I think everyone has seen Aurora band by now, I ordered mine after seeing it online and everyone’s hair just looked amazing after wearing it overnight so I had big hopes for this and it is priced at €13.99 and postage of €2 which isn’t even the price of one curly blow dry.

Face on pack and band shot 2

I have naturally curly hair so of course I blow dried my hair somewhat straight but still a little damp and also watched the video a few times on how to do it.
I began the process of splitting my hair in two section like pig tails at the back I started wrapping my hair around the band and it kind a sticks to the velcro and then I pulled it through and then added it to the next section till I reached the middle of the band and then started on the other side leaving a gap at the back between the two sides when I was finished. The process got easier as you do it and you would need to be sitting in front of a mirror the most important thing for this part is to leave the gap at the back.

That night I slept in it took me a while to get comfortable and the next morning I was very excited to take it out till I began doing it, it was a nightmare I even got the stress sweats. There was also a few tears from pulling the head of myself and worrying what damage I was doing. My hair looked horrible and frizzy not a curl in it.

I assumed it looked this way because I got stressed so a few weeks later I said I’ll give it a go again. The process of putting it in was so easy this time and taking it out was easier as well I didn’t get stressed and took my time, I was still pulling the head of myself. The Velcro just kept making my hair frizzy so maybe if you have perfect straight hair it may work, well at least I hope it might. My hair looked fizzy and not a curl I just looked like I woke up and didn’t brush my hair. After looking more into and speaking to a few people turns out I was lucky and didn’t have to cut it out, even my hair dresser told me a horror story.

I’m sorry to say I’m slating the Aurora Band.

 I did take pictures but I delated them as I felt I shouldn’t write a bad review, as I read an interview with a blogger I use to follow saying if she doesn’t like a product she just doesn’t write about it. I decided to listen to this advice which was as silly of me as you should always do your own thing.

I was going to do it again to show everyone but I just couldn’t do it to my hair.

Lots of Love



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Curly Look

I had heard amazing things about the Curly look Salon based in the Proud Salon in Glasnevin. I got in touch with them through Facebook on 26th May to make an appointment I was asked to send three pictures of my hair down and curly, one front picture, side and back which I done straight away.

I wanted my appointment for the 11th June, so I booked well in advance and I was told on the day of the appointment to wash my hair using conditioner only and leave abit in and style my hair with conditioner as well.  I was told to wear my hair curly which have never been told this before by a hairdresser, of course I was very excited and I informed my normal hairdresser I would be cheating on her, she took it well.

hair styled with conditioner  only

My appointment was at 11am but of course I arrived 10 minutes early and couldn’t wait to get my hair done. Saulo my hair dresser was in the middle of cutting a lady with amazing curls and ten times curly than my hair so I kind of assumed he was nearly finished as my appointment was at 11, this was only the beginning of her treatment. As I was waiting another lady arrived again with amazing curls and she was in a hurry also both lady’s wore regular clients I was asked kindly would I mind if she skipped me, as there was a mix up booking. Now I had made my appointment back on 26th May so I felt like I had given enough notice for this not to happen. I of course smiled and said yes, after all this man is going to cut my hair I want him to love me. At no time was I offered a coffee/ tea or water thankfully I had a book and a bottle of water. About an hour and half later it was my turn.


 Of course my hair has been straightened a lot so my natural curl is not as curly as what it used to be. Saulo told me I needed to stop straightening my hair and start using the curly method he informed me I needed a good bit cut off but he would only take a small bit of as he understood how hard it would be, I told him to take abit more but not as short as he would like. The cut itself was done with my hair dry and curly.

My hair was than washed I was handed a mirror to hold how I could see how he washes my hair, no shampoo was used instead a Cleanser was used.

There is a lot to take in and I do think it would be a good idea if he handed you out a leaflet at the end of your visit. So here goes and I may have gotten bits wrong lol.

I am to stop using shampoo straight away as it’s all about keeping my hair hydrated and shampoos contain sulfate and these chemicals are too harsh for curly hair and strip the hair of your natural moisture. I am now to Co-wash

Co washing is using only Conditioner to wash your hair. As moisture is very important to my hair I am to rinse water on my hair for at least two minutes.  A cleanser is than used on my hair this is massaged into my scalp, Cleansers are gentler and help hydrate your hair unlike Shampoos and contain no sulfates so this helps balance my hair without stripping the natural oils. The Cleanser is than rinsed from my hair.
Than I am to use conditioner on the bottom of my hair and with my hands I am to detangle my hair, this means no more using a hair brush madness I know. I am also not to rinse out all the conditioner I am to leave some in my hair. As you may have guessed this is a lot to take in as you are getting your hair washed.

After my hair was washed a micro fibre towel was used to squeeze out water but you can also use an old cotton t-shirt or a pyjama top. Than Saulo split my hair into four sections, sides, back and top and evenly applied silicone-free gel evenly to my hair and scrunched it.
Saulo added small clips to lift roots of my hair and put me under a dryer while he moved on to his next lady.

I’d say I was about 30 to 40 minutes under the dryer. I was told to sit back on the chair, at this stage I touched my hair and it felt kind of hard but when Saulo put his hands in my hair and shook it the hardness left, he then gave it another trim and my hair was ready to go.

This visit cost €50 he Saulo had no product left to sell me and told me to call back on Thursday but after a bit of research online, I have ordered what I want from Amazon as you can’t seem to get the products in Ireland. I will let you all know how I get on.

When I got home I wasn’t happy with my curl on the front of my hair at all it just didn’t look curly as I was going out that night I didn’t want to wash my hair so I quickly washed just the front bit and used my own product and it worked out well.

as you can see I am not happy as all

Below picture is how my hair normally looks.
There is a big differance and also as you can see in the picture above me hair looks hard which is something I hate


I’m still not sold on the Curly look Salon for my type of curl but if you have a very tight curl you will love it, I picked up some great tips but you can find them all here Curly method. Saulo was very warm and talkative and seems like a lovely guy but at the end I just felt my hair didn’t look amazing and I would of liked if he done something with the front. I’m not sure I will be heading back but you never know.


After I washed the front of my hair

Since my visit I have been only using conditioner and haven’t used a hairbrush and its been going good, I’m looking forward to using the cleanser but I know I am going to find it hard not to getting a blow dry as I love the sleek look.

Lots of Love


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Curly blow dry

I booked my hair into be strightend for the long weekend I would normally get a curly blow dry but as I was heading out early on Saturday I booked my hair into be done on Friday and decided I would just run the straightners over my hair on Saturday my amazing hairdresser suggested I get my haired pinned up so she curled my hair the way she normally would and than uses a bobby pin to pin my hair up and I just take the pins out.


I’m not gonna lie I was very worried this wasn’t gonna work out and also it was fine to sleep on, on Saturday it took me about 5 minutes to take all the Bobby’s pins out and just sprayed some hair spay and my hair was perfect for Saturday and lasted all day it cost €35 have to say I will get this done again.



Lots of Love



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Boots Essentials Curl Creme

This product is amazing not only is it amazing but it’s only €2.49/£1.99. I have natural curly hair and I wear my hair curly I also have a strange curl as my curl starts from the root so I find it hard to straighten it. If I’m honest I don’t even try I let the hairdresser do it, as I can never get my root straight.

I am always on the look out for curly hair products, I noticed this as I was going to the till in boots and decided to add it to my basket.


Click here to buy 

I normally use frizz ease mouse and hair serum but these are a lot more expensive then the curl creme and if I am honest I didn’t really think this product would be that good my hair has changed a lot over the years not sure if it’s an age thing or just because I want though a faze where I strightend my hair a lot so my hair is not as curly as it use to be. So before I used to be able to wash curl and dry my hair and be ready to go now my hair needs time to set the curl so the first night I tried this I didn’t have time to set my curl because I was heading out and I wasn’t happy with my hair, my hair was dry at the time so I just decided to add a small bit to my hair and I was so shocked my curls wore more defined and looked noticeable more curly in secounds.


Since than I have been just using the curl creme on wet hair and my hair is more curly I also feel it make my hair look thicker as well which is a good thing and you only really need a small bit it really goes a long way .



Lots of Love



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Birthday Present Idea

Anyone who follows me on instragam knows I am planning my 30th Birthday I know very scary and of course my friends are all turning 30 at the moment last weekend my best friend was the first one to turn the big 30 and she coped very well with it I have a feeling I will have a good cry the day I turn 30.

So I have been looking for ideas what i could buy her and came across a 30th Survival kit on line so I decided to make my own one and the good thing about this is you can do it on the cheap and add things into suit there personalty.

 bag 3


Here is what I added to the survival kit


The first thing Picked up was a champange party popper from dealz €1.49

Life line to take before she started drinking


Bottle of Moet Champange

bag 2 bag

Hangover Outfit for Sunday from Primark/ Penneys

bag bag bag 2

Can of Coke and some munches to help with the hangover


pain killers if the food doesn’t work

bag bag2

My friend has a little girl so I added these in how she could keep her occuipied while she was hung over.


Bubble bath how she can relax

bag 2 bag 3 bag

face, hand and hair mask

My Friend loved this present and I gave it to her before her birthday how she could use it before the big day

 bag 2

Lots of Love



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My Saturday Style And The Script

On Saturday I want to see The Script in Croke Park all week I have been praying that it wouldnt rain and thank god my prayers wore answered as I decided to get my make-up and hair done as we wore making a night of it.

My hairdresser decided to do something a bit different and pop rollers into my hair and I have to say I really love how full my hair looked my makeup was very full on I did feel a bit drag queen but I got used to it.

IMG_5012 IMG_5010

As for the outfit I decided to wear a midi black dress and unicorn bag  I picked up in the New Look sale and the long kimono and shoes are from from Primark/Penneys.


I met my friend Becky in Connolly train station and walked down to Croke Park stopping for a few drinks on the way and atmosphare was amazing we arrived just on time to see Pharrell Williams who as always was amazing he got the crowd going and sang his new and old songs and even got a load of children on stage dancing to Happy.




Than it was time for the The Script what an entrance they walked through the crowds with green flags coming for everywhere it was amazing entrance they sang all the songs you wanted them to and were amazing with the crowd. My favourite moment was when they moved to a smaller stage right in the middle of the crowd and sang The Man Can’t be moved and in very touching moment they dedicated If You Could See Me Now to the families of the Berkeley Tragedy.





I have to say it really was a memorable night.

Lots of Love



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Review Boots Ingredients Coconut and Almond Leave – in Conditioner 150ml

This has to be one of my favourite products at the moment Boots Ingredients Coconut and Almond Leave – in Conditioner 150ml priced at €2.49/£1.49 and it’s also a bargain at this price    .

The package is simple and for this price what more could you really want.



Product description

With extracts of coconut and almond, Boots Ingredients Coconut & Almond Leave-In Conditioner is specially formulated to moisturise and smooth, leaving hair soft and tangle free.

Directions For Use: After shampooing, towel dry hair.  Spray conditioner from root to tip and comb through.


I have natural curly hair and I wear my hair curly so on like straight haired girls I have never used dry shampoo and would never dream of using it as my hair needs moisture I used this product day and night I spray it when my hair is wet to detangle my hair and I also spray it at night before I go to bed to give my hair some moisture and first thing in the morning to refresh my curls I am no longer reaching for mouse or serum in the mornings oh and I love the smell its not to strong just a light smell.

Lots of Love