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Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Diamond Crystalli Liquidi Review

Alfaparf is an Italian brand and my hair dressers Introduced me to there products, this is my first time ever purchasing an Alfaparf product.

My hair dresser had always used this oil on my hair and the smell is amazing, it’s the reason I bought it.

So let’s get down to the benefits, gives your hair instant gloss, protects against humidity and harsh external agents that leave the hair dull and brittle. Hair looks, feels and smells amazing. It also reduces blow dry time.

After washing your hair you apply a small amount to your hair before brushing, this also helps to reduce knots.

Now I haven’t got a clue of it helps reduce blow dry time, as I don’t blow dry my hair. I have naturally curly hair, I wear it curly well except when the hair dresser straightens it. Curly hair needs hydration, I find using an oil after washing gives it an extra boost. I did notice a difference in my hair when using this, my hair was more glossy and silkier also did I mention the smell.

I’ve also used it between washes, to give my hair a bit of shine, help with frizz and to freshen up my curls.

The main question will I buy again, yes I will be buying it next time I’m in the hairdressers.

Price point for 50ml, its priced at €19.95 and it lasts ages Click here to buy.

Happy shopping

Lots of love


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Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioners

I have naturally curly hair just in case you didn’t know this.
Over the last seven month’s my hair has been sulfate free.

What are sulfates otherwise known as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)  , don’t worry I hadn’t a clue either till I found out about the curly hair method and that Sulfate is not good for curly hair and even worse it’s in most Shampoos and Conditioners.
So Sulfate is basically the foaming agent that makes the suds in our shampoo and it is a surface-active agent which reduces the tension of water so this helps your shampoo loosen the grease and sebum from your hair and scalp which all sounds good to me but then when you think about it, it’s just a detergent for your hair and do I really to use a detergent in my hair.


Sulfates does help clean your hair but they are also strip your hair of natural oils.
Which in curly hair you need those natural oils to hydrate your hair so sulfates are stripping your curls of the moisture they need.
Ladies who colour their hair and spend a fortune in the hairdressers like myself sulfate fades the colour of your hair.

The first difference when using a sulfate free shampoo is the suds, you do miss them and it takes a while to get use to no suds and you do wonder if you are really giving your hair a good wash but don’t worry you are.

I have no noticed a difference since going sulfate free my hair is curlier healthier and my colour lasts longer. My hairdresser has also noticed a difference she said it was less frizzy which is a big thing for me.

Read the labels of your shampoo and conditioner before using them and check if they have sulfate.

At the moment I am using Shea moisture Shampoo and Conditioner I picked these up in boots and they are €14.99 each so wait till they are on three for two. I am going to do a full review but at the moment I am not sure if I will re-purchase this one or try something new.

Lots of Love



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Boots Essentials Curl Creme

This product is amazing not only is it amazing but it’s only €2.49/£1.99. I have natural curly hair and I wear my hair curly I also have a strange curl as my curl starts from the root so I find it hard to straighten it. If I’m honest I don’t even try I let the hairdresser do it, as I can never get my root straight.

I am always on the look out for curly hair products, I noticed this as I was going to the till in boots and decided to add it to my basket.


Click here to buy 

I normally use frizz ease mouse and hair serum but these are a lot more expensive then the curl creme and if I am honest I didn’t really think this product would be that good my hair has changed a lot over the years not sure if it’s an age thing or just because I want though a faze where I strightend my hair a lot so my hair is not as curly as it use to be. So before I used to be able to wash curl and dry my hair and be ready to go now my hair needs time to set the curl so the first night I tried this I didn’t have time to set my curl because I was heading out and I wasn’t happy with my hair, my hair was dry at the time so I just decided to add a small bit to my hair and I was so shocked my curls wore more defined and looked noticeable more curly in secounds.


Since than I have been just using the curl creme on wet hair and my hair is more curly I also feel it make my hair look thicker as well which is a good thing and you only really need a small bit it really goes a long way .



Lots of Love



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Boots Coconut & Almond Intensive Hair Mask Review

After trying and loving the boots leave in conditioner I just had to try Boots Coconut & Almond Intensive Hair mask priced at €2.99 click here to buy.


Let’s start with the price and packaging because they are the first things you notice when buying any product. The price is amazing €2.99 for a product this size and I like the packaging its plain and white to me it looks crisp and clean which is something I like.


So the product itself has extracts of coconut and almond oil and is specially formulated to smooth frizz, leaving hair soft, shiny, tangle free and deeply moisturized well this is what it promises to do.


I have been using this hair mask for about a month now I have curly hair so my hair does get dry and I would use this mask twice a week maybe more if my hair is very tangled. I normal shampoo my hair wash the shampoo out than put the mask on and then put on a shower cap and I get on with exfoliating and shaving my legs and so on so the mask is left on for about ten minutes. Straight away I notice my hair is soft and less tangled which to me is always a good sign now one thing I don’t like about this product is the smell its just not that strong I like a strong scent and coconut scent in this is not that strong that to me is the only down side to this hair mask it leaves my hair shiny and silky.


This product also last ages which also surprised me as I have been using it a lot and have really noticed a difference in hair for €2.99 you really can’t go wrong.

Lots of Love




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Garnier Ultimate Blends 1 minute treatment the sleek restorer with coconut oil and cocoa butter review

I have been using the Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner for a while now and I decided to try out Garnier Ultimate Blends 1 minute treatment the sleek restorer with coconut oil and cocoa butter priced at €5.29 in boots this is for dry, frizzy hair I have natural curly hair and I wear my hair curly so this treatment is perfect for my hair.


Let’s start with the smell again I love a strong scent and I love the smell of this product and could not stop smelling my hair all day. The first time I used this product I left it on for a minute and my hair was very tangled and I have to say it really helped get out all the tangles and my hair was so shiny and felt hydrated since than I have been leaving it on a little longer to really let it nourish my hair as I had balayage in my hair which I have now gotten rid of and gone back to dark brown.

I really like this hair treatment as it really does what it says and it’s perfect for when you are in a hurry.



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Curly Hair

I was talking to my friend today about my blog as I want to do more beauty product as I am bit of a product junkie and she said I have to do one regarding curly hair.

I have natural curly hair I have given up trying to straightening it myself and when I do get it straight I go to the hairdresser which is about twice a month as my curl is at the root it’s very hard for me to straighten myself.

i decided to do a step by step process on curly hair not sure this would work on anyone with very straight hair but if you have a bit of a wave I would love to know how you got on.


i read on a curly hair website you should just only use conditioner i gave this a shot but really didn’t notice the difference so I went back to only using shampoo but I only use a small amount.

At the moment I am using mane n tail but it might not suit everyone not all hair conditioner and shampoos suit my hair .

The shampoo is a color protect priced at €8.95 but the conditioner priced at €6.95 is the original one so it is also can be used on horses it helps to maintain longer and healthier hair and have you ever seen a horses mane they are always shining I have noticed a difference and so as my hairdresser my hair grows a lot faster,

You can purchase them in boots but it does not seem to be on the website so you can order it directly from


Anyone with curly hair or just bad knots remembers as a child being chased by there mam to brush there hair welI I do and I hated getting  my hair pulled  thank god that is all in the past now.


first up I spray my hair with unique one priced at €7.95 I get mine in my salon but will be now buying it there as it’s cheaper.

This is a an all in one hair treatment with 10 effects.

  1. Repair for dry and damaged hair
  2. Shine and frizz control
  3. Heat protection
  4. Silkness and smoothness
  5. Hair color protection/ UVA and UVB filters
  6. Ease brushing and straightening
  7. Incredible detangling
  8. Long lasting hair style
  9. split ends prevention
  10. Adds body.

I spray about 7-12  sprays in my hair it depends on how knotty it is and than brush my hair with tangle teezer priced at 15.99 in boots  I love this brush it just glides through my hair and most importantly no pulling.


To me this is the most important part the product use to much and your hair is hard to little and it’s frizzy.


First product I use is L’Oreal Paris elivive extra ordinary oil priced at €8.55 in boots this is a 5 in 1 miracle hair perfector.

  1. Hair has a glowing shine
  2. Feels intensely nourished
  3. Flows with silky softness
  4. Seems sumptuously smooth
  5. Looks beautifully perfected.

I use about three drops in my hair and I can feel the difference straight away my hair feels so soft .

Up next is john frieda frizz ease curl reviver corrective styling mousse €7.49 in boots  this tames frizz and contains sunscreen  I use about a fistful and work into hair.

Up next and my favourite products is Umberto Giannini scrunching curl friend jelly I love the smell of this product but i can only seem to get this in boots so i always bulk buy in boots it’s priced at €6.49 this product is great for defining curls make sure you scrunch evenly throughout your hair.


Than I get a bobbin while my hair is still wet and put it in a bun on the top of my head for around a half an hour not sure how I figured this out but it makes my hair a lot more curly and defined.


Not a great look but I wanted to show you what I meant by the bun.


i love letting my hair dry natural but I never have the time so I do half and half as I call it I leave it to dry half way and use the hair dryer for the other half than I use mane n tail shine priced at €11.95 this smells amazing leaves a great shine and it’s great to carry in your handbag to use during the day to put abit of life into your curls.


curly hair never looks great the next day oh this is how I figured out the bun trick I sleep with a bun in the top of my head and began to notice my curls looked good the next day i would normal put some umberto giannini scrunching jelly in my hair put it in a bun and go to bed and it looks great the next day but I was planning on having a shower before I went out today so I didn’t bother but of course I woke up late and was meeting my friend for lunch so I added the scrunching jelly and mouse put my hair in the bun and done my make-up and got dressed and left my hair till last

imageAlso not a great pic but hope you can see the curls