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My week

The first week of 2017 is already over, it wasn’t a bad week getting back into work was hard but not too bad maybe because I started back on the Tuesday and only had four days, which helped.

This year I am trying to blog more as I feel I’ve lost the love of it just a little, I have been thinking why I started it in the first place, it was because I wanted an escape route as I was in a very unhappy place. I hated my job and I was being treated horrible by a manager and it was killing me each day so I started blogging as a way to escape at times.
Thankfully I decided to get myself away from that situation and I’ve become a happier and healthier person for it. It’s amazing how a bully can have such a horrible effect on your life even as an adult.

Over the last week I have been thinking what I want out of 2017 and I want to be happy which I am at the moment, healthy somewhat at the moment and have savings which I use to have, Since  I started working in town (I am around the corner from Penney’s) I can’t seem to save at all.
This year is going to be about saving and trying to cut down on how much I spend in Penney’s and shopping in general.

Last week I did thing’s for myself that I enjoyed doing and took time for myself instead of sitting in front of the T.V.
January is a depressing month so I spent Wednesday evening pampering myself having a bath, face mask, eye mask which came in a hamper, my Mam got me for Christmas. I also got a white fluffy dressing gown and white slippers to make it feel like a proper pamper session.


On Friday evening I finally used the new pyjamas I picked up in Penney’s/Primark last year but left them in work over the Christmas so finally got to use them, there is just something about new pyjamas that always makes me happy.


The weekend was very lazy weekend mainly because I have no money so Sunday we brought the dog to Dollymount beach to go for a walk.
We got a new dog three months ago I really believed after are last dog died we would not be getting a new but after 5 months we realised the house didn’t feel the same. I was thinking of buying a dog as I would love a Basset hound or a French bull dog but we have always rescued dogs after really thinking about it I knew I couldn’t purchase a dog. Our search for a dog began now of course I wanted a puppy and I also wanted a female dog as I have never owned a male dog before. So of course I didn’t get a puppy I got a two year old boy dog, which has worked out perfect he has fit right in and has a great personality and loves a cuddle.


Lots of Love



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Paris Day One

A few months ago I managed to get tickets to Paris for €20 return, flying out on a Monday and returning on a Thursday, flying from Dublin to Beavais, which is about 80 minutes from Paris.

The flights wore the only thing I managed to get cheap, I decided I wanted to stay in a nice hotel so I spoke to a friend who regularly goes to Paris and he suggested Terrass Hotel in Montmartre.
I would like to say I was organised for this trip but I really wasn’t, in the airport I finally picked up a book about Paris to read on the plane. I did book a few things beforehand but I was unorganised mess.



Our flight to Paris was at 6am which meant we had to be in the airport at 4am so of course I got a little bit excited the day before and got about an hours sleep. The flight itself was quick and I didn’t manage to get any sleep.


As I said I was a little organised and decided to book a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel, this is a shared service your driver is waiting for you in arrivals with a sign but you than have to wait for other passengers, the limit is 8 people and the service drops you to the door of your hotel.
We wore left waiting about an hour which was a little annoying and it was also very cold, I was so glad I packed a warm coat but we wore dropped off first.
The shuttle service cost us a total of €141 for two people return with Super Shuttle  

From the outside the Terras Hotel didn’t look great but as soon as you walk into the hotel you notice all the small touches and our greeted warmly by all the staff. Our check in was fast and our room was also ready, we wore also given a map on the city which was our lifeline for our stay.

We headed straight up to our room which I’m not gonna lie was a little disapointing it was on the small side but as I have been told most Paris hotel rooms are.
The reason we booked this hotel was because of the view but again it was disapointing our view was of a wall. I know this all sounds very bad and on my first day I was exhausted so all I could see was the negatives.

We left are bags in and headed straight out, we dedcided we would go straight to The Lourve and went to reception with are map and asked the best way to get there, we wore told to get the 95 bus and get of at The Lourve stop and it would cost €2 per person and the bus stop was across the street.
Anyone who knows me well knows I get lost very easy so managing to get to The Lourve with out getting lost is shocking.

When we arrived it was about 1’o clock and we needed food badly, I didnt take any pictures as it wasn’t great as soon as we wore finished we headed into the The Lourve there is two enty points we decdied to use the Pyramid entrances which there is always a que but it was quick so if you want to miss the que enter the shopping mall entrance.


Now security is tight but you expect it to be someone looks in your bag and than you go through a metal dector, we didn’t buy tickets before hand so we had to que to get tickets which was very quick and priced at €15 per person, we did get mixed up and ended up back in the shopping centre which I didn’t know was part of the Lourve, as i said my reseach on Paris was hardly anything at all so we had to go through security again.

We finally managed to get into the Lourve which is so big. I did know this beforehand, I am not that bad. I should of planned what I wanted to see before hand I think that is your best bet but of course we didn’t.
We went in a little blind to where we wore going, we just knew we wanted to see The Mona Lisa.

I’d say it took us about four hours to find her, but The Lourve is amazing place and I do wish I wasn’t so exhausted that day. I don’t think you could possible take in everything in one day apart from four hours.





We finally found the Mona Lisa, again i knew this painting would be small but because there is so many people around her you can’t really take it in. Its also very uncomfortable in this section as people are pushing to get to the front.


As you guessed I wasn’t a fan of the Mona Lisa to me there is so much more to see of The Lourve than just this painting.

As soon as we wore finished seeing the lady herself we decided to get out before we dropped and headed for the exit now we found are away out of the museum with no issue and headed into the shopping centre and grabbed a quick coffee.
This is where the fun began we couldn’t find an exit so I learned the most importmant word to know when in Paris is Sortie which is exit.

Again the public transport was no issue we hopped on to the 95 bus and headed back to the hotel where we ended up in bed at 9 we wore so exhausted.

Lots of Love



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100th Post

So this is my 100th post so I decided I wanted to do random facts about me I have read other bloggers and really enjoyed learning more about there lives so hope you enjoy.


  1. I am the baby of the family 14 years between me and my brother and 18 years between me and my sister so I was just a little spoiled as child.image
  2. I love to travel and my favourite place is Thailand I have been there a few times and a bit of my heart will always be there.image
  3. Well I am sure people have noticed my terrible spelling I do try but I am dyslexic so I am sorry if any of  my spelling mistakes got on your nerves 🙂 image
  4. I was obsessed with Buffy the vampire slayer when I was younger and my baby is called Buffyimage
  5. Buffy is dog not sure what type as she is a rescue dog she is also spoiled rotten and I adore her.image
  6. Back to travel this is a strange one I have been to Memphis twice and have stayed in The heart break hotel. image
  7. I trained as a beauty therapist and reflexology but decided it wasn’t for me.image
  8. I love reading and read at least two books a week.image
  9. I have no piercings at all I never got my ears pierced which everyone thinks is strange.image
  10. I own not one but two pairs of cowboy boots oh and one pair are pink I was also obsessed with cowboys when I was younger and I still know how to loin dance cringe.image

Well I hope you enjoyed reading ten random facts about me.