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Talika Bubble Mask Bio Detox

I got this mask in look fantastic it’s priced at €9.95, it’s a little pricey for a mask.

This is a foaming charcoal mask, charcoal is fantastic for helping with blocked poses and blemishes and Korean Rice Wine balances the skin tone while soothing damaged skin and replenishing vital moisture.

You leave the mask on for ten minutes and it’s foams a lot, If you are looking for a sheet mask for the plane, do not buy this one. After the 10 minutes you remove the mask and massage the excess foam in and rinse.

It’s a nice a mask but it left my skin feeling dry, I prefer a mask that makes my skin feel more moisturised.

The most important question would I repurchase and no I wouldn’t.

Lots of love



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Review PS Love to Glow Face Mask

P.S Love to Glow range is from Penney’s/Primark its budget skin care they have three products in this range mask, a serum and a moisturiser.

I decided to pick up the mask priced at €3.50.


Let’s start with the first thing you notice the packaging for €3.50 I was not expecting much but I have to say it looks expensive it comes in a box with all the details of the product and then inside you have a glass jar so I am very impressed by this.

This mask is a dupe of Glamglow YouthMud which I have never used so I can’t compare them.


Opening the jar you see straight away it a grey muddy looking mask which I applied to freshly cleansed skin using my fingers, I did have to double layer the product which surprised me as looking at the mask in the jar you wouldn’t think it .

My skin did tingle when it first went on but reading other people’s reviews they are saying it didn’t but again very important to note everyone’s skin is different.
I also liked that it had a cooling effect on my skin which I really liked, I’m not a lover of a facemask that has a heating effect on my skin so this is perfect for me.

I leave the mask on for 15 minutes it says 10 on the box but I feel it needs a little bit longer on my skin I than use lukewarm water to slowly massage and exfoliated my skin and it work you can feel the grit in the mask.


My skin always looks amazing after using this mask it leaves my skin soft, hydrated and blemish free.  I have been using this mask twice a week for over a month I feel you should never rave/ or moan about a product till you have used it over a month how you can see the effect on your skin.

I will be buying this Mask again for €3.50 you can’t go wrong.

Lots of Love



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Birthday Present Idea

Anyone who follows me on instragam knows I am planning my 30th Birthday I know very scary and of course my friends are all turning 30 at the moment last weekend my best friend was the first one to turn the big 30 and she coped very well with it I have a feeling I will have a good cry the day I turn 30.

So I have been looking for ideas what i could buy her and came across a 30th Survival kit on line so I decided to make my own one and the good thing about this is you can do it on the cheap and add things into suit there personalty.

 bag 3


Here is what I added to the survival kit


The first thing Picked up was a champange party popper from dealz €1.49

Life line to take before she started drinking


Bottle of Moet Champange

bag 2 bag

Hangover Outfit for Sunday from Primark/ Penneys

bag bag bag 2

Can of Coke and some munches to help with the hangover


pain killers if the food doesn’t work

bag bag2

My friend has a little girl so I added these in how she could keep her occuipied while she was hung over.


Bubble bath how she can relax

bag 2 bag 3 bag

face, hand and hair mask

My Friend loved this present and I gave it to her before her birthday how she could use it before the big day

 bag 2

Lots of Love



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No 7 Beautiful Skin Energising Mask Review

Every Sunday I love having a pamper day hair, face, hand mask so this week I was in boots and picked up N0 7 beautiful skin energising mask priced at €16.25

This peel off mask promises to awakens skin with a burst of freshness and radiance. It will instantly rehydrate and revitalise, leaving your skin complexion looking visibly brighter sounds good to me.



One thing I have to say for €16.25 the packaging is only ok it could do with an upgrade it looks a little cheap looking.

As you can see you can see into the bottle and it’s a yellow orange liquid and it looks like it’s gonna be easy to apply but it’s sticky and it’s hard to spread on your skin I applied it to my skin and left to on for ten minutes you can feel the mask tighten on your skin and it’s hard to move your facial muscles it’s not uncomfortable but it does feel like the mask is working.


Than comes the tricky part peeling the mask off it doesn’t come off all together it comes off in bits it is annoying but as it comes off you really notice how glowing your skin looks and how soft it feels.

Overall I like this product it has it’s bad points but my skin looked radiant and I can’t wait to use it before I have a night out as I think my skin would look amazing.