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My month 

I can’t believe it’s June already May just flew by.

I am meant to do a weekly what have I been up to but my life really isn’t that interesting lol, so instead I am trying to do monthly update.

I went to an Italian restaurant which of course I can’t remember the name, story of my life but the food was yum.


I also went to see George Ezra in the Olympia which is an amazing venue, I have to say it was an amazing gig, he has an amazing voice and he really didn’t need the band.

Before the gig we went for cocktails in the Porterhouse in Templebar and they wore amazing.
The only thing was the gig was on a Monday night, so I was dying in work the next day.

The weather in May, was good and I have been walking the dog most evenings. I have been heading to Father Collins park in Donaghmede, its such a nice park and the Scrappy loves looking at the ducks


Here’s to a fun and happy June.

Lots of Love




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Afternoon Tea at the Westin 

As far as I am concerned, The Westin is the best place in Dublin to have afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea is served in the Atrium lounge which is such a pretty setting, it’s hard to believe you are in the heart of Dublin City centre. Afternoon tea is priced at €34 per person.

This place is perfect for a special occasion, the staff are so friendly and couldn’t do enough. 

Of course I did get a little dressed up, I decided to go a little summary and wore gingham culottes from Penneys/Primark, I think they are €15 and white tiered sleeve top from Boohoo €10 and my YSL handbag.

Hope everyone had a great bank holiday

Lots of love



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My Week

My week has turned into my last two weeks as always I seem to get a little lazy.
The first week was all about food, all I seemed to be doing was eating.

Monday I met with a friend for lunch. We went to the church bar I had the pulled beef brisket sandwich with fries, it as nice but messy.


Than that evening I decided to call into off beat donuts on Georges Quay  and got two donuts, carmel toffee ring and a white coffee donut. They wore both nice but I did prefer the coffee one more.


This weeks nails wore No 7 gel finish, I got this in the No7 set I got for Christmas. I am very impressed with this nail polish it didn’t chip and had a nice finish.


The 52 book challanage is still going strong last week was book 4 of 52. Finally a book I really enjoyed, The Associate by John Grisham again I picked this up in a charity shop for €3. The main charcater is Kyle McAvoy he is legal student one of the top legal student’s in the country and is blackmailed into taken a job most law students would dream of doing except this was not Kyle’s dream. I didn’t want to like Kyle at the start but he was one of the good guy’s, Also the ending I just wanted more, I wanted to know what happened with his life.


On Sunday I cooked first ever roast dinner, and it was nice and I managed not to burn the house down.

The secound week, I didn’t really get up to much mid week, but my new skin care products arrived from The Ordinary.
I am going to do a quick post hopefully this week and than a real review in about months time to let you know how I am getting on.


Saturday was all about hair and make-up as I was heading out. I wore my new dress from Penneys, which was abit to low cut for my liking, I felt it was a little to much so next time I will be putting a black cami top under it.


The night didn’t go very well as I got very ill it was’t the drink, as I didn’t even get to finish my first drink and had to leave but I did feel fab before I was ill.

Lots of Love



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Cassmadabout life

I decided to change the name instead of my normal old week update lol.

Last Friday I went to one of my favourit places in Dublin to eat, The Market Bar  it does amazing Tapas.
Its perfect for a night out with the girls, few drinks amazing food and a good gossip.

We went for Meatballs with Patatas Bravas and of course Nachos.

Last Sunday I done the cooking the fear of doing the Sunday dinner, I  decided to stay away from even trying to do a roast dinner the stress. So I decided  to try a receipe I came across on facebook for pulled pork  this was so easy to make, if i can do it anyone can and the sauce was good I did buy a BBQ sauce just in case but we didn’t need it.



I also done the dessert which was just strawberries, icecream, cream and broken meringue, its one of my favourite desserts and so simple to make.


Bits and Bobs I picked up are of course are from Penneys/Primark.

First item is a Rose Gold jewellery organiser which is perfect for my dressing table and its €7.


Another dressing table item which I was on the look out for a while now and was planning on buying one on ebay is a cotton wool holder and this was €2.50 and is so handy.


Lots of Love



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Afternoon Tea in The Westin

On Saturday I went for afternoon tea, in The Westin in Dublin, I had really been looking forward to this as I heard it was amazing, and I really wasn’t disapointed.

Afternoon tea is served in The Atrium Lounge which is so pretty and such a relaxing hide away in the centre of Dublin.


There are two afternoon teas to choose from the Normal Afternoon tea priced at €32 or A Most Peculair Afternoon tea prcied at €34,  which comes with a cocktail in a teapot. I decided to go for the normal afternoon tea.


The normal afternoon tea arrived out and it looked amazing this is between two people.


The bottom layer of course was sandwiches we asked for no fish, which was no issue at all and the sandwiches wore lovely roast beef with tomato and Horseradish , Cucumber with dill cream cheese and egg and rocket cress.


Next layer was a mini scone which of course came with cream and jam and also a Carrot Cake.


Now for the mini cakes which wore all yum


I’ve gone to a few hotels in Dublin for Afternoon tea,  the Westin was by far the best, the food was amazing,  the staff wore all so friendly.  What I loved most was no one was sitting on top of each other.

When afternoon tea was over, we went down stairs to the Mint bar to have a cocktail, these are expensive, mine was €12.50 but it was a big cocktail and it was delish.


Lots of Love



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The Boat Restaurant and Bar

Few weeks ago I went for a meal on MV Cill Airne its restaurant and bar on a boat that doesn’t sail. It’s based on famous river liffey on the north side.  I have been a few times to this restaurant and really love and it’s something a little different staff are all very friendly and food is good.


We decided to eat in the restaurant as also do bar food and we went for the Pre Theatre Menu which is a choice of two course meal for €23 or three course for €27. I decided to go for the two course meal.

For main I went for the Steak now there is a €6 Supplement but it was worth it, it was served with mash potatoes, mushrooms and pepper sauce. The Steak was cooked to perfection and Mash was lovely.


For dessert I went for the Tart which was only ok but the other desserts wore lovely I did bully my brother into swapping his cheese cake for mine and it was amazing.

What I love about this restaurant is the size its very intimate but at the same time you’re not on top of each other.

If your in Dublin and are looking for somewhere to eat try MV Cill Airne

Lots of Love


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Things to do in Dublin: Day in the Zoo

I love Dublin zoo and it really is great day out for young and old it’s located and it is so easy to get to hop on the luas and get off at Hueston and it’s about a 15 min walk and you also get to walk through Phoenix Park which is a nice park and it’s also perfect for a picnic and watch out for the deer.

IMG_0519 IMG_0517

Tickets for adults are €16.80 and children over there are €12 under three go free click here to buy you can also pay at the gate which is what we did and we also brought a picnic with us but there are loads of places to eat or grab a drink or an ice cream which I have to say are so nice. 

Now the important part the animals, now your gonna laugh my favourite place is the farm area as there was baby pigs they wore only a 1 day old and very cute, I know I should of went to a farm instead. 

IMG_0438 IMG_0440

My friend loved the Flamingos and they have a nice enclosure not going to lie some of the animals Tigers and Lions could do with more space but it’s not depressing zoo if anyone has been to Berlin zoo where I cried it was that sad you won’t walk out feeling sad so don’t worry but make sure you wear comfy shoes there is a lot of walking but you don’t feel it. 






Lots of Love



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FK Buckley Temple Bar and Vintage Cocktail Club

On Thursday night i went out for dinner for my friends 30th Birthday I decided to book FX Buckley in Temple Bar as I heard they do the best steak in Dublin.


We went for the early bird menu which is two course’s for €19.95 or three course for €23.95 we both went for the ceaser salad to start which I have to say was nice it wasn’t the nicest ceaser salad I ever had but it was nice and a good size portion. Up next we both went for the same thing again Steak we went for rump steak now if you are ordering of the main menu they come out with a platter of beef and you can pick what steak you want to eat.


I have to say the steak was perfect it tasted amazing I went for a mash side which was also very tasty we also had a glass of wine each and a coffee and it came to €61.

One thing I notice alot when eatting out in Dublin and it really anoys me if one of the guest is away from the table and the food is ready, this happend with the ceaser salad they still bring the food to the table to me they should wait till everyone is at the table before sevring also if you like meal to last a while between courses do not go here everything is very quick a bit to quick for my liking  it would of been nice to have a few more mintues between starter and dinner but haven’t said that I would go back for the steak.

click here to book FX Buckley

After dinner we went around the corner to Vintage Cocktail Bar you have to book Vintage Cocktail Bar before you go, as it is a secret cocktail club from the outside you really would never know the door only has VCC on it and is locked so you have to ring the bell as we booked very late the only tables left wore for the terrace which I was happy with as it was a lovely evening . It is a vintage cocktail bar so it is very vintage feel inside which i loved we wore shown to our table and handed a book of cocktails which was so hard to choose from .


For my First Cocktail I decided to go for the Daily mule, The receipe changes daily depending on the mood of the bar tender but it Usually contains Absolut 100 Premium Vodka, fresh citrus, fruit liqueur, ginger beer or soda, with fresh fruit and a fresh mint sprig and it was delish my friend went for Tiki Peekey which contains  Absolut Grapefruit Vodka, VCC Pomegranate Tincture, cranberry and pineapple, fresh citrus, VCC 3 Sugar Syrup, soda top, with a fresh mint sprig and fresh pomegranate which of course I had a little sip of and it was nice.

For are secound cocktail  I went for Shut ver mouth Plymouth Gin, VCC Sweet Vermouth, Green Chartreuse, with lemon oils I wasnt a lover of this one it was abit to strong for my taste buds so I ended up swapping with my friend not sure what she ordered.

For the third cocktail I was very boring and ordered the Daily mule again  I know but it was so nice and my friend went for a different cocktail which tasted like choclote again not something I would be a fan off.

imageclick here to book

Most people wore only staying for one drink as it is very expensice 6 drinks cost us €71 but it was 30th Birthday treat but I have to say I loved it and it really finished off our night so if you are looking for something a bit different to do in Dublin, Vintage Cocktail Club is perfect night.

Lots of Love



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What’s your favorite meeting place in Dublin?

I received an email from a new Irish start up company asking me what my favorite meeting place in Dublin is and me being me I couldn’t just pick one I had to pick three, I know but even picking three was hard as I just love Dublin.

 St Anne’s Park

St Anne’s Park is situated between Raheny and Clontarf on the north side of Dublin this has to be one of my favorite parks in Dublin.


Its perfect place to meet your friends for a walk in the summer time or even in the winter when its dry and if there is kids with you there is loads of things to keep them occupied playgrounds, feeding the ducks or just climbing you can bring a picnic as their is loads of picnic tables.IMG_4938



On Saturdays there is a market and there is some great stalls selling fresh fruit, veg flowers my favorite is the stall that sells cakes of course.


I love the chocolate cake just grab a coffee and sit on one of benches and watch the squirrels playing and then you can walk the cake off.

Clerys Clock

Everyone living in Ireland know the sad news that Clerys has closed its door but the outside of Clerys hopefully will not be changed Clerys was a Shop that was situated in the heart of O’Connell Street.



Before mobile phones or even house phones under Clerys clock was and still is to this day somewhere you would arrange to meet before your date, so nearly everyone in Dublin even Ireland has heard a love story that began at Clerys clock.


The amount of times I have meet my friends and dates under Clerys clock meant I just couldn’t possibly leave this famous Dublin clock out of my list.

Sinnotts Bar

Sinnotts bar is on Kings street under St Stepehens Green Shopping Centre this pub has always been the place I meet my friends on a Saturday night its a great pub and has great atmosphere.


oh and girls its alway’s full of men as it is a sports bar so if you are on holidays and want to do a bit of shopping and himself is annoying you, leave him in Sinnotts with a nice pint and do your shopping in peace.



But its not just a sports bar it also has a large collection of original literary pictures and prints from a collection of Irish artists and writers including James Joyce, Oscar Wilde & W.B Yates.

Lots of Love


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Happy St Patricks Day



I love St Patricks Day it really is an amazing day to me it’s like New Years, Christmas and Birthdays all rolled into one day everyone is so happy and friendly and there is a great atmosphere around Dublin and there is loads to do I normally head into the parade and then lunch and a pub crawl after all it really is a day to celebrate and of course I need accessories.

Hat is from Claire’s accessories sunglasses Primark/Penney’s.





Necklaces are pound shop



Tattoos are Primark/ Penney’s and pound shop



Nails are ciate mini nail polish.


Make up is every green eyeshadow i own.



Hope everyone has a Happy St Patricks day and if you get the chance to come to Ireland try and make it for St Patricks day it really will be a day to remember oh and to see more Patricks day pictures follow me on instragram.


Lots of Love