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I am obsessed with stationery!!

 I got my first Agenda last year and as soon as they wore on sale this year, I knew I would be repurchasing as I just love attempting to be organised as I’m just not an organised person lol.

Of course the front cover is different than last year, I did prefer last year’s design it was just more classic looking, were this year it’s slightly younger looking.
I’m already thinking I might go for a Kate Spade diary next year.

I picked mine up on dotty lemon for €25.00.


I do love the stickers IMG_5937[1]

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I adore stationery and when I spotted Agenda on Dreaming in Sequins blog which you really have to check out Siobhan is so nice and her blog is amazing.


So my hunt for the agenda began and it really didn’t take that long I found it shockingly here in Ireland in a shop called My shinning armour I ordered it on the Sunday and it was here on Tuesday in lovely gold envelope.

image 17 Month Agenda August 2015-December 2016 is priced at 27.50 but is sold out.

I love this agenda it comes with a cute sticker page, color coded month tabs, funny little quotes and much more.






Lots of Love