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Day 5 to 15 Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar

Day 5

bbb-London ultra brow definer

Day 6

Emma Hardie facial oil

Day 7

Eyeko black magic mascara

Day 8

Molton brown

Day 9

Regenerate toothpaste

Day 10

Omorovicza Budapest, cream cleanser

Day 11

Rituals, body cream

Day 12

Grow gorgeous thickening hair and scalp mask

Day 13

Balanceme, gradual tanning drops

Day 14

Lipstick queen, its not green when it’s on more pink.

Day 15

Sleek make up, eye shadow palette

lots of love



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Christmas Advent Calendar Part 2

I love a christmas advent calendar, I have two in and both are beauty related click here to read part one.

I keep spotting new ones so I just had to show you them and I decided to add a few different calendars in as well.


I wish, I held of and went for this one its €69.99 and its worth over €300 snd free shipping which is always a plus. It comes with 14 full size products click here to buy 


Beauty Bar- Nail Polishes
This is on sale and it was €48.00 now €28.80 click here to buy 


Bare Minerals
Also on sale it was €87.00 now €69.60 click here to buy 

download (1)

Now for something a little different 

Aldi have a wine calendat out its in the uk today 1st November  and Ireland tomorrow 2nd November. I do suggest getting there early for this one and its priced €69.99


Debenhams – Coffee Advent
It includes 24 capsules for a coffee lover it was €20 now €18 click here to buy 

download (2)

Yankee candle
24 yankee candle’s and it was €30 down to €24 click here to buy

download (3)

Old Fashioned

Why not stick with chocolate.

Lindt Bear
Also on sale it was €12.00 now €10.80 click here to buy 

download (4)

It was €9.50 now down to €8.55 click here to buy 

download (5)

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love


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No7 Advent Calendar Day 4

Really really loving the No 7 advent Calendar.


On the 4th day of Christmas I received the No 7 youthful eye serum I have never used the no 7 eye serum and I also needed an eye serum it is something I keep putting in my list to buy but always forget.

imageAlso I really love the quote


Today No 7 win hands down the eye primer is 2.5ml and the eye serum is 7ml big difference





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Benefit Advent Calendar Day 4

Wow can’t believe it’s day 4 already and only 21 days left till Christmas and I have nothing in well except for pjamas :).



So today I received stay don’t stray eye primer I normally use urban decay eye primer so looking forward to switching things around abit.




Also the writing was again upside down annoying.



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Benefit Advent Calendar

I managed to get my hands on the benefit advent calendar priced at €90/£60 ah the drama of getting this calendar there was even tears as I ordered it online with debenhams when it was released at 12.00 I ordered it at 12.03 paid and everything but I than got an email to say they wore sold out now I was already on the waiting lists with benifit but I just had a  feeling something would go wrong so I contacted benfit in debenhams and one of the girls suggested I drop in a deposit and she would put me in there list no48 so I ran into town that day and dropped in €50 but still things went wrong I missed a call from them the day they wore released and of course I had a feeling they would give it away and than when I made my way into town the girl who had the key for the stock room finishes at 4.30 and she was gone home so I had to send someone into town the next day to collect it but as this was all going on I got an email regarding the no 7 advent Calender so thinking I was not going to get the benfit Calender I ordered the no 7 one so of course I now have two beauty calendars sorry for the big moan but I really, really wanted this and have talked about this since last year.


At the moment it has been hid away how I won’t get my hands on it I really can’t wait to open it and of course share it with all of you and see all the 24 presents for each day and of course try out all the different products and shockingly I have never used benefit make-up I know shocking so really looking forward to this one as I have heard and read amazing things about benefit makeup.




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No 7 Beauty Advent Calendar

Last year i noticed the rise of the beauty advent calendar and of course I was way to late to get them as you seemed to need to be on the list and I wasn’t :(.



So after last year, this year I was organised and got myself on the list the first advent calendar I wanted was the boots No7 advent calendar priced at £35/€45 but worth £135/€170 which sounds amazing and it looks amazing it opens up like a book.


It is killing me not to open it but I am going to keep it up and start it on the 1st December and will of course show you all but everything looks amazing.