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River Island Kimono

It’s amazing what you might find in a handbag you haven’t used in a while, I came across a voucher for River Island which I was sure was out of date but happy days it wasn’t.

I had a little look around and I kept going back to black floral velvet kimono which is perfect for summer but has a winter feel about it to. Its priced at €60 click here to buy  . I’m not sure I would of paid €60 if I had not got a €40 voucher for it but I do like it.


I haven’t worn it yet, when I finally do I will be wearing it with a cami from Penneys, black jeans and light pink heels both from River Island.


Happy Shopping

Lots of Love


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My Month

 Can’t belive it’s August already another month gone.

July has been a fun month loads of food way too much and shopping of course.


I’ve also started baking again, its been going well but not helping with my diet at all that starts on Monday and last’s about an hour.


I’m also loving everything disney at the moment in Penney’s, I am way to old for it still can’t stop buying pyjamas and of course the famous chip cup.


Last month has also been all about Love Island. My friend and I watched the final together and had a little party with way to much food and of course matching t-shirts.

As always I want a little OTT on stationery, a new Dealz opened in Clarehall so I couldn’t say no and priced at €1.50 each it would be rude not too.


Last but no least I got my hat for Ladies day at the Horse Show next week in the RDS and my dress can’t wait to show you all.

Happy August

Lots of Love



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This months star buy 

This months star buy or find is from Penneys. It’s very similar to a river island jacket that’s in stores now priced at €87. Click here to buy.

If you fancy saving a few euro Penneys have something very similar for €30, now that is abit expensive for penneys but the quality is amazing. 

I prefer the jacket from penny’s as I love the shade of pink. 

Happy Shopping 

Lots of love



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First A&E visit

As I said in my case cysts began to grow and also explode, now I just believed I had cysts on my ovaries at this stage. I knew I had them as they had exploded a few times in the middle of the night and I never went to the hospital till it happened in the middle of the day. Of course it was my Mam that forced me to go to the doctors and they sent me on to the hospital on Thursday 15th October 2015.

A&E in Ireland is not a nice place and the ques are always long, I went into see a nurse first was given pain relief but by this time the pain had gone it just felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach. I was looked at by nurse who informed me
not to eat or drink anything and she also put a line for a drip in my arm and took blood to make things worse I have terrible veins so I hate getting bloods and sent back out to the waiting room. A few hours later, I’m finally seen by a doctor well three doctors who said it was my appendix even though I told them it wasn’t and at this stage the pain would of gotten worse instead it felt like I had just gotten a kick in the stomach. I was admitted into the hospital and given a chair, this is normal in an Irish Hospital. After about hour I was sent for an x-ray on my lungs as I had a cold but not sent for an ultrasound. I was lucky enough to get a bed on a ward that as they wore planning on operating on me in the morning which was not happening without a scan first.

The next morning the first three doctors came around read my chart and told me I should be able to go home than another three doctors came around and informed me my operation went well, they had not even read my chart and got me mixed up with someone else and also said I should be able to go home at no time did they examine me. Than all the doctors came around in a group with a lady doctor who was in charge who read my chart and fianlly examined me and informed them my pulse was ratty and my bloods wore all over the place and I needed more tests.

It was then decided I should be sent for an ultra sound which took a few hours and I also had to get an internal scan which was not nice at all but the nurse was lovely.
While I was waiting for a scan a junior doctor kept popping her head into see if I had my scan done as things have a habit of going missing in hospitals.
When the scan was finally done I was sent back up to the ward and I was told I could finally have some food by a nurse and that I was being kept in again another night and as it was a Friday there was no doctor around to speak to me or give me a reason why of course I was scared to death and very upset.
At this stage all I wanted to do was go home and have a shower, the shower in the hospital was disgustingly dirty so you could not use it so of course I was checking myself out till I ran into the junior doctor at the lift who informed me in the hall way in front of everyone that I had loads of choclote cysts leaking blood, which is a sign of endo now I did not know this at the time.

I decided it would be smart to stay in the hospital as the gyno team would be around tomorrow, well that’s what I was told but it’s the weekend and of course Saturday came and no doctor arrived so it was decided that they would realise me and make an outpatient appointment for me for Tuesday and at this stage I just wanted to go home and shower and get a good night’s sleep.

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Penneys/Primark Haul

Another week, another Primark/ Pennys.

I know I need help but I can’t help myself when it comes to Pennys.

First up is a lace velvet cami and no its not underwear, it is €8 perfect with jeans, blazer and heels for a night out.

img_2005 Next up is a stripy top with tiered sleeves dress down with jeans and runners €8 or why not dress up with white jeans and heels.



Red cami top and its also velvet feel to this, I love this type of top as it is thick enough not to wear a top under it some pennys tops you can see through but this is one you are safe with also €8.


Pennys sale item, love when I pick up a sale item and it was €7. Since I have purchased it I have been living in this waitcoat and if you wanted to dress the stippy top up add a waist coat and heels and you are ready to go.


Grey jumper with pearls and I am obsessed with pearls at the moment, I havejeans and tops and sliders with pearl detail and this is  perfect for €12.



Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Pearl Sliders 

You will either love these or hate them and I love them.

They are so comfortable on and perfect for this weather and I love the pearls on them, I am a little obessed with pearls at the moment.  

They look like slippers and they are a little ugly or as I like to call them fugly.

They are on sale for £12.49 Click here to buy.

Happy Shopping

lots of love



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My Health 

Anyone who reads my blog knows I applogised for lack of posts as I was sick, I didn’t go into detail and I really thought long and hard if I wanted to write about what was wrong with me and I decided maybe it can help someone.

I have endometriosis.

First off I’m not a medical professional or even an expert on this,this is my story.

Let’s start with what endometriosis is, I had never heard of it either.

 So tissue that is meant to stay in the uterus grows outside of it. Mostly on your ovaries, bowel, bladder, and elsewhere throughout the pelvic cavity. So that sounds shite but it gets worse because it’s uterine tissue it bleeds once a month and your body cannot clear it. This than leads to swelling, inflammation, and continued growth of the tissue which may lead to cysts growing and in my case it did.

As you may have guessed this leads to very painful periods and bleeding heavily.

The pain would wake me up at night my back my stomach and my legs. At times I would just sit in work praying the pain would end no pain killer’s seemed to work. If you wore to look up my google search the main question I asked does period pain get worse as you get older, I never seemed to be able to find the answer.

 The heavy bleeding, I’m going to be as honest as I can  even if it is embarrassing. No matter what I used towels tampons, I had to run for the bathroom in the morning as the blood would just run out of me and I would destroy everything .

Also ovulation is a killer you can feel it happening it stops you in, in your tracks.

Than the mood swings with me it was like I had a voice in my head telling me no one liked me. I would sit there and look at my wrists thinking about cutting them and dreaming of the blood running down my arms but I just put this down to having your period and everyone has PMS.

Than the worse thing is lack of energy,  I am exhausted all the time it even hurts to just think of doing things.

How to find out if you have endometriosis, well the only way to do this is by having a laparoscope.

So over the next few days or even weeks I’m going to tell you my story. I’ll start at the beginning my first A&E visit and what’s going on now.

Lots of love



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My Style

My style is nearly always Pennys/Primark, I just love the prices and you can’t go wrong if you want to change your style or try out a different look with out breaking the bank Penneys is the place to go.

The first outfit is perfect for a night out with the girls or a date night, I just love the style of the dress and the whole look is penneys


Again this look is from Penneys/Primark, I love the co-ed set. The denim jacket I wasn’t sure of as I think I am way to old but I love it and i just decided to feck it and go with it the bag and shoes are also Penneys.

As you may notice my hair is alot longer theses are extension but they are the clip in once as I have curly hair, extensions would be a nightmare. These are great and so easy to pop in.




Top and shoes is Pennys and the trousers are sale River Island and the basket bag is Zara Sale, I love these culottes they are so comfy to wear.


I picked this jumpsuit a few weeks ago in littlewoods and I love it, its so easy to dress down or up again the bag is zara sale and shoes are penneys


This is my favourite look t-shirt is topshop and I just love it, culottoes and bag are penneys the sliders that look like slippers are EGO shoes.




Happy Shopping




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River Island Sale Haul

Finally doing my River Island sale haul.
I know I am a bit late, but enjoy

I did get a few bits for work here and I was impressed with this years sale but I do wish I kept money for the Zara sale.


Pink Strap mules was €33 now €14 click here to buy 


Black and nude diamante block heel sandals I think they the wore €48 now €24 sadly they are sold out. 

c5858885b53f2b2d7c0f1e2d0d5ee691 (1)

Pink glitter block heel and they wore €50 now €20 click here to buy 



Embroidered skinny jeans they wore €60.00 now €24.00 but I paid €30.00 click here to buy 

700584_main - Copy

Navy stripe cold shoulder shirt was €37.00 now €18.00 click here to buy 


Light blue lace hem culottes wore €40.00 now €20.00 click here to buy 


Pink frill sleeve top was €37.00 now €14.00 click here to buy 


Pink puff sleeve tie top was €45.00 now €20.00 click here to buy 


Black cropped trousers now these are for work and fit me perfect they wore €45.00 now €18 click here to buy 


Pearl ripped jeans these are very small fitting and i had to size up they were €60 but i could be wrong and they are now €24 but sold out.


Blue stripe top was €40 again i am not sure and is reduced to €20.00 again this is sold out.

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Primark/Penneys Haul

So as always, I went into Penneys for just one thing and ended up with a basket full of clothes. 

First up black culottes with zip detail on the front €16

Grey biker faux suede jacket, I sized up as I wanted it a little bigger and it’s €28.

Blush biker faux suede jacket again sized up and it’s also €28

Oversized demin jacket with embroidery detail and rips €23. 

Last but not least a red mini bag, I love this bag and it’s perfect for summer and it’s €10.

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love,