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L’Occitane Beauty Advent Calendar

The VIP access to the L’Occitane calendar is today and they have realised two calendars this year. I wanted this last year but it was sold out very quickly so this year I am acting fast.

The first one is priced at €59 valued at €100.50 click here to buy 

The 2017 Classic Advent Calendar Contains:
• 35ml Relaxing Shower Gel
• 35ml Cherry Blossom Shower Gel
• 10ml Shea Butter Hand Cream
• 50g Almond Delicious Soap
• 10ml Pivoine Flora Hand Cream
• 35ml Repairing Shampoo
• 30ml Ultra Rich Body Lotion
• 25g Verbena Soap with leaves
• 30ml Ultra Rich Shower Cream
• 10ml Almond Delicious Hands
• 20ml Almond Milk Concentrate
• 35ml Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion
• 10ml Verbena Cooling Hand Cream
• 35ml Almond Shower Oil
• 10ml Shea Butter Foot Cream
• 50g Arlésienne Perfumed Soap
• 30ml Verbena Body Lotion
• 35g Revitalising Sugar Bath Cube
• 30ml Verbena Shower Gel
• 3ml Shea Butter Lip Balm
• 7.5ml Arlésienne Eau de Toilette
• 5ml Shea Light Comforting Cream
• 35ml Repairing Conditioner
• 25g Shea Milk Extra-Gentle Soap.

P (1)
The secound one is priced at €99 valued at €151 click here to buy  

After comparing both of them, I decided to got with this one as some of the products are a little bigger also you get more Eau de Toilette, which i know i will use them for work.

Be delighted in the joys of Provence with this must-have collection containing:
• 5ml Terre de Lumière Eau de Parfum
• 7.5ml Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette
• 10ml Verbena Eau de Toilette
• 7.5ml Arlésienne Eau de Toilette
• 30ml Shea Butter Hand Cream
• 12ml Ultra Rich Lip Balm
• 4ml Divine Youth Oil
• 4ml Divine Cream
• 8ml Precious Cream
• 8ml Shea Light Comforting Face Cream
• 15ml Almond Supple Skin Oil
• 35ml Almond Shower Oil
• 20ml Almond Milk Concentrate
• 10ml Almond Delicious Hands
• 30ml Immortelle Oil Make Up Remover
• 30ml Shea Cleansing Oil
• 30ml Immortelle Essential Water
• 35ml Repairing Shampoo
• 35ml Repairing Conditioner
• 35ml Relaxing Shower Gel
• 30ml Ultra Rich Shower Cream
• 35ml Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion
• 10ml Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
• 10ml Roses et Reines Hand Cream.

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love

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Penneys/Primark Handbag Haul

I didn’t think it was possible for Penneys to up there game but they have.

Lets start with handbags, I picked both of these up for €8 and they are a copy of the chole bag with out the price tag.



Next up is a Gucci inspired bag for €10.


Happy Shopping

Lots of Love

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Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar

I know it’s only September but last year I left it too late to get the beauty advent calendar that I wanted so this year I am organised and I am pre-ordering now.

I wanted this calendar for years but the first year it came out it didn’t deliver to Ireland but now it does and I pre-order it today.

Lookfantastic Advent Calendar, The advent calendar includes 9 full-sized products and 16 deluxe samples; 19 of which are exclusive to lookfantastic. They also like to keep things secret which I love, in 2016 they had pixie glow, moroccanoil and Redkin. It’s priced at €98 and products worth over £300 click here to pre-order it’s realise date of the 10th October.

Marks and Spencer’s Calendar, I have heard amazing things about this one, but you have to spend €35 in store and pay €35 for the calendar which isn’t too bad. It features REN, Eyeko, Percy and Reed, Nails Inc. and more it’s realise date is 9th November.


L’Occitane Advent Calendar this is also on my wish list its £49/€56 (i think) and it looks amazing. Realise date is 28th September but you can sign up here to be the first to know when its realised.


Sleek makeup advent calendar, I am a big fan of sleek make-up. I also think this is a good choice for a younger girl and its £35 not sure of the euro price just yet and will be available in Boots on the 18th September.


Feeling unique have a 12 day Calender and its priced at €42 and it has NYX, Elizabeth Arden and much more realise date 18th October but you can sign up now for the waiting list .

Again this is perfect for someone a little younger Make-up Revolution advent calendar and its £50 from superdrug click here to buy now .

Makeup-Revolution-Advent-Calendar-2017-738371 (1)

I normally get the No7 Calendar but I’m a little bit bored with it so i’ll be giving it a miss this year the realise date is 25th October. Click here to £40/€45 thats only a guess. IMAGENAME-136420988588302601.jpg

Soap and Glory also a big fan of this and I think it would be great for younger girls to and its £40 /€45 thats only a guess in euros. It will be available in Boots on the 18th September.


These are my favourite advent beauty calanders and they are on my wish list, I have two picked out that I will be buying.


Happy Shopping

lots of love


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Penneys/Primark Haul

Some of this haul is from the sale racks, penneys are adding more each day. I’m in Penneys most days so I’m keeeping my eye out.

First up is full price items.

Blazer €23, I’ve kept this for work as I have something very similar from Zara.

I’d call this more of a jacket and it’s €25, it’s perfect for the weather in Ireland now and when it’s gets a little colder add a jumper under it.

Now for the trousers, I’m trying to move a little away from jeans.

I love these trousers €15, they look so expensive and are very like a pair from river island.

I haven’t decided about these trousers, if I’m going to add them to my work wear. They are €10 if not I’ll wear them with an over sized knit jumper and runners.

The white shirt is €5 I did pay full price, I now have two. Yellow top is €5. The navy stripe top just €3 and my favourite top is the blacker jumper which I had my eye on for a while and it’s €5.

Happy Shopping

lots of love



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The Operation and After

It has taken alot longer than I expected to write this one, I guess its harder than I thought it would be to write about everything as I’m still so angry,

I want in for my operation that morning Tuesday 14th March.  I was a nervous wreck the idea of being asleep and letting someone cut into me scares me, more than anything. That morning as far as I was concerned I was going in to have a cyst removed from my ovaries that was all but I still gave them clear instructions under no circumstances wore they to remove my ovaries, just in case.

That morning my sister came with me and waited till I was called in for my operation which was a few hours of waiting around, I was so nervous and scared. I have to say the staff wore amazing in the operation theatre they wore very kind as I delayed everything as I have terrible veins and they couldn’t get a drip in. I began to panic and started shaking, I was so cold and scared they attempted everything to calm me they filled up gloves with hot water and placed them on my arms to bring up my veins nothing worked and I was getting more panicked and it was also very sore as the rooted in my arm for a vein, in the end they had to put me asleep with gas to put the drip in.

When I work up I was in recovery I was extremely sore and just wanted to see my family and I even asked to be taken up to the ward the first thing I did when I seen my mam and sister was burst into tears and repeat over and over how horrible it was. I was transferred into a bed and nurse came in and said I will be realised that night but it was already dark out and my operation took a lot longer than expected, it took hours at this stage I did not know this. The ward I was put into was a cancer ward something else I did not know about but my family did. The nurse came in and out and checked my blood pressure I was in extreme pain and I couldn’t sit up each nurse told me I would be out that night and I would be fine by Patricks day which was on Thursday 17th March.

The doctor came into see me and informed me the cyst had been removed and it looked like I had endometriosis, it was said quickly and at the time and I didn’t take it in as I knew nothing about endometriosis. I was still drugged she informed me when I came back in for my results to make sure I had someone with me and that was it.

As I knew I wasn’t staying the night I kept trying to sit up but I couldn’t the pain was horrible I’ve never felt anything like it before.  I couldn’t move my mam and sister kept trying to help me but I was so scared and kept saying something wasn’t right, in the end I felt so silly the pain shouldn’t be this bad. My Mam spoke to a nurse and it was decided that I should be kept in my family stayed with me as long as they could and left about ten that night.

By this stage I was getting no pain relief and was given only paracetamol and I couldn’t move. That night was up there with one of the worst nights of my life, It was like I wasn’t’ a person any more, I felt so vulnerable and scared the worse point was when I needed to go to the bathroom badly but I couldn’t move. I was terrified in the end I had to be given a bed pan which I was so embarrassed the nurse left me and I began to get even more terrified as it was like my muscles wouldn’t work finally I went but I was left lying there till the nurse came back.

 I’m not going to lie I did call her a few times for more pain relief but I was ignored and told I had been given paracetamol and that’s all I was getting. I was dealing with the same nurse all night and at 2am she told me she was going to pull me out of the bed at this stage I got so scared and the pain was so bad. I couldn’t sleep and my phone had fallen on the ground so all I could do was lie there so I started slowly inching myself up as much as I could most of the night.

 When it started getting a bright out of course I needed to use the bathroom and decided I had to face my fear and get up, I called the same nurse who I was dealing with all night and told her I had to go to the bathroom and would she help me out of bed she informed she was too busy and would come back. By the time she came back I was about to wet myself and the pain of needing to use the bathroom and top of the other pain was horrible and again I was terrified I would wet myself. In the end I asked her for the bed pan, I was told no and we did have a fight and again she walked off and left me. When she came back and took it she finally helped me out of the bed the pain was even worse I felt dizzy and sick, I told her I felt dizzy and she informed me to stop saying that as she was too busy to sit with me and left.

I sat at the edge of the bed from around 6 in the morning in extreme pain still in my gown, I was so scared and the pain was getting worse and worse again I was given paracetamol. I was told about 8 that morning I would be discharged  so I contacted my family after I finally asked a nurse to pick my phone up and got my mam to collect me we live about 15mins away from the hospital.

At this stage I had to use the bathroom again I knew I had to stand up and walk so I called a nurse to help me, thankfully the nightshift nurse had left. This nurse who I explained to that I hadn’t walked since my op brought me into the bathroom left me beside the toilet which was what I wanted and shut the door and left but never turned on the light, so I had to struggle back over to the door and turn the light on and pray I wasn’t going to fall in the dark or faint with the pain.

As I was waiting on my Mam to come they kept trying to get me to leave my room as they wanted the bed and I had to fight with them saying I can’t move and at this stage I couldn’t dress myself thankfully my Mam arrived who helped me get dressed got me away from basically what I now refer to as hell.

Again because I was told I should be up and moving in no time, I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to. I couldn’t even lift my legs to get into bed without help as it was so sore, for over a week I had to be helped in and out of bed. I also attempted to go on small walks but I was just in pain all the time.

At the end of the two weeks I googled Endometriosis and I was devastated by what I read why wasn’t I told more about it when the doctor informed me. After two weeks I went back to work but was in extreme pain and couldn’t do a lot and was terrified someone would bang into me.

I got my letter from the hospital to get my results of the op for early May, no doctor or nurse checked anything within that time. I did go to my own G.P who also done no check-up, because I was so  up-set about the Endo he ended up getting angry with me and just wanted to put me on antidepressants. I have since changed G.P’s over this.

When I went into get my results I brought my Mam like I was asked the first thing out of the doctors mouth was, I was expecting to tell you that you had cancer everything looked cancerous, thankfully I don’t. They wore also surprised that I had not been complaining about pain before the op and even said she didn’t know how I could walk with all that was wrong with me.  Than I was informed I was covered in Endo and had which they removed but will grow straight back, I am not sure which way they done this as I have since found out there are two ways than I was told my ovaries wore touching this didn’t came up in any scan and they did separated them. I also should have been on complete bedrest for two weeks and at least a month off work none of this was communicated to me after the op, I was told numerous times that I would be fine in two days’ time.

In the appointment I was in complete shock I was not expecting to hear any of this I believed my pain threshold was terrible even in May months after I was still sore, I did mention this and she said of course it would be your body had been through so much. For months I believed I was going mad. At no stage did she examine me but sent me for blood tests and informed me I would be discharged from their care and the results would be sent to my doctor which they never received them.

Now Endo means extreme painful periods that over the counter pain killers will not work and I have since found out I should have been sent to a pain clinic but no I was told I had to listen to my body from now on and if something felt wrong to go to A&E.

So of course I ended up back in A&E in June in pain, after a pregnancy test I was given a pain killer drip and pain killers for home and told to come back the next day for a scan and when I got the scan they found another cyst and I was sent home again this happened on Thursday/ Friday which are bad days to end up in hospital as the gyno only sits on Tuesday. So Tuesday came and I decided to call Beaumont myself and managed to get an appointment for a week later.

I brought my sister to the appointment and the gyno suggested I get an injection to put my body into menopause just to give myself a break and my ovaries a break, he informed me there was two way one was an injection every month for three months and see how it goes or just one injection and get on with it. I decided to go with an injection each month and we both agreed. Now this really surprised me I assumed he would give me the injection, oh no he wrote a cert for my doctor to do it and he also wrote the wrong cert, he gave me the cert for one injection, I had to wait a week to contact him as they only sit on a Tuesday. Now I brought my sister with me to the appointment how she could take everything in as sometimes you don’t hear everything he says and mistakes happen but he denied making a mistake and got annoyed with me and informed me he wanted me to get the one injection for three months. In the end I had no choice but to go with what he said.

The three months will be up on the 20th September but it will take longer to leave my body, it’s been horrible I’m a mess with hot flushes I am dripping wet half of the time. I’m wrecked all the time as I can’t get a good night’s sleep and my bones hurt. I would have never got this done if I knew it would been this bad but no one explained it to me.

Nobody seems to explain anything there is no communication what’s so ever and woman’s health is being ignored one in ten woman suffer with Endo yet there is no specialist in Ireland. In gyno clinics they don’t have the correct equipment nor do they examine you. If you are not from Ireland you may not know in Ireland it is illegal to have an abortion, I am not going to go into if I’m for or against this but I do believe that money is not put into woman’s health care because of this, as when people hear about woman’s health care they think of abortion straight away and that should be something completely separate.

I really hope writing about this helps people to understand more about Endometriosis, I’m still learning myself so any mistakes on here please let me know because I will take any guidance.

Lots of love



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Penneys /Primark Haul 

So let’s start with my sale finds, you all know I love sales.

Cami top I have this in pink already so when I spotted it in cream I knew I had to have it, it was reduced to €3.

Pink heart breaker top, I love this t-shirt and was surprised to spot it on sale and it was reduced to €3.

Full price item white top with pearls around the collar and ruffled sleeves. I just couldn’t resist, yes I’m still in love with pearls and it’s €13.

Winter item the picture does not do this knitted jumper justice, I just love the detail on the sleeve’s and it’s €18.

Happy Shopping

Lots of love



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My style 

As I said in my last post I am having a love affair with pink at the moment.

Everything I seem to pick up lately is pink, I showed you my star buy last month a duster coat from penneys.

I have styled it with river island pearl jeans I got on sale and topshop tshirt and my new pink penneys shoes.

Lots of love



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Small Penneys/Primark Shoe Haul 

This is a small shoe haul, one are summer and the other are winter boots.

First pair are summer shoes, they are bright pink and very comfortable and I really love them. I seem to be falling in love with pink lately and these pink mules are €13.

Next up are a winter boot now these are just amazing, boots with stub detail, I can’t believe these are Penneys and I’m even more shocked they are only €21.

Look at the detail and the buckles I just love these boots

Happy Shopping

Lots of love



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New Season New Clothes

I am not a lover of summer fashion, I prefer winter clothes so I always get excited around this time of season when the winter clothes start coming back into shops and here are some of my favourites that are in my wishlist.



Checked jacket €79.95 click here to buy  this will look amazing with jeans and statement t-shirt if you don’t want the matching trousers.
Checked trousers €49.95 click here to buy  .


Biker jacket now I have this already in black but I do love this colour and its €89.95 click here to buy .


I love pearls so of course I am going to pick a pearl jumper €29.95 click here to buy .

River Island

Don’t forget before you shop in River Island to pick up a copy of Elle magazine for 25% off online and in store.


Red Lace frill sleeve top €45 click here to buy  also check the pound as this top is £35 so it is cheaper to buy in pounds.

Black tweed coat, the detail on the sleeve is so pretty €113 click here to buy  .


White pussybow blouse, I am in love with this blouse and its €50.00 click here to buy .



Kind of like the Zara suit but a different print jacket is €69.95 click here to buy 
Trousers €35.95 click here to buy 

Embroidered bag €49.95 click here to buy.

Marks and Spencers 

I spotted this Mac in the shop, this picture does not do it any favours its €110 and Navy but it is stunning and look at the detail on the turned up sleeve click here to buy 

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Being an outpatient

I hope you don’t mind me breaking the story up like this as if I didn’t it would be a very long and boring post.

My first appointment with the gyno team went well in October 2015, they didn’t examine me or anything but they don’t seem to do that in clinic at all. It was decided they would take the wait and see approach and I had read online that with cysts that’s what they do so I was happy enough. I did ask about the pill to help but was asked if it was for contraception reasons and I’m not seeing anyone so I said no, so they decided there was no point and I went on my way with another appointment in three months.

Now I  didn’t complain about sore periods as I assumed it was normal also I was given out to about not getting a smear test done they did not offer to do one either, I know it’s important but I am a chicken.

My next appointment in December 2015 I went to with the gyno team they couldn’t do anything as I was meant to have an ultrasound beforehand, they do not have their own ultrasound machine and they do not do it on the day, madness I know also the wait for an ultrasound can be months so I was sent privately.

Another appointment was made for a scan and an appointment with the gyno team was made a month later again the cyst was still growing.

While this was all going on cysts wore bursting inside me instead of going to the hospital I was dealing with it at home, as I felt it was better than having to stay in hospital and nothing being done.

This meant night outs wore ruined as I had to leave as a cyst burst inside me. After your period the danger zone is the next two weeks that’s when a cyst is most likely to burst, again this is what I have been told so my life was constantly on hold and then my period pain always starts the week before my period so I felt like I had no escape from it.

These appointments went on and on till April 2017 and I was also told to go on the pill as it might help even though I suggested it instead of just going to the doctor myself I listened to them, at no time did any doctor examine me during these appointments.

In between all this in 2017, I finally got sense and went for a smear test and it hurt so much there was blood and tears, no one told me this could happen. I done it at lunch time and I was in pain all day, also a sign of endo something you are not told.

In April this year when it was decided I urgently needed to be operated on and I was given a note to go to the bed management, I think that’s what you call them and I went straight down to them. I was told it wasn’t urgent by them and I would have to wait a year. I just started crying then and there the lady dealing with me said the doctor had not wrote urgent on my file and unless you have cancer it won’t happen and suggested I start going to A&E in pain which is something I didn’t want to do.

Now the Beaumont gyno team are only there on a Tuesday, so I had to spend a week waiting to call them regarding the wait and it was very stressful, thankfully it was decided it was urgent and I was told I would be operated on in the next three months.

I got given another appointment to see a nurse for bloods and blood pressure and told I would be sore but I’ll only be a day in the hospital and someone will need to collect me and I was to rest.

On Monday 13th March I got a phone call from Beaumont and was informed the operation will be tomorrow the 14th thankfully I have an understanding boss.