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First A&E visit

As I said in my case cysts began to grow and also explode, now I just believed I had cysts on my ovaries at this stage. I knew I had them as they had exploded a few times in the middle of the night and I never went to the hospital till it happened in the middle of the day. Of course it was my Mam that forced me to go to the doctors and they sent me on to the hospital on Thursday 15th October 2015.

A&E in Ireland is not a nice place and the ques are always long, I went into see a nurse first was given pain relief but by this time the pain had gone it just felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach. I was looked at by nurse who informed me
not to eat or drink anything and she also put a line for a drip in my arm and took blood to make things worse I have terrible veins so I hate getting bloods and sent back out to the waiting room. A few hours later, I’m finally seen by a doctor well three doctors who said it was my appendix even though I told them it wasn’t and at this stage the pain would of gotten worse instead it felt like I had just gotten a kick in the stomach. I was admitted into the hospital and given a chair, this is normal in an Irish Hospital. After about hour I was sent for an x-ray on my lungs as I had a cold but not sent for an ultrasound. I was lucky enough to get a bed on a ward that as they wore planning on operating on me in the morning which was not happening without a scan first.

The next morning the first three doctors came around read my chart and told me I should be able to go home than another three doctors came around and informed me my operation went well, they had not even read my chart and got me mixed up with someone else and also said I should be able to go home at no time did they examine me. Than all the doctors came around in a group with a lady doctor who was in charge who read my chart and fianlly examined me and informed them my pulse was ratty and my bloods wore all over the place and I needed more tests.

It was then decided I should be sent for an ultra sound which took a few hours and I also had to get an internal scan which was not nice at all but the nurse was lovely.
While I was waiting for a scan a junior doctor kept popping her head into see if I had my scan done as things have a habit of going missing in hospitals.
When the scan was finally done I was sent back up to the ward and I was told I could finally have some food by a nurse and that I was being kept in again another night and as it was a Friday there was no doctor around to speak to me or give me a reason why of course I was scared to death and very upset.
At this stage all I wanted to do was go home and have a shower, the shower in the hospital was disgustingly dirty so you could not use it so of course I was checking myself out till I ran into the junior doctor at the lift who informed me in the hall way in front of everyone that I had loads of choclote cysts leaking blood, which is a sign of endo now I did not know this at the time.

I decided it would be smart to stay in the hospital as the gyno team would be around tomorrow, well that’s what I was told but it’s the weekend and of course Saturday came and no doctor arrived so it was decided that they would realise me and make an outpatient appointment for me for Tuesday and at this stage I just wanted to go home and shower and get a good night’s sleep.


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