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My Week

The last two weeks haven’t been that exciting at all mainly as like most people I am broke. The joys of being paid monthly and having a shopping addiction, this year I will save, I think I will be writing this every week to just remind myself the importance of saving how next January will not be like this and I have already started. I have been doing the 52 week saving challenge so week one I put €1 into a savings box week 2 €2, week 3 €3 and on week 52 well that’s if I last that long it will be €52, I know it will kill me doing this every week but I think that might be the handbag fund or even a holiday fund, something fun that will make me do this every year.

I have also been doing the 52 week book challenge so one book a week for the year, I love reading but last year I didn’t read as much as I would of liked so this year its’s going to change,

Week One Cross the Line by James Patterson
This book is from the Alex Cross serous. The book begins with a murder on a quiet road of course this is just the beginning, than District Chief of Detectives and his girlfriend are murdered in the middle of the day, Alex Cross is on the case.  The book takes a few turns but it just wasn’t that great I normally love James Patterson books but I was abit bored halfway into it. It all came together a bit too nicely like the ending was rushed and just abit boring.


Week Two Night School by Lee Child
This book is from another serious the Jack Reacher books. I love Jack Reacher serious and hate the films who ever decided to cast Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher needs there head checked and also needs to read the books. This book takes you back 20 years ago and is set in the mid-90s when Reacher is still in the army he has been sent back to school but of course that is only what they want the outside world to think in fact he is on a joint mission with FBI, CIA and the national Security Council to stop a terrorist attack .This book again was not up to Childs normal standard it was good but I could put it down and to me that’s the most important thing about a book.


Week three Edge by Jeffery Deaver
This is an old book which I picked up in the local charity shop for €3, you really can’t go wrong. The main character is this book is an agent called Corte who works in a secret organisation that protects people who have deadly secrets, some of these people are not even aware of the knowledge they know. Henry Loving is the bad guy of this book and the person after the knowledge and someone you do not want questioning you. This book is a cat and mouse game between the pair. There are some surprising turns in this book but at times it is abit to detailed.


Last week I decided to use a voucher I got for Christmas to buy myself a new watch, I knew what I wanted before I went into the shop but the watch I wanted did not suit me at all, it was to chunky for my arm. I than spotted the Rosefield watch in rose gold with a black strap and I can also change straps which is always handy. The watch is €89 and a new strap is €35 which isn’t too bad I already have my eye on the grey leather strap.


I also had another voucher that I won on Facebook for my favourite burger place, Bobo’s burgers. It’s one of the nicest places to get a decent burger in Dublin everything is made fresh and the staff are all so friendly, its always busy which is a good sign. It’s not like most fast food places as you are shown to your seat and handed a menu and they take your order there is no queuing which I love.


Lots of Love




My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

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