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Designer -vs- High Street

I love coming across an amazing High Street item that looks designer and of course I love the price even more.

I love Acne Studios but I can’t afford it and one item really caught my eye, of course its a jacket I am obessed with Jackets and Coats.

Its a black shearling oversized biker jacket priced at €2,300

1al164-z32_gclick here to buy or even to just lust after 

I have wanted something like this for a while but haven’t come across anything on the highsteet just yet, River island have white one in and are getting a brown one in soon, but I wanted black.

Than I spotted this faux fur biker jacket in Zara for €89.95 when i looked online they wore sold out but since have been restocked. I called Zara in Henry Steet and they had the jacket in my size and they very kindly kept it for me.


click here to buy

This jacket is so expensive looking and warm. I really can’t wait for the cold weather now.

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love




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