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Pyjama Top Trend

Wearing Pyjamas as outerwear is a huge trend at the moment.
I’m not sure I could pull of the full pyjama look so I’m sticking with the top, now this does not mean I’m wearing my PJ top out.

Of course when their is a new treand I want to try, I always go to Penneys/ Primark first and I picked up three PJ style tops at €11 each.


To me this style is about keeping it about the top so keep it simple, by adding delicate necklace or a choker, jeans, heels or backless loafers which is another treand that is huge at the moment.

pictures from Printerest

Or even a pencil skirt


I have already worn the white top out with choker and black jeans and heels.
I did get one or two comments about wearing a pyjama top out but it was mainly from men lol.


Happy Shopping

Lots of Love




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