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Coconut Oil for your skin

I decided to try using coconut oil to remove my make-up in the evening.


First of all when I say the word oil its more of a hard oil that melts as soon as it touches your hands.


I slowly begin to massage it into my skin which I have to say is a lovely feeling and you can also use it on your eyes,I than use some cotton wool to remove my make up afterwords my face is shinning and very soft. I wouldnt suggest using this in the morning as to me the shine on my skin is a bit much.

I decided to try this as coconut oil as its naturally antibacterial, antifungal and  moisturizing and its nice giving my skin a break from my normal cleanser and toner.

Also I don’t suffer with spots, I would be careful if you do as this might not help, I think its very important to know everyones skin is different just because it suits mine doesn’t mean it will suit yours.

Also I have read this is amazing as a hairmask but coconut oil goes hard when its in water. I did not know this and can cause issues with your drian so be careful a friend of mine was in big trouble fro her husband as she was using this in the shower all the time and her shower got blocked.

Lots of love





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4 thoughts on “Coconut Oil for your skin

  1. Good point about the drain, I’ve read that before myself. I’ve also heard some people suggest using coconut oil to shave your legs with instead of shaving cream. Don’t know how well that would go down if it blocks your drain.

    1. I heard that to about shaving your legs, but it’s really not worth the risk.
      I also found it great for after waxing at home, when your out of the wipes to remove wax, i used this instead and it worked.

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