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My Week

I kinda feel I have lost my blogging mojo lately so I decieded to start showing bits of my week I admit this won’t happen every week as my life is just not that interesting.

Last Monday I deicded my room needed brighten up so I picked up a few bit in Penneys/Primark and when its all finished I will show you all, for now I think I need more pillows.


On Wednesday my New Look delivery arrived and it is amazing I will do an outfit post as its been a while since I have done one.


On Thursday I finally got to try Aungier Danger Doughnuts which opened a pop up shop in Arnotts six doughnuts for €18 which is a complete rip off. I went for a caramel doughnut and oreo doughnut, caramel doughnut was so disapointing the oreo doughnut was nice but wouldn’t be rushing back.


On friday on the way to work I recieved a lovely rose in the train station as Lidl wore doing a promation and I have to say it put a smile on my face


I went for dinner with the girls to La Maison  a french Restaurant in Castlemarket street we went for an early bird which was a three course meal for €29


For starter I went for the goats cheese and it was delish and so did the rest of the girls.


For main I went for Bavette Steak with Gratin Dauphinois which for lovely now the waiter told us to have it cooked medium rare and thats the way I like my steak cooked and thats what we went with but the steak was mediem as it wasn’t pink at all and my friend went for the Salmon and she said it was perfect.

For dessert I went for a berry tart and ice cream which was just perfect and my friend went for a chocolate mouse she loved it I did try it and it was way to rich for me.

I decided to take it easy all weekend and relaxed.
On Sunday I went to watch the Rugby match in the pub and wore my new boots I picked up last week in Penneys and they are very comfy.


Also just done my nails i didn’t make any hair appointments this weekend and decided to do my hair myself I have very curly hair so I find it hard to manage and I also hate when its straight so i popped the rollers in after blow drying to give it some volume and it worked out well.

Lots of love




My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

5 thoughts on “My Week

    1. Ah will have to try the banoffi one. Siobhan hope you don’t mind got this idea from your blog don’t think I’d be doing it every week my week is not as exciting as yours lol x

  1. Penney’s home section has been really going from strength to strength! I can’t get over the price of those doughnuts!! That’s unreal when Tesco have 5 for a €1 and the Lidl bakery is superb… definitely sticking with them if they keep giving out roses 😉 Hope you enjoyed the match!

      1. I think they have nailed the shoe dept. too! I love being able to try different styles for a tiny fraction of the usual cost – especially for summer-type shoes! X

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