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Lush Lip Scrub

I have always had horrible dry lips from the  Irish weather and central heating and have always kept a toothbrush to lightly brush them, but over Christmas I was in lush and picked up a lip scrub for €6.95/£5.50 .
I went for the seasonal Santa’s Lip Scrub its a cola flavered lip scrub and comes in a glass jar.


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Take a small amount using your fingers and apply to your lips, you can than use your fingers to gentle scrub or just rub your lips together. Oh and its also ediable so when finished you can either wipe away or lick it off, I went with wipe as its full off dead skin and just couldn’t do it.

The main thing did I notice a diffeance?
Yes I did a big one my lips wore soft and just perfect to apply my lipstick for a big night out.

I have started doing this twice a week to my lips before bed and just applying a bit of vasline afterwords or if I’m going out on a night out and want my lips looking kissable this is perfect to do before you clense and tone your skin.

Lots of Love




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