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Primark/Penneys Work Out Style

I think everyone is on the fitness buzz at the moment, well except for me. I find it to depressing to start in January and plan on starting in February instead but if you are being good and starting the diet and excerise you might as well look good doing it.

I know it’s January and you have no money to be spending a fortune on fitness gear but Primark/Penneys have you sorted without spending a fortune and you never know buying all the gear might help you give it the push you need to go on that walk, run or even better join the gym

Trainers £10                 Bra £6                       Leggings £9             Top £10

Trainers £10                  Bra £5              Leggings £9               Top £10

Bra £ 5                         T-shirt £4           Leggings £7             Top £8

Gloves £3                        Stopwatch £3                     Bag £8

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love




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One thought on “Primark/Penneys Work Out Style

  1. I recently got two pairs of the £9 leggings and two long sleeve workout tops (not pictured). They’re surprisingly great quality and they wash really well. i also got a sports bra but it’s really uncomfortable. Can’t take it back though so I’m stuck with it. I wish I had seen the gloves though, my hand gets super cold when I’m running!

    I also didn’t want to be a “resolutioner” so I started in December instead.

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