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No 7 Advent Calendar Day 1

Wow I can’t believe its the 2nd of December already where has the year gone but its so exciting to finally get to open my No 7 Advent Calendar.


So this year I decided to stick with the No7 Advent Calendar and stay away from the benifit calendar after last year and I have to say it was exciting opening the glitter gold door last night.


On day one I recieved Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream and its 25ml which really lasts.


Happy Shopping





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2 thoughts on “No 7 Advent Calendar Day 1

  1. Brilliant, think you played it safe with No 7 this year… Benefit was a bit of a let down for so many 😦 Wish I had of got my hands on one of these – they sell out so fast!!! Karen XXXX

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