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Designer suit vs High Street Suit

I spotted this River island suit the other day and have to say I love it, to me you could wear this to work or wear it on a night out and what I love even more about it is you can mix and match it with other items.

River Island


Belted jacket €95
click here to buy


Trouser €55
click here to buy

Then I came across Chloe suit which is stunning but I could not pay that price for a suit that I woud be scared to wear.



blazer €2490
click here to drool over or buy


Trouser €820
click here to buy

River Islands cheaper alternative is amazing it’s not a full on copy of the Chloe suit which I like it’s a different colour and a different style and if I am honest I like the River Island Jacket more

Happy Shopping.

Lots of Love




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