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Things to do in Dublin: Day in the Zoo

I love Dublin zoo and it really is great day out for young and old it’s located and it is so easy to get to hop on the luas and get off at Hueston and it’s about a 15 min walk and you also get to walk through Phoenix Park which is a nice park and it’s also perfect for a picnic and watch out for the deer.

IMG_0519 IMG_0517

Tickets for adults are €16.80 and children over there are €12 under three go free click here to buy you can also pay at the gate which is what we did and we also brought a picnic with us but there are loads of places to eat or grab a drink or an ice cream which I have to say are so nice. 

Now the important part the animals, now your gonna laugh my favourite place is the farm area as there was baby pigs they wore only a 1 day old and very cute, I know I should of went to a farm instead. 

IMG_0438 IMG_0440

My friend loved the Flamingos and they have a nice enclosure not going to lie some of the animals Tigers and Lions could do with more space but it’s not depressing zoo if anyone has been to Berlin zoo where I cried it was that sad you won’t walk out feeling sad so don’t worry but make sure you wear comfy shoes there is a lot of walking but you don’t feel it. 






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