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Boots Essentials Curl Creme

This product is amazing not only is it amazing but it’s only €2.49/£1.99. I have natural curly hair and I wear my hair curly I also have a strange curl as my curl starts from the root so I find it hard to straighten it. If I’m honest I don’t even try I let the hairdresser do it, as I can never get my root straight.

I am always on the look out for curly hair products, I noticed this as I was going to the till in boots and decided to add it to my basket.


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I normally use frizz ease mouse and hair serum but these are a lot more expensive then the curl creme and if I am honest I didn’t really think this product would be that good my hair has changed a lot over the years not sure if it’s an age thing or just because I want though a faze where I strightend my hair a lot so my hair is not as curly as it use to be. So before I used to be able to wash curl and dry my hair and be ready to go now my hair needs time to set the curl so the first night I tried this I didn’t have time to set my curl because I was heading out and I wasn’t happy with my hair, my hair was dry at the time so I just decided to add a small bit to my hair and I was so shocked my curls wore more defined and looked noticeable more curly in secounds.


Since than I have been just using the curl creme on wet hair and my hair is more curly I also feel it make my hair look thicker as well which is a good thing and you only really need a small bit it really goes a long way .



Lots of Love




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