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No 7 Stay perfect Foundation

I have been using No7 Foundation for a while now priced at €18.95 I would use this foundation everyday and I also use Mac when I have fake tan on so thats my going out foudantion as it is to dark to wear with no tan.

 bag 2

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Before buying this foundation I called into boots and and spoke to a sales person on the No 7 Counter they use a small devoice to scan a small section of your skin no need to take of your makeup of or anything and this device tells them what colour matches my skin I am cool ivory which matched my skin perfect.


I love this foundation the coveage is great my skin feels like it can breath and doesn’t look caked on which I hate and if I have a spot it covers it eaisly and what I love most about No7 is there is alway a Special offer at the moment its buy 1 get the 2nd half price and I always have No7 vouchers at the bottom of my bag.


 Lots of Love




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10 thoughts on “No 7 Stay perfect Foundation

  1. They are definitely up on their technology! Mac needs to step up their game with scanning peoples faces for a color match!

    1. No way I did not know they sold No7 in target if you see the melting cleanser buy it, it is amazing one of my favourite all time
      beauty products xx

      1. They didn’t use to, and maybe not all do, but I just moved and the one by my new place has a boots section and No7. I’ve always seen them at super fancy walgreens. I don’t know if they carry the entire line but I’ll have to see if they have it next time I’m there! Thanks for sharing Im super intrigued now! Xx

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