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PS Love this Facial Cleanse and Massage Brush Review

I know their are loads of electric brush cleansers on the market but if don’t have the money I think this facial cleanse brush from Primark/Penneys priced at €1.50 is a great alternative.


I have been using a cleansing brush for about two years now I picked my last one up in Sephora when I was in America and it was priced at $16 click here to buy but it  had a horrible accident my four year old nephew took a scissors to it, I have say I was very up-set when this happened and their is sadly no Sephora in Ireland.


That same week I was in Penneys and spotted one that looked just like it except the price tag €1.50 instead of $16 I was delighted again for this price its amazing the packaging is perfect it comes with a lid for the bristle part of the brush and the other side has like silicone message pad.

IMG_4785 IMG_4784

I have dry skin just around my chin area and I also would get black heads to easily for my liking if i didn’t look after my skin.  I use the bristle part of the brush twice a week on my skin I feel it would be to much on my skin to use everyday. I wet my skin first than the brush and put on a facial wash directly on to the brush and start massaging it in circular motions on to my face now because the brush is new it is a little hard but over time it softens which to me feels nicer, I than turn the brush around around and use silicone side which gives your face a nice massage and than rinse off your face don’t forget to give the brush a good rinse.

This brush leaves your your skin glowing and feeling refreshed and removes all them horrible dead skin which ruins your make up, I like using this brush before a face mask its perfect Sunday pamper treat and for €1.50 you really can’t go wrong.

Lots of Love




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