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P.S Love Lip Liner Pencil

This is one of the first products I picked up from P.S Love range from Primark/Penneys and it’s lip liner pencil I can’t seem to find the name of the colour on it but it’s 06 if that’s any help and it’s priced at €1.50.


First up packaging and price it looks perfect to me the way a lip pencil should look like that it’s black and the price is amazing €1.50 you can’t moan about that.



So this is a brown colour which would be something I would go for in a lipstick and that’s why I went  straight for this colour. I knew I could wear it in the day and night which is what I wanted it goes on easy their is no dragging it over my lips it’s seems to last but I am can be someone who forgets to top my lips but haven’t said that I wore this out the other week and it really seemed to last a good part of the day for €1.50 this will be something I will be buying again. As far as I know their is only three colours in this range but I could be wrong i have also picked up it in pink lip liner but haven’t tried it yet but will let you know when I do.



Lots of Love




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