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No 7 Cleanser and Toner Review

I have been using No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion for Normal/ Dry Skin priced 200ml at €11.75 and No 7 Soft and Soothed Gentle Toner 200ml priced at €10.50 for over a year now I always buy when it’s on 3 for 2 in boots I would pick up two cleansers and one toner as the toner always lasts me a lot longer than the Cleanser.

No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion for Normal/ Dry Skin
Let’s start with the packaging and price which is always the first thing I notice ok for €11.75 the packaging could be a little better but haven’t said that it didn’t stop me from buying this product but I think that is because No7 has a good reputation and it’s also a good sized product.

What it promises to do
Skin that suffers with some dryness will love No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion. The lightweight formula is enriched with rosehip oil to hydrate just where it’s needed and leave skin refreshed and perfectly clean.

What I think
this cleanser is gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and soft it never feels dry which is something that happens to my skin on other cleansers. I do have to cleanse my face twice in the evenings to remove all make up during the week I would not wear heavy makeup but still would have to cleanse twice I find I would have to do that on most cleansers I do get blackheads and for the last three weeks I have been trying Garnier cleansing water and noticed just this weekend that I had a few more blackheads which I have now cleared and I started back using No 7 range.


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No 7 Soft and Soothed Gentle Toner

Again the packaging could be a little better but again it’s not something I have to buy every month as the toner lasts me a while.

What it promises to do

No7 Soft & Soothed Gentle Toner for Normal/Dry Skin refreshes, comforts and hydrates. No7 Toners are non-drying and pH balanced to work in harmony with your skin to leave your face clean, toned and supple.

What I think

Do I love this toner no I thinks its ok but it does get any trace of makeup left behind off my skin which to me is the most important part now one thing if you have never used this before I suggested asking for a tester first as my Mam can’t use it on her skin as it tingles her skin I am fine this product and have never had any issue I think I just pick it up with the cleanser out of habit as I love the cleanser it does leave my skin feeling fresh afterword’s.


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Lots of Love



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5 thoughts on “No 7 Cleanser and Toner Review

  1. Such a shame the toner didn’t overly impress… I had no idea they had a toner in their range! I’m using the Olay refreshing toner and LOVE it Carol – the smell is incredible, could sniff it all day lol Great honest reviews, Karen XXX

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