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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II Review

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II is one the more expensive products I swear by priced at £61.10 /€74.10 for 50ml.

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I really believe any woman over the age of 25 should be using this product now I could lie and pretend I use it every night I don’t as sometimes I just take off my makeup and hop into bed but I always notice the difference in the morning when I do use it.


What it says it does
Wake up to more beautiful looking skin, every day. Address the look of all key signs of ageing with exclusive ChronoluxCB™ Technology to help skin’s natural nightly renewal. Proven in consumer testing: Lines and wrinkles appear significantly reduced. Skin feels smoother, hydrated, stronger. Looks younger, radiant, more translucent and even toned. Proven effective for all ethnicities


 When I do use the product I would cleanse and tone first than put the Estee Lauder Advanced Night repair on and then Clinique Super rescue Antioxidant Night Dry Skins (which I plan on doing a review on soon) and I always make sure to include my neck.
This bottle comes with dispensing pipette which I love and you really only need about three drops so it does last a long time.
There is no strong smell from the serum which I like and it rubs straight into my skin my skin can be slightly dry and can be sensitive also which I have had no issues with sensitivity with this serum.
The first thing I notice every night when using this is my skin feels  hydrated  straight away the next morning my skin always looks brighter and more nourished it just looks and feels more healthier I really believe this serum is a worthwhile investment for your skin I don’t have to many lines thank god but I am 29 so it is something I do worry about and check in the mirror most evenings I do feel this product has helped with this as I am a very smiley person which to me is a good thing but for smile lines on your face it is not I have been using this product for about three years and I  really feel it has helped with this also when I first used this product I had a few sun spots as i have used sunbeds when i was a lot younger and they have disappeared over time

Lots of Love




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