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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

This product seems to have turned into a beauty cult product I only started using Cleansing water a month ago i have always used No7 cleanser and toner and of course i have heard amazing things and wanted to know if it lived up to the hype.


Lets start with the price at the moment its in boots for €6.29 for 400ml and with this product you don’t need to buy a toner or eye make up remover as it does all that all you need is cotton wool so it wins hands down on price.
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Packaging it looks fine to me my only problem is I seem to spill it every time I open it but that’s may be just me.


Now down to the important part does it work, yes it does, it does what it says on the bottle its very handy I love that it takes off eye make up easily and its great for a Saturday night when you come in after a few drinks instead of reaching for the wipes. I reach for this and really gets all the heavy eye make up off, oh the same with your lips you know when you decide to go for a dark pink change your mind but have to scrub your lips to get all traces off well this is a thing of the past a wipe of this and its gone but isn’t their always a but i find it a little drying on my skin and i miss my cleanser.I admit this product is handy and I will never use a face wipe again as this product is 100% better but I think i will stick with my cleanser and toner but their is a but I will keep buying this for a Saturday night ans use my cleaner and toner mid-week.

Lots of Love




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4 thoughts on “Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

  1. Carol I have the exact same issue with the spillage!!! I swear I thought it was just me lol So strange to read that but glad I’m not alone – great water, just wish they’d make a spill free cap lol Karen xo

    1. I use No 7 beautiful skin cleanser for normal skin and no 7 soft and soothed toner my skin is fine with the toner but my mam’s skin had a reaction to it hope that helps xx

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