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My Tips for Oil Control and Anti-Aging Skincare for Sensitive Skin

We all have different skin types, but then there are others who have different types of skin throughout any given season of the year. If you’re like that, chances are you and I could probably meet over a coffee and discuss the woes of having sensitive skin. Right now with the weather in a pendulum state, we’re just a little stuck with what to expect. Oh well!

So, lately I’ve been experimenting with different things, some natural and some commercial essential skincare products, for keeping your skin in line, no matter the weather.

Let me know if any of these are helpful…

Oil Control for Sensitive Skin

Oily skin care is a must on those days when it’s just too humid and sticky. If you’re not careful, you might shine just a little too brightly when you walk out the door to that important meeting you had planned out. Yep, an oily composition will do that for you. So here’s what I’ve been using to fix that…

Oily skincare products are a real ‘go’ during the summer. I’d suggest you go for the ones that are as natural as possible. For example, La Roche Posay has some pretty good oily skincare products which are a life saver when the heat turns up. The La Roche Posay Effaclar MAT+ works wonders to neutralise shine and give you a matte finish that lasts the entire day. And then there are their Purifying Foaming Gels which cut the grease and are completely soap free–a total deal for sensitive skin.

Then there is the more natural route with lemons. Give your face a scrub down with half a lemon at least twice a day, once when you wake up, and once before you go to bed. Aside from cutting the grease and working wonders to give you a matte look the entire day, lemons are natural, and probably the best form of oil-control. It also lightens your skin, fades scars, and helps you get a more even complexion.


I’m pretty frugal in my dealings with lemons, though. It doesn’t do to waste an entire lemon smack on your face. Lemons also help you to lose weight. Hence, I start the day off with a glass of warm water, lemon, and honey. And the juiced peels I turn inside out and wipe around my face. (Careful for the eyes, though. It stings like something else.) Let it stay there for a couple minutes and then rinse it off. No need to use any face wash after that.


Anti-Ageing Care for Sensitive Skin

Anti-ageing skincare is, as I’m finding, not really about turning 30 and then deciding that it’s time to make a sudden switch to anti-ageing products and wrinkle-free creams. It is instead about keeping up with good skin care habits on a daily basis. And that mostly applies to eye care.

Most of us just aren’t brave enough to greet the world without at least a little cover-up and a little eye shadow. And on some days a good lip gloss ;-). I know I’m not. But, applying makeup, and then having to wipe it off, tends to make the skin around the eyes look tired, stretched, and show wrinkles early.

I learned a good tip from a fellow makeup artist for removing makeup without damaging your skin. Olive oil! Put a little olive oil on your palms and then apply it to your entire face, massaging off the makeup. Then take a wet wipe or a bit of soft tissue and gently wipe the coloured oil away. You can then use a gentle, non-soap based, face wash to remove the rest of the oil. It’s as simple as that!



Another tip I’ve learned with olive oil for anti-aging is to apply a little around the contours of your eyes just before bed. It works wonders for returning lost moisture to your skin and fading away dark circles and bags. Olive oil as an anti-aging tool isn’t something everyone knows about or gives much credit to, but I can say for one that it’s worked wonders on my skin. And, another benefit is that it doesn’t make your skin overly greasy. It just absorbs into the skin and heals it.

If you do need a little extra boost from commercial anti-aging products, I’d suggest you go for ones like Dermaoil for skin repair. Dermaoil works for skin repairs like scars, stretch marks, or extremely dry skin. But I’d suggest you use this one as a night balm, if you have oily skin. That way, you give it time to soak into your skin while you sleep, without it making your skin look overly greasy during the day.


In closing…
No matter what skin type you have, life is a party and you should enjoy it. Taking care of your body is a must, because it will serve you better for longer. Or as one friend put it: Your body is like a house, if you don’t take care of it, you’ll have to leave it early. Makes sense. Doesn’t it?! But at the same time, don’t get too worried about what you look like or take too time in front of the mirror, when there is a whole wide world to explore.

Do what you can to take care of your body, and then trust that the results will follow.

lots of Love



This blog post was sponsored by chemist direct.


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