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Day out in Howth

With Saint Patrick’s day coming up a lot of tourist are going to be over and there is no denying Dublin can be very expensive city but there is still things to do that won’t cost you a fortune and a trip to Howth is one of them he best way to get to Howth is by train its about 25 minutes from Connolly train station to Howth and will cost you around €6.60 return.

Howth is a small fishing village that the Norse vikings  colonised and built the settlement of Dublin as a strategic base between Scandinavia and the Mediterranean ok I am not going to bore you and go too much into the history part but Howth has a beautiful harbour and has some amazing views and its lovely watching the fishing boats come in and looking at the seals and if you like to cliff walk Howth is the place to go but be warned if you are afraid of heights it’s not for you. If you’re like me and prefer a stroll along the harbour and then a few pints this is a perfect day trip there are some fantastic pubs and in the summer its lovely to have a drink outside in the sea breeze the last time I was in Howth we went for Afternoon tea in one of the Marie Louise tearooms and if I remember rightly it was €27 for two people which isn’t too bad but if it’s a nice day why not bring your own lunch and have picnic or even better get fish and chips and sit on the grass watching the world go by.





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