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Wet N Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain Review

I have been dying to try out Wet N Wild make up but I just kept forgeting to keep an eye out for it and Friday I went into Penneys/Primark and went straight to the makeup section and picked out no 127 A stiff pink priced at €3.99.


First things first the packaging is great for this price it really looks a lot more expensive I am still shocked by the price.


This is a bright pink colour which I love it’s brighter than I was expecting but I was very happy about this and it also promises to moisture your lips and I didn’t need to top it up for about three hours.


I was very impressed with this product and will be picking up some more next time I’m in Penneys/Primark.


Lots of Love




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5 thoughts on “Wet N Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain Review

  1. at first I didn’t like them, they are TERRIBLE for dry lips, but when I exfoliated and moisturized, I LOVED it on my lips and you are right, the color lasted quite a while for what I was expecting for a WnW product. I have nudist colony and rico muave

    1. I know really bad for dry lips which is something that happens to me a lot looking forward to trying nudist colony out I love a nude lip 😘

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