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Spoil Yourself this Valentine’s Day

So it’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday and yet again I am single but who says you need a boyfriend to spoil you sure you might as well spoil yourself and I sure did.

I was in town on Friday and everywhere seemed to have lovely underwear in for Valentine’s day I wasn’t even going to waste my money and then I spotted these two underwear sets in Primark/Penneys and just thought to myself buy why not most of the time a girl buy under wear for herself not a man.

First up is this Neon lace bra priced at €10 and matching knickers €4 to me this is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Next up is fuschia vintage bra €8 and matching knickers €5 all this for 13 shocking it really is perfect for Valentine’s Day.



Then I ended up in Lush and seen the red heart bubble bar called heart throb and I wanted it, it really is so cute and its priced at €4.50/ £3.65 you just break this into you bath but there wasn’t as many bubbles as I thought there would be and the smell wasn’t that strong the bath was a lovely red colour but it wouldn’t be one of my favorites but if someone got me this for Valentine’s day I would be a happy lady.


Go on spoil yourself this Valentines day

lots of love




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