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Lush Bubble Bar Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds

So this was one of my Christmas presents and decided to use this last night its lush bubble bar and it’s called blue skies and fluffy white clouds I used all of it in the bath but you could break it in half to use next time and its priced at £4.75 not sure how much it is in euro as I can’t see it online.



It has Patchouli which is used as a relaxant by aromatherapists and frankincense and cinnamon leaf oil which adds spice and deep tones to the calming scent. I loved this bubble bar I love bubble bath and it left my skin feeling so soft and the smell was amazing even the next day I kept smelling my skin if you are looking for a relaxing bubble bath this is perfect.



Lots of Love




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10 thoughts on “Lush Bubble Bar Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds

      1. Oooooh that sounds blooming perfect… Lush bubbles and then the Lush Mr Gosling after lol Can’t get a better Friday night than that eh?! 😀 XXX

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