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Boohoo Bomber Jacket

I was planning on ordering a camel bomber jacket on Aliexpress but I put off ordering it and I am so glad I did as I was on instagram and Lucy Watson from made in Chelsea had a picture up off herself in a camel bomber jacket.


So first thought was there is no way I could afford it and then I noticed she had it tagged it’s from so I went on straight away and it was on Sale for €14.00 not going to lie I was so shocked but delighted now the only issue its now gone back up to €26.00 but still a great value and amazing quality its warm which surprised me.

002 004 005

Then I spotted another bomber jacket on sale again it’s still on sale for €14 now it is baby pink I don’t know if I am a bit old for this but I do love baby pink and its perfect for summer as its very light you would not be wearing it at the moment as you would freeze to death.

006 007 009

Lots of Love



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