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Sorry from Benefit

Well I received a letter from benefit yesterday with 8 products enclosed as sorry for the Advent Calendar.


Anyone who has not been reading my blog I got the Benefit Beauty Advent Calendar and I was really not happy with some of the things in this calendar I received paper clips on the first day and three hair bobbins and two sets of post its I wanted beauty products to me this calendar was for young teenagers who are just starting out with makeup if I was thirteen and got this from my Mam I would be delighted but I don’t think my Mother would pay €90 when I was thirteen for a beauty advent calendar for me :).





So to say sorry benefit sent me

Fake up hydrating crease control concealer.


Total moisture facial cream.


Its potent eye cream


Creaseless cream shadow love the colour

010 012

Benetint rose tinted lip and cheek stain


They’re real remover


They’re Real Mascara


Stay flawless 15 hour primer

015 - Copy


15% off and order I won’t be using this as they don’t deliver to Ireland so the code is FD1E-C8EA


Before this I swore I would never step foot in benefit but I have calmed down now I would buy their products again but I would not buy there advent calendar no way was it worth €90 and as well none of the products I got really excited me I can honestly say there was nothing there I was dying to use I have already packed everything up and put it in a little bag to use at a later date and put the non beauty products in my junk drawer where I keep clips, bobbins, buttons and safty pins.

Lots of Love




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28 thoughts on “Sorry from Benefit

  1. I got this calendar as well and I was really disappointed with the stationary as well! How did you complain? xx

    1. I went onto the benefit website at the bottom of the site there is a link for FAQ click on there and than there is a section for you to ask a question that’s what I did and got a reply from jane this is her email address so you could contact her directly

    1. I know it was an expensive lesson to learn haha drop them an email and see how you get on it’s really not to late by the sounds of things they have been getting a lot of complaints x

    1. I know Jania I would of went mad if I paid more for it than what I paid I feel for those people I am happy with what they sent but will be giving it a miss next year x

    1. Ah thanks Karen it really angered me as I was reading so many blogs before Christmas saying how amazing this calendar was and felt like I was lied to lol next year I will be warning everyone if it hasn’t improved but have to say was happy enough even with the email they sent me xx

      1. I know exactly how you feel Carol, though I must admit I seen a few other bloggers on my news feed that had a grumble over it too – although whether or not the ended up contacting Benefit is another thing! I really hope (like you) they did as companies can only improve things if they get enough feedback – I’ve never seen the point in grumbling about something (especially when it’s a considerable price) and not following the complaint up. You done well – good on ya girl 🙂 X

    1. I know everyone is saying I am glad I didn’t get it lol really I didn’t se the tesco beauty advent calendar ah I’m glad you weren’t disappointed will keep an eye out for it next year x

  2. Im glad to see Benefit sent you an apology package. I would never get their advent calendar, its just such a waste. They give you products that you can get for free while shopping at sephora or ulta!

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