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AliExpress handbag

Ali express is a marketplace offering offering products direct at factory prices from china and you pay for the product directly through aliexpress one thing you need to know when ordering is there is no quality control so you are taking a chance but everyone knows that when ordering from china the sizes are smaller and sometimes the product looks nothing like what the picture looked like so I took the chance.

i ordered this faux fur bag and I made sure it was faux fur as some were offering real fur for cheaper those poor animals anyway I won’t go on about that. This bag took about month and half to get here and it’s priced at $24.99.


Ok ok if I am really honest I don’t love the bag I like the colour I thought there was a strap with it but there wasn’t and I went on to double check and they never advertised one so that was my bad also at the bottom the bag goes in a little I would of preferred it if it stayed the same size but you wouldn’t really notice that but part from that it’s a nice bag.







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