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Benefit Advent Calendar Day 4

Wow can’t believe it’s day 4 already and only 21 days left till Christmas and I have nothing in well except for pjamas :).



So today I received stay don’t stray eye primer I normally use urban decay eye primer so looking forward to switching things around abit.




Also the writing was again upside down annoying.




My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

7 thoughts on “Benefit Advent Calendar Day 4

      1. I am little bit disappointed in it on the first day I got paper clips which was really a let down but we will see it might get better πŸ™‚

  1. Love these posts Carol, I think I’m almost excited as you and I don’t have one to open!! lol So far I’m not overly blown away with the Benefit Calendar, that really is such a teeny tube… hopefully it does a fab job! My wp reader feed has a few grumbles from other bloggers complaining about its size – hopefully things will get bigger and better as the days pass πŸ™‚ Karen x

    1. Ah glad your enjoying it Karen I know they are so small but not sure if I built this calendar up in my head because I was waiting a year to get my hands on it but looking forward to trying all products out x

      1. I think that’s probably what’s rattling around in my head too Carol, you get so excited about something but forget that it’s a mini daily treat – always a shocker to see the tiny little tubes compared to the normal ones…. combining everything it’s probably a really great calendar πŸ™‚ Will be interesting to see all the goodies as it gets closer & of course to read your final thoughts! Xo

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